rosbag.js - ROS bag file reader for JavaScript

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rosbag is a node.js & browser compatible module for reading rosbag binary data files. Then, depending on your environment, you can import {open} from 'rosbag' or require('rosbag').


buffer : 5.2.1
heap : 0.2.6
int53 : 0.2.4



Related Projects

lsd_slam - LSD-SLAM

  •    C++

LSD-SLAM is a novel approach to real-time monocular SLAM. It is fully direct (i.e. does not use keypoints / features) and creates large-scale, semi-dense maps in real-time on a laptop. For more information see where you can also find the corresponding publications and Youtube videos, as well as some example-input datasets, and the generated output as rosbag or .ply point cloud. First, install LSD-SLAM following 2.1 or 2.2, depending on your Ubuntu / ROS version. You don't need openFabMap for now.

openpilot - open source driving agent

  •    C

openpilot is an open source driving agent. Currently it performs the functions of Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) for Hondas, Acuras, Toyotas, and a Chevy. It's about on par with Tesla Autopilot and GM Super Cruise, and better than all other manufacturers. The openpilot codebase has been written to be concise and enable rapid prototyping. We look forward to your contributions - improving real vehicle automation has never been easier.

cruise-control - Cruise-control is the first of its kind to fully automate the dynamic workload rebalance and self-healing of a kafka cluster

  •    Java

Cruise Control is a product that helps run Apache Kafka clusters at large scale. Due to the popularity of Apache Kafka, many companies have bigger and bigger Kafka clusters. At LinkedIn, we have 1800+ Kafka brokers, which means broker deaths are an almost daily occurrence and balancing the workload of Kafka also becomes a big overhead.Kafka Cruise control is designed to address this operation scalability issue.

universal_robot - ROS-Industrial universal robot meta-package (

  •    Python

ROS-Industrial Universal Robot meta-package. See the ROS wiki page for compatibility information and other more information. Installation from Source There are releases available for ROS Hydro and ROS Indigo. However, for the latest features and developments you might want to install from source.

Cruise Control .NET Pre-Tested Commit Extension


In this project i am going to extend cruise control with pre-tested commit feature. This extension protects the code base from incorrect code. All code modification are submitted into version control ONLY if all defined requirements are met.


  •    CSharp

Cruise Control .NET Status Monitor Webpart for SharePoint 3.0

concurrently - Run commands concurrently. Like `npm run watch-js & npm run watch-less` but better.

  •    Javascript

Run multiple commands concurrently. Like npm run watch-js & npm run watch-less but better. I like task automation with npm but the usual way to run multiple commands concurrently is npm run watch-js & npm run watch-css. That's fine but it's hard to keep on track of different outputs. Also if one process fails, others still keep running and you won't even notice the difference.

apollo-platform - Collections of Apollo Platform Software

  •    C++

The Apollo-platform will cover all the platform level support. In the first release, we add the most popular solution Robot Operating System (ROS) under ros directory. The Robot Operating System (ROS) is flexible framework for writing robot software. This release is originated from ROS Indigo release.

zed-ros-wrapper - ROS wrapper for the ZED SDK

  •    C++

This package lets you use the ZED stereo camera with ROS. It outputs the camera left and right images, depth map, point cloud, pose information and supports the use of multiple ZED cameras.

mavros - MAVLink to ROS gateway with proxy for Ground Control Station

  •    C++

MAVLink extendable communication node for ROS. It is the main package, please see its README. Here you may read installation instructions.

rbx1 - ROS By Example Volume 1

  •    Python

This ROS metapackage provides sample code used in the book ROS by Example available on Please use the ROS By Example Google Group to post questions.

Willow Garage ROS Packages


PROJECT HAS MOVED! wg-ros-pkg is now hosted at

USC ROS Packages

  •    C++

The USC ROS packages project offers algorithms and drivers for the robotics projects underway in the labs at the University of Southern California. These packages are for use with the ROS software infrastructure (


  •    C

ROS-Linux is Rational OS for x86 PMC - Personal Mobile Computer platform. ROS-Linux is Opie environment on Qt/E atop uClibc Linux system.

roslibjs - The Standard ROS JavaScript Library

  •    Javascript

For full documentation, see the ROS wiki or check out some working demos. JSDoc can be found on the Robot Web Tools website.

grid_map - Universal grid map library for mobile robotic mapping

  •    C++

This is a C++ library with ROS interface to manage two-dimensional grid maps with multiple data layers. It is designed for mobile robotic mapping to store data such as elevation, variance, color, friction coefficient, foothold quality, surface normal, traversability etc. It is used in the Robot-Centric Elevation Mapping package designed for rough terrain navigation. The grid map package has been tested with ROS Indigo, Jade (under Ubuntu 14.04) and Kinetic (under Ubuntu 16.04). This is research code, expect that it changes often and any fitness for a particular purpose is disclaimed.

Learning_ROS_for_Robotics_Programming_2nd_edition - Code and examples for Learning ROS for Robotics Programming - 2nd Edition

  •    C++

Learning ROS for Robotics Programming - Second Edition book tutorials source code. Install ROS Hydro on a compatible Ubuntu distro following the official instructions provided here.


  •    C++

This is a simulation of a Prius in gazebo 8 with sensor data being published using ROS kinetic The car's throttle, brake, steering, and gear shifting are controlled by publishing a ROS message. A ROS node allows driving with a gamepad or joystick. First clone the repo, then run the script build_demo.bash. It builds a docker image with the local source code inside.

cartographer_ros - Provides ROS integration for Cartographer.

  •    C++

Cartographer is a system that provides real-time simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) in 2D and 3D across multiple platforms and sensor configurations. This project provides Cartographer's ROS integration. You can find information about contributing to Cartographer's ROS integration at our Contribution page.