Memba Velodoc Outlook Add-In for sending large files from Outlook

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Memba Velodoc Outlook Add-in lets you send large files directly from Outlook using a variety of file transfer server platforms including Velodoc Enterprise Edition, Velodoc XP Edition, FTP servers, UNC file shares, Microsoft Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) serve...



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There are already [instructions]( on the Xinu official page on how to download and boot Xinu from the BeagleBone Black(BBB). But I've had the following issues with it:- minicom wasn't able to download the file- after booting into Xinu, the watchdog would reset the BBB after ~60sSo here's what I did.First, the instructions are only valid with the serial communication program **minicom**. There are other ways to download the boot image,

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This is a stand-alone client application that uses the BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) API (used by services like Windows Update) to perform file downloads. Downloads are done in an intelligent manner, backing off to allow other network traffic to take priority...

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Transfer content by BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service). Command line utility. Add item to Explorer Context Menu.

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Setup========Make sure you're running Python 2.7 and have installed Fabric and boto dependencies. On the Mac, you can do:```sudo easy_install fabricsudo easy_install boto```For more information about fabric, see: the pysolr project from github and set it up as well:```git clone pysolrsudo python install```Note, you do not need to know any Python in order to use this framework.Local Setup========The framewor

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Now download the file located at the indicated URL. You will get a certificate warning, since the connection is done over SSL, but we are using a self-signed certificate. After downloading the configuration, stop the serveconfig container. You can restart it later if you need to re-download the configuration, or to download it to multiple devices.Note: there is a bug in the Android Download Manager which prevents downloading files from untrusted SSL servers; and in that case, our self-signed certificate means that our server is untrusted. If you try to download with the default browser on your Android device, it will show the download as "in progress" but it will remain stuck. You can download it with Firefox; or you can transfer it with another way: Dropbox, USB, micro-SD card...

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Lightweight console based podcast aggregator that uses Background Intelligent Transfer Service to download podcasts fast using idle bandwidth. No idle time resources: Easy to set up as as Windows scheduled task. Uses .NET Framework 3 5 Client subset.

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A django application that provides file download methods.


Many companies have to transfer large files to their partners and clients. Mostly these files are too big for eMail and FTP is to complicated. Chunky offers a simple web interface for uploading files to a server and then lets you create a unique link to that file to send to the recipient. The recipient can download the file from this link until it's expired or a maximum download count has been reached. Sharing files has never been easier...

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Jitsi provides Secure Video calls, Conferencing, Chat, Desktop sharing, Instant Messaging, File transfer support for your favorite OS and IM network. Jitsi lets you connect to Facebook, GoogleTalk, XMPP, Windows Live, Yahoo!, AIM, and ICQ so that you can chat to all your friends in the simplest possible way. It supports IPv6, Secure calls with zRTP, Call history, Call hold etc.

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