DX11 (Win 7 & Win 8 Metro) import for C#

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This project is a simple wrapper of DirectX 11 interfaces to .NET Library. Now, only Direct3D 11 is imported. ????DX11??????.NET?????????D3D11? Win7, Win8 Metro




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FW1FontWrapper is a font wrapper library for drawing text using Direct3D 11. It uses DirectWrite for formatting, text layout, and glyph caching, exposing basic DirectWrite text functionality for use with a D3D11 render target. The library is written in C++, and either compile...

Hieroglyph 3

Hieroglyph 3 is a rendering library and associated set of sample programs based on Direct3D 11. Its main objective is to allow rapid development of new algorithms, and thus focuses on flexibility while still allowing for performance optimization.


A Direct3D based snake game (using C# and .NET Framework 3.5). This game demonstrates basic DirectX usage. SnakeX uses basic Direct3D components such as Fonts, Sprites and Vertexes, to create basic Direct3D based game, which contains abillities like object movemnet, input han...

Plugin_D3D - Direct3D Plugin for CryEngine supporting DirectX 9 and DirectX 11

Direct3D Plugin for CryEngine supporting DirectX 9 and DirectX 11


Proxy Generator Aspected Oriented Programming DirectX 10 in XNA


EffectEd is an HLSL code editor for Direct3D and XNA. It's a lightweight alternative to heavy applications like FX Composer. EffectEd's priority is to easily integrate in your daily workflow writing shader and effect code for DirectX (and thus, also for XNA). It has th...

Direct3DHook - DirectX Capture and Overlays by using Direct3D API hooks

DirectX Capture and Overlays by using Direct3D API hooks

DXUT - DXUT is a "GLUT"-like framework for Direct3D 11

DXUT is a "GLUT"-like framework for Direct3D 11.x Win32 desktop applications; primarily samples, demos, and prototypes.

Cinder-DirectX - supports DX9/DX11 rendering in a standalone block

supports DX9/DX11 rendering in a standalone block

DXQuake - A Direct3D version of Quake

This is a version of Quake / QuakeWorld code that has been modified to use Direct3D instead of OpenGL. Useful for people with graphics cards that do not support OpenGL (but do support Direct3D), for DirectX developers, and for comparing OpenGL performance

DirectX for Windows Runtime

DirectX for Windows Runtime is a lightweight Windows Runtime Extension Library. It provides access to DirectX components that are not part of the standard Windows Runtime library. This includes DXGI, Direct3D 11/11.1, XInput etc.

DirectX Tool Kit

DirectXTK is a shared source library of helpers for Direct3D 11 C++ applications.

Game of Life 3D

This is an implementation of Game of Life with 3D view. It calculates the rules of 'Conway's Game of Life' with Compute Shader (DirectCompute) and displays cells with Direct X11 (using Direct3D, Direct2D and DirectWrite). It supports Windows 7 and Vista with DirectX 10/11 GPU.


Hybrid Scanline-Raytracing Engine and an all new rendering aproach :) VisitorPattern based Scenegraph written in C++. Direct3D 9 or 10 rendering is used for PrimaryRays and CUDA used for BSP-Raytracing (DX11, OpenGL, ComputeShader easily upgradeable). CLR-Wrapper available for...

Detour DirectX Research

A sample project demonstrates how to detour/hook Direct3D via C++


T2 is a programming project for an university subject on DirectX. In its current state, the player is able to navigate an avatar through the map. I'm at the moment working on making it into a simple third-person-shooter, so stay tuned!


2011: Demo: Subclass a QWidget that hosts a DirectX / Direct3D 11 shader rendering, and a basic C++ wrapper of DirectX

Vivid3D 2 - DirectX 10 3D ToolKit

Advanced 3d toolkit built around the visual studio 2010 (pro or trial) ide. All editors and tools are coded as visual studio addins, in C#(The same lang as the engine). Currently has DX10 and DX11 renderers.Can add new api support via a single plugin. Uses CS-Script/SlimDX.

Yak and Yeti Rendering Engine

A simple engine that will allow user to switch between DirectX and Opengl easily. *Requires DX11 Card