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Related Projects

jQuery-TreeList - Simple Infinite Nested Treelist plugin for jQuery

Simple Infinite Nested Treelist plugin for jQuery

TreeList - Actionscript 3.0 custom TreeList View

Actionscript 3.0 custom TreeList View

Rico - Rich Ajax Framework

Rico is a JavaScript library for creating rich internet applications. Version 1 is JavaScript only. Versions 2 amp; 3 include server-side code (asp,, and php) to make creating web apps even easier. Versions 1 amp; 2 are based on Prototype and include grids, calendar amp; tree controls, drag amp; drop, and cinematic effects. Version 3 goes beyond Prototype, and includes support for jQuery, MooTools, Dojo, Ext, and BBC Glow libraries. Version 3 is only available in the SVN repository

ASP.NET Social Controls

ASP.NET Social Controls is a small collection of server controls designed to make integrating social sharing utilities such as ShareThis, AddThis and AddToAny easier, more manageable, and X/HTML-compliant, with configuration files and per-instance settings.

jQuery Ui Server Controls

JQueryUi Server Controls provide MVC server controls which output JQuery UI controls (only tab control at this time). This ensures that your page is always displayed as you intend & doesn't have a delay while the JQuery UI script is applied, which can look unprofessional

WebTools - XML XQuery class, ASP.NET Server Controls

A solution for storing serialized objects in an XML data type column and using XQuery to query into the serialized XML and retrieve records. Also includes the WebTools.UI library which is a collection of ASP.NET server controls for rollover images and other controls.

CrossDatabaseTreeListField - Extended Treelist field to support cross database references

Extended Treelist field to support cross database references

XBMC-CouchPotato-Manager - XBMC Video-/Program Add-on. Control CP Server from XBMC

XBMC Video-/Program Add-on. Control CP Server from XBMC


A library of ASP.NET server controls including the Rollover Image Button and Hyperlink controls that provide a simple way to implement rollover images without having to write JavaScript code, just drag and drop, and the Alert control which can display both success and error me...

Editable Swing controls

Editable Swing controls (Table, Tree). A set of Swing controls able to add/edit/remove its elements. Read JavaDoc for more info at

JSControlsTags javascript controls tags

JSControlsTags is a taglib to easily manage javascript controls (Autocomplete, Slider...) on client/server side (AJAX). It is based on Prototype.js/scriptaculous.js. It looks like AjaxTags, but it manages controls on client/server side with JSON notation


leafs is a concurrent tree editor plus a tree revision system, consisting of a db server which holds versions of a tree, a admin interface for managing the server and a client editor to manipulate a tree and sync it with the server

MVC Controls Toolkit

MVC Controls Toolkit is a complete set of advanced server controls for MVC ranging from a templated edit-on line datagrid to date-picker and custom formatted textboxes, supporting client validation and globalization. Controls are able to bind properly their input to the ViewModel

Bright Cove Video Storage controls for Community Server

Utilizes the Bright Cove media API to enable Chameleon style Community Server controls in customized versions of Community Server platform from Telligent. Developed in C#. *Neither Bright Cove nor Telligent are currently contributors to this project.

pam_ssh - Use SSH server to authenticate and provide /home directory for Linux client.

```cp /lib/security/```Customize config:```cp config.json.example config.jsonnano config.json```

ASP.Net RIA Controls

Simple ASP.Net server controls to integrate Flash and Silverlight controls into your web applications. Included controls don't use any JavaScript, only XHTML compliant tags. Contributors are welcome.

Ajax Server Controls

Building the equivalent serverside controls in AJAX, based on the Microsoft AJAX Library. featured controls are: listview control datapager control dropdownlist control objectdatasource control

ASP.NET wrapper for Nitobi AJAX class library

C# ASP.NET 2.0 class wrappers to use the Nitobi open source AJAX javascript in your ASP.NET projects. All of the Nitobi controls are represented as ASP.NET controls. Much better than the stuff offered for sale by Nitobi. Includes Grid, Combo, Fisheye, Tree, and more.