rebecca - Rebecca is a readme generator for Go

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Rebecca is a readme generator.Managing the GitHub readme for your Go project can be a drag. When creating jennifer I found examples copied into the markdown would get out of date, and documentation was duplicated. I created rebecca to solve this: see in the jennifer repo for a real world example.



Related Projects - jQuery Learning Center web site content

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Much of the initial content - and spirit - comes from jQuery Fundamentals, an open-source book about jQuery, originally written by Rebecca Murphey and released in 2010. In 2011, Rebecca bequeathed the book unto the jQuery Foundation to serve as the basis for this site. This site's core content consists of Markdown files. The template that controls the site's appearance is a child theme of jquery-wp-content, and any issues with the presentation should be directed to that repository.

hall-of-fame - :trophy: Show some love to your contributors! A widget for your repo README

  •    Python

Hall-of-fame helps you show some love to your contributors. It automatically highlights your new, trending, and top contributors, and updates every hour. You can put this widget anywhere inside your README, e.g. to "Contributing" section. No maintenance is required. Every hour, Hall-of-fame looks into recent commits of your repo using GitHub API. It then selects three categories of contributors: new (those who made their first commit to your repo in the last 7 days), trending (those with most commits in the last 7 days), and top (those with most commits of all time). It then selects up to three new contributors, up to 4 trending contributors, and if total is less than 7, it fill up the remaining spots with top contributors.

zalando-howto-open-source - Open Source guidance from Zalando, Europe's largest online fashion platform


A guide to releasing an open-source project at Zalando, Europe's largest online fashion platform. Please feel free to use this as a template for your own organization's open source planning, policymaking, and development efforts. If there's a topic we've missed, or if you have any suggestions for making this better, let us know via our Issues tracker.We're really grateful to Software Lead Weekly, cron.weekly, Chris Aniszczyk (TODO Group), the folks at Datio Engineering, Thomas Lockney of Nike, Jamie Allen at Starbucks, Richard Seroter at Pivotal, Peter Zaitsev at Percona, Jonathan Lipps at Sauce Labs, and others for spreading the word about this doc.

readme-best-practices - Best practices for writing a README for your open source project


One of the most crucial things in your open source project is the file. This repository has a ready-to-copy-paste template you can use for all your projects. The code above fetches the file from this repository and renames it to

vash - Vash, the 60 billion double-dollar template-maker. Razor syntax, for JavaScript templates

  •    Javascript

"... the 60 billion double-dollar template-maker!" ~ The previous README, and no one else, ever. Vash is a template engine that offers a swift flow between code and content using Razor Syntax 1 . This document 2 is intended for users of Vash, and also serves as a reference for Vash's implementation of Razor Syntax.

SwiftFrameworkTemplate - A template for new Swift iOS / macOS / tvOS / watchOS Framework project ready with travis-ci, cocoapods, Carthage, SwiftPM and a Readme file

  •    Ruby

A template for new Swift Framework. For future runs you can shorten the command to cookiecutter SwiftFrameworkTemplate. However, if you want to use the most recent template you should still run the full command above.

readme-template - template for your open-source project


Short blurb about what your product does. One to two paragraph statement about your product and what it does.

standard-readme - Standard Readme Style

  •    Shell

Standard Readme is designed for open source libraries. Although it’s historically made for Node and npm projects, it also applies to libraries in other languages and package managers. Standard Readme started with the issue originally posed by @maxogden over at feross/standard in this issue, about whether or not a tool to standardize readmes would be useful. A lot of that discussion ended up in zcei's standard-readme repository. While working on maintaining the IPFS repositories, I needed a way to standardize Readmes across that organization. This specification started as a result of that.

Dave Gnukem

  •    C++

Dave Gnukem is a 2D scrolling platform shooter. It is inspired by and similar to Duke Nukem 1. It currently runs on Windows, Linux and BeOS.

Fork-Awesome - A fork of the iconic font and CSS toolkit (Font-Awesome 4.7)

  •    CSS

Fork Awesome is a full suite of 718 pictographic icons for easy scalable vector graphics on websites, originally created by Dave Gandy and now maintained by a community. Following concerns regarding the development of Font Awesome, the PR Freeze since Oct 2016 and the direction Fort Awesome is taking with the version 5.0 of their project, we are forking Font Awesome (4.7), in order to build on this incredible tool Dave Gandy has given us, while at the same time allowing this project to be run by a distributed community of contributors.

readme-checklist - A checklist for writing READMEs

  • is a checklist to help you write a README file that helps readers feel confident about your project. If you write a README by following the checklist, then your readers may more easily identify, evaluate, use, and engage with your project. Unlike README templates, this checklist helps you write the most important things first, not only what appears first in the file. You can use the checklist for both closed- and open-source projects. For more about how this checklist was created and its use, see the talk I gave at Write the Docs NA 2016, Write the Readable README.


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Fan Made Rebecca Black Linux. With Wayland.

TypeScript-React-Starter - A starter template for TypeScript and React with a detailed README describing how to use the two together

  •    TypeScript

We'll use the create-react-app tool to quickly get set up.We assume that you're already using Node.js with npm. You may also want to get a sense of the basics with React.

TypeScript-Vue-Starter - A starter template for TypeScript and Vue with a detailed README describing how to use the two together

  •    Javascript

This quick start guide will teach you how to get TypeScript and Vue working together. This guide is flexible enough that any steps here can be used to integrate TypeScript into an existing Vue project.Let's create a new package.

summer-of-swift - An ephemeral contest to learn Swift by doing


The Summer of Swift came from conversations at SF’s Swift Language User Group. The idea is that many developers learn by practice, and especially by building big apps. In essence, the Summer is just trying to provide objectives and a framework to motivate developers to build a Swift app this Summer.Participants in the Summer work on a project alone or in teams. To enter, submit a pull request to this repo by July 15th. Your PR should add a description of your project to the projects/ folder, following the template in projects/; it should also add an entry to the “Big Board” section in this README.

cljs-lambda - Utilities around deploying Clojurescript functions to AWS Lambda

  •    Clojure

AWS Lambda is a service which allows named functions to be directly invoked (via a client API), have their execution triggered by a variety of AWS events (S3 upload, DynamoDB activity, etc.) or to serve as HTTP endpoints (via API Gateway). This README serves to document a Leiningen plugin (lein-cljs-lambda), template (cljs-lambda) and small library (cljs-lambda) to facilitate the writing, deployment & invocation of Clojurescript Lambda functions.

skill-sample-nodejs-adventure-game - This tool provides an easy to use front-end that allows developers to instantly deploy code for your story, or use the generated code as a starting point for more complex projects

  •    HTML

This Alexa sample skill is a template for a basic gamebook skill. Provided with a branching text adventure from the Twine 2 platform, Alexa will let you play a game. Note: The rest of this readme assumes you have your developer environment ready to go and that you have some familiarity with CLI (Command Line Interface) Tools, AWS, and the ASK Developer Portal. If not, click here for a more detailed walkthrough.


  •    Javascript

This Alexa sample skill is a template for a trivia style game with score keeping. Alexa will ask you a multiple choice questions and seek your response. Correct and Incorrect answers to questions are recorded. Note: The rest of this readme assumes you have your developer environment ready to go and that you have some familiarity with CLI (Command Line Interface) Tools, AWS, and the ASK Developer Portal. If not, click here for a more detailed walkthrough.

Read: a "GNU Make"-like utility for viewing Readme files

  •    C

Read is a simple program to easily load and read README files on a UNIX-compliant system. It works in a similar way to GNU Make by searching a directory for a compatible file, in this case a Readme file, and loading it for reading using a text editor or viewer.