Date Calculator

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Date Calculator is a small desktop utility developed using Windows Forms .NET technology. This utility is analogous to the "Date calculation" module in Windows 7 Calculator. This utility can be used for numerous date related calculations like calculating age or work experience.



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Age calculator

  •    DotNet

It calculates the age of a person in days on specification of date of birth.

Date - Maths


Date - Maths is similar to Date Calculation in Windows 7 Calculator. You can use Date - Maths to calculate the difference between two dates or to add or subtract days from a specified date. It has a very attractive UI. Totally 16 Color Themes which you can switch in...

mac-ages - MAC address age tracking

  •    Ruby

This repository is used to determine an approximate issuance date for IEEE allocated hardware address ranges. The dataset was bootstrapped using a combination of the DeepMAC and Wireshark archives and maintained via daily pulls from the IEEE website. If you would like to use the MAC address age dataset in your application, download regular snapshots of the mac-ages.csv from this repository. This file contains three comma-separated fields; the prefix followed by a forward slash and the mask, the first date this prefix was seen, and the source of this date field. This dataset is updated daily from the IEEE CSV files and new file revisions are checked into the master branch as updates are found.

Assignment Calculator

  •    PHP

Breaks down the research process into pre-defined steps. Users enter a start date and end date for an assignment and the Assignment Calculator will compute the dates s/he needs to complete each step. Written by the University of Minnesota Libraries.

Kort's Spellcrafting Calculator

  •    Python

A tool for Spellcrafters and their customers playing Mythic Entertainment's MMPORG, Dark Age of Camelot


  •    Java

Joda-time based utility Java class that allows calculation related to downtimes. You set a list of downtimes (date-time intervals), and the calculator will give you the ending date-time of a duration, and uptime between two points in time, too.

SharePoint Workflow Designer Activity - Due Date Calculator


This Activity can be plugged in SharePoint designed to calculate the duedate based on weekends and holidays. Let’s say, if the due date for approval process is 3 days, if the third day is Saturday the activity will return Monday as due.

Sun Cult


Display Sun amp; Moon Properties in a Mozilla Extension

ux - A user experience framework with higher-level capabilities, designed to bring simplicity and elegance to building cross-device, rich experiences

  •    TypeScript

This library is part of the Aurelia platform and extends it by adding a higher level set of user experience-oriented features such as scoped styles, theming, components and UX patterns. To keep up to date on Aurelia, please visit and subscribe to the official blog and our email list. We also invite you to follow us on twitter. If you have questions look around our Discourse forums, chat in our community on Gitter or use stack overflow. Documentation can be found in our developer hub. If you would like to have deeper insight into our development process, please install the ZenHub Chrome or Firefox Extension and visit any of our repository's boards. - Electron website

  •    HTML

This is the source code for the Electron website at Electron is an open source project with a global contributor community. We want everyone to feel safe in our community, and we welcome participation from people of all backgrounds, regardless of experience level, age, gender identity, race, religion, or nationality.

go-plus - An Enhanced Go Experience For The Atom Editor

  •    Javascript

gocode (and a few other tools, like gotype) work on .a files (i.e. the package object archive), and the way to keep these up to date is to run go install periodically. This ensures your autocomplete suggestions are kept up to date without having to resort to gocode set autobuild true 🎉.We are open to suggestions for detecting a package which is built with gb; please feel free to submit a pull request that detects a gb package without any explicit configuration and runs it.

react-native-modal-datetime-picker - A React-Native datetime-picker for Android and iOS

  •    Javascript

A declarative cross-platform react-native datetime-picker. This library exposes a cross-platform interface for showing the native date-picker and time-picker inside a modal. You will have an unified user experience, you won't have to worry anymore about testing the device platform and you won't have to programmatically call the Android TimePicker/DatePicker APIs.

Motivation - Mac screen saver that terrifyingly shows your age

  •    Swift

…screen with a counter showing your age incrementing in real time… It’s a simple tool, but it helps me think about perspective a bit more, which in turn helps me optimize my time. You can configure your age once you picked it in Screen Saver Preferences in System Preferences.

calculator - Windows Calculator: A simple yet powerful calculator that ships with Windows

  •    C++

The Windows Calculator app is a modern Windows app written in C++ that ships pre-installed with Windows. The app provides standard, scientific, and programmer calculator functionality, as well as a set of converters between various units of measurement and currencies. Calculator ships regularly with new features and bug fixes. You can get the latest version of Calculator in the Microsoft Store.


  •    C++

2x2 G-statistic software available. Development of species diversity index calculator is planned. Indices include: Shannon-Weiner index, species richness, and Simpson's index. Other diversity indices will be incorporated at a later date.


  •    C++

VremyaMetr - a tool to measure time and study it's laws. Remind about events + Date calculator + Work with periods + Create table + Kalachakra.

Julian Date calculator

  •    PHP

A simple command to convert calendar dates to julian dates. Quite useful in timing situations where you need elapsed time between dates. Also useful for astronomy applications.


  •    C

Pcalc is a command line calculator handling HEX DEC OCT BIN. It can process a script, save variables to file, full math parser, parentheses, exponential, sin/cos, sqrt, date, inch/mm celsius/f, compound expressions ...

ObjectLab Kit

  •    Java

A set of modules to handle common financial functions. The first module is Date Calculator which handles holidays and weekends. A set of rules are implemented to deal with days falling on a holiday: Forward, Backward, Modified Forward, Modified Backward

PG Calculator

  •    C++

PG Calculator is a powerfull scientific calculator and an excellent replacement for standard calculator. It ofers full customizable user inteface and looks like real calculator on user desktop. PG Calculator works in Algebraic and RPN mode.