rocketchat-uptimerobot - 🚀 Uptime Robot integration for Rocket.Chat

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Add Uptime Robot notifications via a new WebHook in Rocket.Chat. Note: If status is UP, message color is green otherwise it is red.



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hubot-rocketchat - Rocket.Chat Hubot adapter

  •    Javascript

Feel free to join us in the #hubot channel to discuss hubot, and any scripts you might be working on. v1.x.x versions of the adapter is only compatible with 0.37.1 and higher of Rocket.Chat Server. Yes, you should be able to continue using v1.x.x adapter and CoffeeScript bots with the most up-to-date version of the server.

bot - IRC, Slack, Telegram and RocketChat bot written in go

  •    Go

IRC, Slack & Telegram bot written in Go using go-ircevent for IRC connectivity, nlopes/slack for Slack and Syfaro/telegram-bot-api for Telegram.To see the bot in action, send a private message to go-bot on Freenode or join the channel #go-bot @

composer - Composer is a framework for building Blockchain business networks

  •    Javascript

This site will help you get up and running by developing a sample blockchain application to buy and sell houses and apartments in a digital property business network. There is a specific channel on RocketChat for contributors.

Rocket.Chat - Have your own Slack like online chat, built with Meteor.

  •    Javascript

Join thousands of members worldwide 24/7 in our community server. for help from our community with general Rocket.Chat questions.

Rocket.Chat.iOS - Rocket.Chat Native iOS Application

  •    Swift

Github Issues are used to track todos, bugs, feature requests, and more. Also check the community on We'd like to help.

matterbridge - bridge between mattermost, IRC, gitter, xmpp, slack, discord, telegram, rocket

  •    Go

A simple chat bridge Letting people be where they want to be. Bridges between a growing number of protocols. Click below to demo. Gitter | IRC | Discord | Matrix | Slack | Mattermost | XMPP | Twitch | Zulip | And more...

storj - Ongoing Storj v3 development

  •    Go

All of our code for Storj v3 is open source. Have a code change you think would make Storj better? Please send a pull request along! Make sure to sign our Contributor License Agreement (CLA) first. See our license section for more details. Have comments, bug reports, or suggestions? Want to propose a PR before hand-crafting it? Jump on to our Rocketchat and join the #dev channel to say hi to the developer community and to talk to the Storj core team.

RocketChat - The ultimate open source web chat platform

  •    Coffeescript

Rocket.Chat is a Web Chat Server, developed in JavaScript, using the Meteor fullstack framework. It is a great solution for communities and companies wanting to privately host their own chat service or for developers looking forward to build and evolve their own chat platforms. Its features include File sharing, Video conferencing, Screen sharing, Live chat, Link preview and lot more.

pingme - PingMe is a CLI tool which provides the ability to send messages or alerts to multiple messaging platforms & email

  •    Go

PingMe is a personal project to satisfy my needs of having alerts, most major platforms have integration to send alerts but its not always useful, either you are stuck with one particular platform, or you have to do alot of integrations. I needed a small utility which i can just call from my backup scripts, cron jobs, CI/CD pipelines or from anywhere to send a message with particular information. And i can ship it everywhere with ease. Hence, the birth of PingMe. Everything is configurable via environment variables, and you can simply export the logs or messages to a variable which will be sent as message, and most of all this serves as a swiss army knife sort of tool which supports multiple platforms.

webhook - webhook is a lightweight configurable tool written in Go, that allows you to easily create HTTP endpoints (hooks) on your server, which you can use to execute configured commands

  •    Go

webhook is a lightweight configurable tool written in Go, that allows you to easily create HTTP endpoints (hooks) on your server, which you can use to execute configured commands. You can also pass data from the HTTP request (such as headers, payload or query variables) to your commands. webhook also allows you to specify rules which have to be satisfied in order for the hook to be triggered.For example, if you're using Github or Bitbucket, you can use webhook to set up a hook that runs a redeploy script for your project on your staging server, whenever you push changes to the master branch of your project.

m4l-connection-kit - Max for Live Connection Kit

  •    C++

The Connection Kit is a collection of Max for Live devices that allow you to connect Ableton Live with several hardware or software technologies. Some of the devices provide a relatively generic interfacing framework between Live and a specific technology (e.g. Arduino, OSC Send), but most of them are only simple examples of what you can do. Their purpose is to show you how you can connect and as such they are meant to be taken apart, studied, extended or completely transformed. Max is a visual programming environment for sound, graphics, music and interactivity developed by Cycling 74. It provides an interface for visually patching together programs to make interactive sounds, graphics and custom effects. Max For Live is a collaboration between Cycling 74 and Ableton that integrates the Max environment into Ableton Live and allows a user to edit and run Max based programs as Live devices. All the devices in the Connection Kit are written in Max with the intent of allowing users to adapt the devices to their specific needs and requirements by editing them inside the Max For Live editor or inside Max itself.

Crazy Turtle Solver

  •    C


CrazyCore - Repository containing the game assets and code for Crazy Core

  •    CSharp

Crazy Core is a simple 3D video game built with .NET Core. It supports Windows, OSX, and Linux. It is built on top of a custom game engine, the sources of which can be found here: This repository contains the game-specific assets and code files for Crazy Core. It has a submodule which includes the engine as a dependency.

github-webhook-handler - Node.js web handler / middleware for processing GitHub Webhooks

  •    Javascript

GitHub allows you to register Webhooks for your repositories. Each time an event occurs on your repository, whether it be pushing code, filling issues or creating pull requests, the webhook address you register can be configured to be pinged with details.This library is a small handler (or "middleware" if you must) for Node.js web servers that handles all the logic of receiving and verifying webhook requests from GitHub.

smtp2http - A tiny software that receive a smtp request (email) and send it to the specified webhook as a http post request

  •    Go

smtp2http is a simple smtp server that resends the incoming email to the configured web endpoint (webhook) as a basic http post request.

Collections MAX Proxy Server


Collections MAX Proxy Server interfaces with the Collections MAX Debt Collection system to provide increased speed and query optimizations in handling MySQL connections to remotely hosted servers.

Xaml exporter for 3D Studio Max

  •    WPF

3D modeling is hard to do directly in Xaml. This is a set of scripts to export your models from 3D Studio Max directly to Xaml and ready to use in your WPF projects.

unicorn-worker-killer - Automatically restart Unicorn workers based on 1) max number of requests and 2) max memory

  •    Ruby

Unicorn is widely used HTTP-server for Rack applications. One thing we thought Unicorn missed, is killing the Unicorn workers based on the number of requests and consumed memories. unicorn-worker-killer gem provides automatic restart of Unicorn workers based on 1) max number of requests, and 2) process memory size (RSS), without affecting any requests. This will greatly improves site's stability by avoiding unexpected memory exhaustion at the application nodes.

Max Media Manager (phpAdsNew) Ad Server

  •    PHP

Max Media Manager is a fork of phpAdsNew geared toward large and more sophisticated websites. All of the features from Max Media Manager, such as affiliate conversion tracking, adserving for large websites, and additional banner limitations have been inc


  •    CSharp

Max CPU allows the user to select one or many cpus (both physical and virtual) and max them out to simulate system load.

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