puppetexplorer - Puppet web interface written in CoffeeScript using AngularJS

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Puppet Explorer is a web application for PuppetDB that lets you explore your Puppet data. It is made using AngularJS and runs entirely on the client side, so the only backend that is needed is PuppetDB itself and a web server to share the static resources. It has the same query language as the popular Puppet module dalen-puppetdbquery. This lets you easily filter for a selection of nodes and show the events or facts for only them. So you can handle hosts as groups without needing to have predefined groups, just make them up as you need and click on the pie charts to drill down further. The JavaScript version of this query parser is available as a separate component so you can use it in your own projects easily, node-puppetdbquery.



bootswatch : ^4.1.1
bs-fetch : ^0.3.0
classjoin : ^0.2.1
date-fns : ^1.29.0
font-awesome : ^4.7.0
immutable : ^4.0.0-rc.9
maybe.ts : ^0.1.0
node-puppetdbquery : ^1.1.3
object-dig : ^0.1.3
object-hash : ^1.3.0
popper.js : ^1.14.3
prop-types : ^15.6.2
qs : ^6.5.2
react : ^16.4.1
react-dom : ^16.4.1
react-icons : ^2.2.7
react-popper : ^1.0.0
react-redux : ^5.0.4
react-router : ^4.1.2
react-router-dom : ^4.3.1
react-transition-group : ^2.3.1
reactstrap : ^6.1.0
reason-react : ^0.4.2
recharts : ^1.0.0-beta.10
redux : ^4.0.0
redux-loop : ^4.3.3
result.ts : ^0.3.1
type-safe-json-decoder : ^0.2.0
whatwg-fetch : ^2.0.4



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puppetexplorer - Puppet web interface written in CoffeeScript using AngularJS

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Puppet web interface written in CoffeeScript using AngularJS

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This module handles installing system RVM (also known as multi-user installation as root) and using it to install rubies and gems. Support for installing and configuring passenger is also included. We are actively using this module. It works well, but does have some issues you should be aware of. Due to the way puppet works, certain resources (rvm_sytem_ruby, rvm_gem and rvm_gemset) may generate errors until RVM is installed. The puppet-rvm module uses run stages to install RVM before the rest of your configuration runs. However, if you run puppet using the --noop parameter, you may see Could not find a default provider errors. See the Troubleshooting section for more information.

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The next generation of Example42 Puppet Modules - Require Puppet > 2.6.x

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Note for ruby 1.8 users: while rspec-puppet itself supports ruby 1.8, you'll need to pin rspec itself to ~> 3.1.0, as later rspec versions do not work on old rubies anymore. When you start out on a new module, create a metadata.json file for your module and then run rspec-puppet-init to create the necessary files to configure rspec-puppet for your module's tests.

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