Sedge: An Automated Error Reporting Tool

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Sedge is a highly customizable tool designed to help your customers create error reports. The reports can include log files, data files, system information, screenshots or any user's files.



Related Projects


PHP error and exception handling class. To simplify error and exception handling, converts errors into exceptions. Adds 'nice' error message box for final user and developer full error data including execution trace. Plus some helping methods

Exceptionless - Exceptionless server and jobs

Refer to the Exceptionless documentation wiki.We provide very reasonably priced hosting at Exceptionless. By using our hosted service, you are supporting the project and helping it get better! We also provide set up and support services.

PHP Error Reporting and Loging

This project is a collection php classes for custom error reporting. It would be great to have other individuals join this project! This could be useful as a standard package for many websites as it would provide more control over error handling.

sentry-php - The official PHP SDK for Sentry (

The Sentry PHP error reporter tracks errors and exceptions that happen during the execution of your application and provides instant notification with detailed informations needed to prioritize, identify, reproduce and fix each issue. Learn more about automatic PHP error reporting with Sentry.For more information, see our documentation.

ASP.NET Error / Exception Handler open source project

ErrorHandler is an open source ASP.NET error (Exception) logging and reporting solution. -Easily add error logging functionality to your web application in a plug and play fashion. -Provides a web interface to search and view the errors that were logged by your web application.

SharePoint Error Reporting

SharePoint Error Reporting set up a custom error page to provides error and debug information to the site administrator. No longer an Unexpected Error Has Occurred, or Unknown Error message. [Windows SharePoint Services]

Error Handling Block

Provides customizable handling of transient errors. Built-in handlers for WCF, WebClient, HttpRequest. For .NET, Silverlight, Store App, Windows Phone.


JEHA (Java Exception HAndler) makes easy handling exceptions in Java programs. You can annotate your classes and methods and the framework know what to do when an error is raised. Annotate your class. JEHA does the rest!

MVC Error Handling Services

Unlike other error handling projects, MVC Error Handling Services (MVCEHS) has been built to work exclusively with the MVC framework. Once added and configured, MVCEHS gives you error handling capabilities without changing a single line of code.

Simple but Cool Silverlight Message Boxes (Info, Error, Confirm, etc.)

Simple but presentable message boxes for Silverlight developers. Designed for ease of integration with existing projects.

mississippi - A collection of useful stream utility modules for writing better code using streams

the goal of the modules included in mississippi is to make working with streams easy without sacrificing speed, error handling or composability.Pipes streams together and destroys all of them if one of them closes. Calls cb with (error) if there was an error in any of the streams.

Smart Logger

SmartLogger is a web service that can consume exceptions thrown from client applications. The exceptions can be categorized based on severity, applications and exception time stamp. It also includes a search feature to drill down the exceptions log based on search criteria. ...

Exception Reporter

ExceptionReporter is a .NET component that shows a dialog with detailed information on an Exception and the application/system running it. It allows the application user to copy, save and/or email a textual report of the incident.

errors - Simple error handling primitives

Package errors provides simple error handling primitives.which applied recursively up the call stack results in error reports without context or debugging information. The errors package allows programmers to add context to the failure path in their code in a way that does not destroy the original value of the error.

PHP-Error - Better error reporting for PHP, and prettier too!

Better error reporting for PHP, and prettier too!

raven-ruby - Raven is a Ruby client for Sentry

The official Ruby-language client and integration layer for the Sentry error reporting API.We test on Ruby 1.9, 2.2, 2.3, and 2.4 at the latest patchlevel/teeny version. We also support JRuby 1.7 and 9.0. Our Rails integration works with Rails 4.2+ (including Rails 5).

AlloyLever - 1KB js library contains development debugging, error monitoring and reporting, user problem localization features - 1KB代码搞定开发调试发布,错误监控上报,用户问题定位

1kb(gzip) js library contains development debugging, error monitoring and reporting, user problem localization features. There are two purposes for URL parameter arousal, the first is to display the vConsole panel during the website development process, and the second is to send a complaint to the feedback site. The wrong user displays the vConsole panel for locating errors.

StackExchange.Exceptional - Error handler used for the Stack Exchange network

StackExchange.Exceptional is the error handler/logger used internally by Stack Overflow (Stack Exchange) for logging to SQL Server, but many backends (including custom) are supported. It also supports adding custom data to exceptions as they're logged, filtering of what's logged, ignoring errors, and much more. Check out the docs to get started.See the docs for how to get configured and logging in just a few minutes.