DAL MPE T4 include

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T4 include to generate DTO classes and lightweight command adapter classes from XSD of typed DataSet.




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DAL Generator using Database Application Block 5 and T4 Template

T4 Template code for generating Data access layer. Database application block 5 for making CRUD Operations. User can make operations with data access layer through a repository object for abstractions. Database Application Block 5 have given automatic data mapping feature thro...

DAL - Unit of Work pattern using T4 templates and Entity Framework

Unit of Work pattern using T4 templates and Entity Framework

Visual Studio 2010 T-4 Templates for Logical Layers

This open source project includes a set of T-4 templates to enable you to build logical layers (i.e. DAL/BLL) with just few clicks! The logical layers implemented here are based on Entity Framework 4.0, ASP.NET Web Form Data Bound control friendly and fully unit testable.


DbSchema makes it easier for .NET programmers to extract a database's schema (tables, views, columns, procedures, procedures' parameters and relations). You'll no longer have to create your custom code in order to extract schema from your databases. It's developed in C#.

OMS.Ice - T4 Text Template Generator

OMS.Ice is an in-process T4 text template generator. It can be used to parse T4 text templates and to generate textual output at runtime. The OMS.Ice - T4 Text Template Generator has no dependencies to Visual Studio and can be deployed with our application.


T4 Templates for generating view models, and views for WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone using T4 Toolbox and MVVM Light

T4 Toolbox

T4 Toolbox is a set of ready-to-use code generators and T4 extensions for Visual Studio. Quickly build powerful C# or VB templates that generate multiple output files or simply use existing templates for LINQ to SQL, Entity Framework and more.


t4talk is the source repository for all samples of the T4 team blog. T4 is a flexible code generation tool that can reduce development time and maintenance cost. T4 is easy to adopt in any project and in any stage of product development.

TFDP - T4 For Database Projects

TFDP brings T4 template transformation to database projects in Visual Studio 2010. It supports regular T4 template transformation (e.g. "on save" transformation) as well as model driven transformation.

GEN - Zend CodeGenerator

Zend CodeGenerator

Zend_CodeGenerator - [READ-ONLY] Subtree of CodeGenerator component from zf2 official repo

[READ-ONLY] Subtree of CodeGenerator component from zf2 official repo

ucg - universal codegenerator

universal codegenerator

Kickstarter - Codegenerator for Bukkit plugins

Codegenerator for Bukkit plugins

CSharpIfElse - this is a codegenerator program

this is a codegenerator program

ragel-go - Ragel codegenerator for Go (see branch `golang-6`)

Ragel codegenerator for Go (see branch `golang-6`)

CustomTemplating - Template Text Transformations with custom T4 host

CustomTemplating allows the usage of the Text Template Transformation Toolkit (T4) from custom applications, without VS IDE as Host. It simplifies the start of the text transformation process and allow to pass arguments from the application to the template transformation process.

T4 template for SharePoint solutions

This T4 template will search your project for feature.xml-files, validate them, and generate code with the feature guids.