DbExecutor - Simple and Lightweight Database Executor

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Simple and Lightweight Database Executor for .NET 4 Client Profile and all ADO.NET DbProviders(SQL Server, SQLCE, SQLite, SQL Azure, Entity SQL, MySql, Oracle, etc...).




Related Projects

GraphView - GraphView is a DLL library that enables users to use SQL Server or Azure SQL Database to efficiently manage graphs

GraphView is a DLL library that enables users to use SQL Server or Azure SQL Database to manage graphs. It connects to a SQL database locally or in the cloud, stores graph data in tables and queries graphs through a SQL-extended language. It is not an independent database, but a middleware that accepts graph operations and translates them to T-SQL executed in SQL Server or Azure SQL Database. As such, GraphView can be viewed as a special connector to SQL Server/Azure SQL Database. Developers will experience no differences than the default SQL connector provided by the .NET framework (i.e., SqlConnection), only except that this new connector accepts graph-oriented statements.GraphView is a DLL library through which you manage graph data in SQL Server (version 2008 and onward) and Azure SQL Database (v12 and onward). It provides features a standard graph database is expected to have. In addition, since GraphView relies on SQL databases, it inherits many features in the relational world that are often missing in native graph databases.

squalor - Go SQL utility library

Squalor is a library of SQL utilities for marshalling and unmarshalling of model structs into table rows and programmatic construction of SQL statements. It is a combination of the functionality in ORM-like libraries such as gorp, SQL utility libraries such as sqlx and SQL construction libraries such as sqlbuilder. Squalor helps ensure your programs don't contains SQL injection (SQLi) bugs.While squalor uses the database/sql package, the SQL it utilizes is MySQL specific (e.g. REPLACE, INSERT ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE, etc).

qlbridge - A golang SQL expression VM. Library to build query engine based functionality.

A SQL execution engine for embedded use as a library for Sql OR sql-Like functionality. Hackable, add datasources, functions. See usage in https://github.com/dataux/dataux a federated Sql Engine mysql-compatible with backends (Elasticsearch, Google-Datastore, Mongo, Cassandra, Files).See example in qlcsv folder for a CSV reader, parser, evaluation engine.

DBScripter - Library for scripting SQL Server database objects

This project is library that allows users to script SQL Server database objects. Library uses dynamic management views for extracting data about databases objects. This library could be used in various situations. The most interesting areas are comparing database objects a...

SQL Compact Bulk Insert Library

.NET Library for loading data fast (doing bulk inserts) into a SQL Server Compact database file. Attempts to mimic the SQLClient SqlBulkCopy API.

O Library

O Library is a SQL 2008/2012 Framework that enables developer to add a .Net feeling to their T-SQL code and aims to bring a bit of fun into T-SQL development.

esqueleto - New home of Esqueleto, please file issues so we can get things caught up!

Esqueleto is a bare bones, type-safe EDSL for SQL queries that works with unmodified persistent SQL backends. The name of this library means "skeleton" in Portuguese and contains all three SQL letters in the correct order =). It was inspired by Scala's Squeryl but created from scratch. Its language closely resembles SQL. Currently, SELECTs, UPDATEs, INSERTs and DELETEs are supported.In particular, esqueleto is the recommended library for type-safe JOINs on persistent SQL backends. (The alternative is using raw SQL, but that's error prone and does not offer any composability.). For more information read esqueleto.

sqlx - general purpose extensions to golang's database/sql

sqlx is a library which provides a set of extensions on go's standard database/sql library. The sqlx versions of sql.DB, sql.TX, sql.Stmt, et al. all leave the underlying interfaces untouched, so that their interfaces are a superset on the standard ones. This makes it relatively painless to integrate existing codebases using database/sql with sqlx.In addition to the godoc API documentation, there is also some standard documentation that explains how to use database/sql along with sqlx.

Sea Quail SQL Writing Library

Sea Quail is a library for building SQL queries using objects in .Net. It's intended to work with any mainstream RDBMS. Add/remove tables, columns, and foreign keys, insert, update, delete, and select programmatically, without string building. It's developed in C#.

SQL Server Compact Merge Replication Library

This library simplifies the code to do Merge Replication from a SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP2 client, with useful helper methods.

sql-tools-php - Library for parse & construct SQL statements. Includes SQL Reflection API

Library for parse & construct SQL statements. Includes SQL Reflection API

SQL-Builder - Sql builder is a library that helps you create SQL statement in a simpler style.

Sql builder is a library that helps you create SQL statement in a simpler style.

DBA Headquarters: SQL Server DBA Automation Tools

Tools for SQL Multi-Server Centralized Administration: * Performance * Indexing * Backups * Windows event logs * SQL Agent Jobs * SQL error logs * Database Statistics * Security * Compliance Auditing * Change Management * Scripts Library * Multi-Media Library

sheba - Sheba SQL Library - For people that don't mind SQL

Sheba SQL Library - For people that don't mind SQL

sql_tree - Outdated, replaced by a much more complete SQL toolkit: https://github

SQLTree is a pure Ruby library to represent SQL queries with a syntax tree for inspection and modification.The library can parse an SQL query (a string) to represent the query using a syntax tree, and it can generate an SQL query from a syntax tree. The syntax tree ca be used to inspect to query, or to modify it.

SQL-Library - Release history of SQL-Library

Release history of SQL-Library

Generic Database Accessor Library

GDALib is a layer on top of ADO.NET which hides the complexity of a lot of database operations. It simplifies many common tasks by allowing the programmer to execute SQL queries against a database, without having to worry about connections, exception handling and logging.