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Very Lightweight Data Access Layer




Related Projects

gemini-dbaccess - Fork of Eclipse Gemini DBAccess with added PostgreSQL support.

Fork of Eclipse Gemini DBAccess with added PostgreSQL support.

.NET DataAccess Layer for MySql

MyDataAccess is a free .net dataaccess layer for processing any level of mysql direct sql queries and stored procedures easily within your .net applications.

btr-dalc-prototype - BTR DataAccess Proposal Prototype

BTR DataAccess Proposal Prototype

DataBooster - Extension to ADO.NET Data Provider

The dbParallel DataBooster library is a high-performance extension to ADO.NET Data Provider. (DbAccess, OracleLauncher and SqlLauncher for accessing mass data)

dbaccess - Database driver proving grounds

Database driver proving grounds

Gonte DataAccess

Data Access layer for NET

DAEE (DataAccess extended from Enterprise Library 3.1)

Based on Enterprise Library 3.1, DAEE enables developers to access databases faster and safer. DAEE supports multiple database sources including ACCESS/ SQLSERVER2000/ SQLSERVER2005/ ODBC/ ORACLE/ EXCEL etc. You can configure connection strings in WEB.CONFIG/ APP.CONFIG throug...


Eric Framwork : 1?Log Framwork 2?Exception Framework 3?DataAccess Framework

Repository Generator (for Enterprise Library 3.1)

generate - BusinessEntities project - BusinessLogic project - DataAccess project - the layer presentation Windows form

Iris Generator

Iris generator is a a code generator engine based on plug-ins. For the alpha version the project is released with a SQLServer 2005 database analyser, a CRUD creator, a Stored Procedure generator for SQLServer 2005 and a DataAccess Layer generator for VB.Net and C#. The modula...

Artem DataAccess

A data access library based on providers architecture. It has a powerful ORM implemented with build in object fetching with properties and methods mapping, including BuildProvider for building strong type from a given database schema.

tubs-DataAccess - TUBS Data Access layer using JPA

TUBS Data Access layer using JPA

DataAccess - A Java class that helps you easily access to Access Database.

A Java class that helps you easily access to Access Database.

dataaccess - library for data access

library for data access


A simple exercise in scala which was intended to show a couple of features and compare with other langs, which triggers a idea highlight bug.


Código-fonte das demonstrações que fiz durante a minha apresentação sobre as funcionalidades de acesso a dados no Windows Phone 7 'Mango' no evento WP7 'Mango' Dev Hub 2010.


MyXML-PHortal is'n acronym of MySQL, XML, PHP and Portal. The project has as goal to develop a Web-Portal-System which is based on open standards like XML/XSL (presentation layer) or on php-features like sessions or the quick DB-access (DataAccess layer)


A thin wrapper around HTTP that includes requesting and parsing. Help with errors, caching and Asynchronicity

NoRM is a MongoDB driver for .Net

NoRM is a .Net library for connecting to the document-oriented database, MongoDB.