Dot Net to Csound 6 Bridge

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Provides pInvoke and wrapper objects to make the Csound 6 API available to .net programs. Written in C#.



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Csound is a sound and music synthesis system, providing facilities for composition and performance over a wide range of platforms. It is not restricted to any style of music, having been used for many years in at least classical, pop, techno, ambient

jukeboxjs - An audio synthesis API for Javascript

Visit the Web Page for Jukebox.js (with Examples)</a></h2><img src="" width=250px alt=""><h2> Jukebox.js: Custom Audio with the Web Audio Api </h2><p> Jukebox.js is a library for making sounds and music from <em>scratch</em> using Javascript and the H%ML5 Web Audio API.</p><p> Getting started just takes a minute. Check out the getting started guide.</p><h3>Why Jukebox.js?</h3><p> In addition to being stupid awesome, making musi

Csound 5 (unofficial version)

An alternative version of the Csound audio synthesis language, with improvements and fixes.


linux wrappers for the csound synthesis program and some other linux audio utilities


csound-timestretching-granular-synth-experiment - trying to time stretch audio and make a usable instrument from it using granular synthesis

Faust : signal processing language

Faust is a programming language for realtime audio signal processing

groove-it - Music synthesis using Javascript and HTML audio tag

Music synthesis using Javascript and HTML audio tag

The Harmony of the World

A fair attempt at the Keplerian tradition to explore the solar system

Overtone - Collaborative Programmable Music

Overtone is an open source audio environment designed to explore new musical ideas from synthesis and sampling to instrument building, live-coding and collaborative jamming. It combines the powerful SuperCollider audio engine, with Clojure, a state of-the-art lisp, to create an intoxicating interactive sonic experience. It can synchronise your visuals and noise with ease.


A C++ library and Python module for audio synthesis featuring dynamic digital filters. Nsound lets you easily shape waveforms and write to disk or plot them. Nsound aims to be as powerful as Csound but easy to use.

The Python Sound Project

The Python Sound Project aims to develop a productive community around Python, Csound and other synthesis engines as tools for algorithmic composition of electroacoustic music.

SuperCollider - A programming language for real time audio synthesis and algorithmic composition

SuperCollider is an environment and programming language for real time audio synthesis and algorithmic composition. It provides an interpreted object-oriented language which functions as a network client to a state of the art, realtime sound synthesis server.


jPatchwork is a graphical user interface written in Java which allows the user to create Csound instruments (i.e., to design synthesis algorithms in the Csound language) by creating a flowchart.

SilverSynth - Digital Audio Synthesis for Silverlight

SilverSynth is a digial audio synthesis library for Silverlight developers to create synthesized wave forms from code. It supports synthesis of sine, saw, square and triangle wave forms, frequency modulation, amplitude modulation, panning, volume control, and dynamic envelopes.

Vocodify - CSound quick vocoder that's meant to partially emulate an NES Audio chip

CSound quick vocoder that's meant to partially emulate an NES Audio chip

ligeti - Process-music composition system for csound

Process-music composition system for csound

ASTA - Auto. Subtitle Timing Annotator

A collection of scripts and programs to automatically annotate video/audio for subtitles. Basically relies on a MARSYAS (Music Analysis, Retrieval and Synthesis for Audio Signals) plug-in for detecting human voice in polyphonic recordings.


CECILIA is an environment for music and signal-processing that uses Csound as its underlying audio processing engine. One can think of CECILIA as a completely programmable sound-processing tool, with real-time interactive processing on soundfiles or live

The Sound Object Library

The Sound Object Library is an object-oriented audio processing library. It provides objects for synthesis and processing of sound that can be used to build applications for computer-generated music.