shallowequal - Like lodash v3.x isEqualWith but for shallow equal.

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shallowequal is like lodash's isEqualWith but for shallow (strict) equal. Performs a shallow equality comparison between two values (i.e. value and other) to determine if they are equivalent.



Related Projects

react-fast-compare - fastest deep equal comparison for React

  •    Javascript

The fastest deep equal comparison for React. Really fast general-purpose deep comparison. Great forshouldComponentUpdate. This is a fork of the brilliant fast-deep-equal with some extra handling for React. What's faster than a really fast deep comparison? No deep comparison at all.

node-deep-equal - node's assert.deepEqual algorithm

  •    Javascript

Node's assert.deepEqual() algorithm as a standalone module.This module is around 5 times faster than wrapping assert.deepEqual() in a try/catch.

go-cmp - Package for comparing Go values in tests

  •    Go

This package is intended to be a more powerful and safer alternative to reflect.DeepEqual for comparing whether two values are semantically equal.When the default behavior of equality does not suit the needs of the test, custom equality functions can override the equality operation. For example, an equality function may report floats as equal so long as they are within some tolerance of each other.

deep - Golang deep variable equality test that returns human-readable differences

  •    Go

reflect.DeepEqual is good (like all things Golang!), but it's a game of Hunt the Wumpus. For large maps, slices, and structs, finding the difference is difficult. The difference is in Numbers.slice[1]: the two values aren't equal using Go ==.

jquery-match-height - a responsive equal heights plugin

  •    Javascript

See the jquery.matchHeight.js demo. In the years since this library was originally developed there have been updates to CSS that can now achieve equal heights in many situations. If you only need to support modern browsers then consider using CSS Flexbox and CSS Grid instead.

spotlight - Deep recommender models using PyTorch.

  •    Python

Spotlight uses PyTorch to build both deep and shallow recommender models. By providing both a slew of building blocks for loss functions (various pointwise and pairwise ranking losses), representations (shallow factorization representations, deep sequence models), and utilities for fetching (or generating) recommendation datasets, it aims to be a tool for rapid exploration and prototyping of new recommender models. See the full documentation for details.

react-pure-render - [No Maintenance Intended] A function, a component and a mixin for React pure rendering

  •    Javascript

This project is no longer actively maintained. It does its job, but there are no plans to extend or change it. We suggest you to use the official react-addons-shallow-compare package instead which does the same job. To wrap functional components in a more expressive way, we encourage you to check out recompose. A function, a component and a mixin for React pure rendering.


  •    C

It is generally not wise to compare two floating-point values for exact equality, for example using the C == operator. The fcmp package implements Knuth's suggestions for safer floating-point comparison operators as a C function.

JsonUnit - Compare JSON in your Unit Tests

  •    Java

Unit testing library that can decide if to JSON documents are equal. Strongly inspired by XmlUnit.

collect.js - 💎 Convenient and dependency free wrapper for working with arrays and objects

  •    Javascript

Using Laravel as your backend? Collect.js offers an (almost) identical api to Laravel Collections 5.5. See differences. All comparisons in collect.js are done using strict equality. Using loose equality comparisons are generally frowned upon in JavaScript. Laravel only performs "loose" comparisons by default and offer several "strict" comparison methods. These methods have not been implemented in collect.js because all methods are strict by default.

equal III the graphic builder

  •    C++

equal III is an equation visualization tool. It's possible to graph f(x,y) = 0. So it is able to graph systems of equations and inequations, and do graphic change analysis.

is-thirteen - Check if a number is equal to 13.

  •    Javascript

An npm package to check if a number is equal to 13. A helpful tool by Jezen Thomas with helpful help from Gytis Daujotas and many fine folk.

comparator - Provides the functionality to compare PHP values for equality.

  •    PHP

This component provides the functionality to compare PHP values for equality.

SQL floating point compare function


Comparison of floating point values in SQL Server not always gives the expected result. With this function, comparison is only done on the first 15 significant digits. Since SQL Server only garantees a precision of 15 digits for float datatypes, this is expected to be se...


  •    CSS

JavaScript equality comparison is a crazy thing, sometimes. When in doubt, use three equals signs. You can view the demo here.

Global Assembly Cache comparison tool

  •    Assembly

The Global Assembly Cache comparison tool allows you to compare the GAC's of two (or more) different machines to view the differences. It helps with making sure the machines are set up similarly.

Compare Generics Objects Using Reflection


This project compare between two generics objects using reflection. The comparison executed by the given type 'T' (which is the same type for both objects) and two objects. The functionality is execute recursive! which mean that it's included comparison in the sub-objects!!!

Resemble.js - Image analysis and comparison

  •    Javascript

Analyse and compare images with Javascript and HTML5. More info & Resemble.js Demo. Compatible with Node.js.

Resemble.js - Image analysis and comparison

  •    Javascript

Analyse and compare images with Javascript and HTML5. More info & Resemble.js Demo. Compatible with Node.js.

ZK – Java Web Framework for Web and Mobile

  •    Java

ZK is the leading Ajax + Mobile framework that is designed to build amazing Java web applications in a quick, efficient and elegant manner without needing any knowledge on Ajax or JavaScript. Unlike other conventional web frameworks, ZK is renowned for its shallow learning curve and unique Server+client architecture offering users a high performance, high security and low maintenance framework at an enterprise level.