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XOOPS is an extensible, OO (Object Oriented), easy to use dynamic web content management system written in PHP, ideal for developing Websites.




Related Projects

Xoops - Web content management system in PHP

  •    PHP

XOOPS is an acronym of eXtensible Object Oriented Portal System. XOOPS is a web application platform written in PHP for the MySQL database. Its object orientation makes it an ideal tool for developing small or large community websites, intra company and corporate portals, weblogs and much more.

Xoops USB Server

  •    PHP

Developers Xoops Content Management System for USB device. Contains (Uniform Server) Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Xoops CMS.

Xoops Stand Alone Server


A complete and painless install of Apache, PHP, Mysql, Perl and XOOPS with all component pre-configured and ready to roll after installation is complete. Based in Uniform Server Copyright (c) 2002, Anatoliy amp; Taras Slobodskyy

Xoops - Comunidade Portuguesa

  •    PHP

Development and Documentation for the Xoops Project dedicated to the Xoops Portuguese Community, as well as some components developed for the XOOPS Project: http://sourceforge.net/projects/xoops/

Xoops Cube Project

  •    PHP

Now we moved to https://github.com/xoopscube

Xoops Pop3 Email Client

  •    PHP

The Xoops POP3 Email client is a module/hack that will allow users to check their email via a xoops web site. This enhanced feature will be benificial to Xoops site managers and staff. This module is Powered by UebiMiau.


  •    PHP

XOOPS Cube TOKAI(XC-TOKAI) is community of XOOPS Cube users in Japan. Modules and themes that operates by XOOPS Cube and module developer's tool Cubson are developed.

ScarPoX / Runcms / E-xoops

  •    PHP

A comprehensive content management system (CMS) whit ease of use, speed, amp; flexibility. E-Xoops 1.05r3 was last version call E-XooPS. Name change and release of RunCms 1.4 got Us to level 2. Level 3 Scarpox is a more compact cms exclusive to Danish use.

XOOPS Spanish

  •    PHP

ES-XOOPS develops and manages some Xoops related projects with the main purpose to bring you translations, support, ideas... The projects vary from web applications to a full support of them.

E-Hacks (E) Xoops scripts

  •    Javascript

E-Hacks is project dedicated to the PHP CMS (E) Xoops. It's purpose is to write modules for (E) Xoops and also hack existing modules for improvment.

Xoops France


Publications Xoops francophones (traductions noyau xoops, documentations, modules françisés, thèmes, plugin smarty, hacks, ...)

Ecards XOOPS Module


Ecards is a module for XOOPS. It allows users to send and manipulate electronic postcards, from a XOOPS powered web site.

Xoops Prayer Request Module

  •    PHP

OSC Prayer Request is a Xoops module that allows users to submit, view and collaborate on prayer requests. This is a part of the Open Source Church Project (OSC). This module is a fork of the Xoops CatAds module.

webMusic - online music platform

  •    PHP

webMusic is a php/mySQL module based on XOOPS . It allows musicians to collaborate over the internet. They can create projects, share sound files, communicate and publish their results on a website.

Questnuke - e-Xoops for Game Creation

  •    Javascript

Questnuke is a collection of e-xoops modules for the purpose of keeping track of adventure/rpg game creation. Utilizing existing mods where possible, writing them when they are not yet created.

The E-Xoopport Project

  •    Javascript

E-Xoopport is an enhanced version of E-Xoops a fork of Xoops CMS. E-Xoopport provides new modules, new themes, a powerful faster engine and many hacks and bug fixes that let users to use it also for businnes and professional purposes.

XOOPS Credits Module

  •    Javascript

Credits is a module that extends the functionality and features of XOOPS, a modular CMS. Credits alows for controled display of a web sites credits (e.g. Webmasters, Moderators, etc.).

Xoops osCommerce

  •    Javascript

The osCommerce Shop as an Xoops v2 Module

Xeoos Xoops Modules

  •    PHP

Xeoos provide different modules for Xoops CMS. xi18n: Internationalization / Auto Translation xm4u: Esay multiples menu


  •    PHP

xcart is a native XOOPS cart module upon XOOPS architecture providing state-of-the-art online-shopping features.

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