D3 - A JavaScript visualization library for HTML and SVG

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D3 is a small, free JavaScript library for manipulating HTML documents based on data. D3 can help you quickly visualize your data as HTML or SVG, handle interactivity, and incorporate smooth transitions and staged animations into your pages. You can use D3 as a visualization framework (like Protovis), or you can use it to build dynamic pages (like jQuery).




Related Projects

party-mode - An experimental music visualizer using d3.js and the web audio api.

a somewhat-technical overview===========================Using the web audio api, I can get an array of numbers which corresponds to the waveform of the sound an html5 audio element is producing. There's a [good tutorial](http://www.developphp.com/view.php?tid=1348) on how to do this. Then, using `requestAnimationFrame` (with a little [frame limiting](http://codetheory.in/controlling-the-frame-rate-with-requestanimationframe/) for performance reasons) I'm updating that array as the music change

graph-drawing-libraries - Trying to compare known graph drawing libraries

* [almende/vis](https://github.com/almende/vis) - Dynamic, browser-based visualization library http://visjs.org* [anvaka/ngraph](https://github.com/anvaka/ngraph) - Beautiful Graphs* [anvaka/VivaGraphJS](https://github.com/anvaka/VivaGraphJS) - Graph drawing library for JavaScript* [cpettitt/dagre](https://github.com/cpettitt/dagre) - Directed graph renderer for javascript* [cytoscape/cytoscape.js](https://github.com/cytoscape/cytoscape.js) - An open-source JavaScript graph theory library for an


A higher-level charting library built on top of d3.D3 is really quite awesome. It is a low-level toolkit of primitives for visualizing data in modern browsers, abstracting away a lot of the common gruntwork of any visualization. I like to think of d3 as the web’s “native” visualization toolkit, since it isn’t a very abstract abstraction: d3 produces SVG and maniupulates markup in your browser, not some intermediate representation. This makes things like interactivity possible/easier.

trianglify - Algorithmically generated triangle art

Trianglify is a javascript library for generating colorful triangle meshes that can be used as SVG images and CSS backgrounds.

d3 - A JavaScript visualization library for HTML and SVG.

A JavaScript visualization library for HTML and SVG.


Re-usable easy interface JavaScript chart library, based on D3 v4+

rickshaw - JavaScript toolkit for creating interactive real-time graphs

See the overview, tutorial, and examples for more.In the browser, manually add rickshaw.min.js and rickshaw.min.css in the document head.

NOAA-Projects - Data Visualization Applications built for use by http://www.noaa.gov/

![alt tag](https://github.com/DrkSephy/NOAA-Projects/blob/master/img/squam.png) My task was to write scripts and provide JavaScript which would allow users to hover over regions of the globe and display the corresponding granule. To do so, I used [d3](http://d3js.org/) to build a [voronoi diagram](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voronoi_diagram). The input to these voronoi diagrams are the computed `latitude` and `longitude` centers of each granule for all regions of the Earth, which in turn builds

Rickshaw - Interactive Time Series Graphs in JavaScript

Rickshaw provides the elements you need to create interactive graphs: renderers, legends, hovers, range selectors etc. It's all based on d3 underneath, so graphs are drawn with standard SVG and styled with CSS.


Interactive SVG visualization of all-time ACC basketball tournament wins and losses. powered by d3.js - data driven js library. http://accvisual.com

react-vis - Data-Visualization oriented components

A collection of react components to render common data visualization charts, such as line/area/bar charts, heat maps, scatterplots, contour plots, pie and donut charts, sunbursts, radar charts, parallel coordinates, and tree maps.Install react-vis via npm.