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re-linq makes it easy to create full-featured LINQ providers. It features a LINQ parser that transforms the IQueryable expression tree into a simpler structure that resembles the original query expression, and other helpful features. re-linq handles the most complex queries.



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Gendering Add-In for Microsoft Office Word 2010

Word Add-In that assists users by giving hints to write gender-neutral documents. It is a post-processing function to verify a written text against the rules of gender-neutral definitions in German Language. The definitions are implemented as a table of words and phrases and t...


TypePipe allows you to modify existing CLR types using a simple, expression-based API. Modifications from several tools and libraries (AOP, IoC etc.) can be combined. Types are generated via Reflection.Emit or user-defined back-ends.

TimeAssistant is a Test Driven Development application to manage time

Eye.Open TimeAssistant helps managing "resources" (notes, etc), tasks, projects and grouping (as set) everything. Is a Test Driven Development application that shows how to implement a layered architecture using a "LINQ ORM", in this case NHibernate, and WCF.

nhibernate-linq-innerjoin-fetch - Extends the Linq provider to support Inner join eager fetching

Extends the Linq provider to support Inner join eager fetching


Basic, simplest-thing-that-could-possibly-work persistence framework. Dogd persistence, geddit? Definitely not a replacement for MS Linq, NHibernate or anything actually approaching decent actually. .Net version 4 C# project targeted at Sqlite databases.

NHibernate3UsandoLINQ - Projeto de exemplo usando NHibernate 3, FluentNHibernate e LINQ

Projeto de exemplo usando NHibernate 3, FluentNHibernate e LINQ


AssemblyTransformer is a tool for modifying .NET assemblies using Mono Cecil. It handles the entire transformation process including strong name signing and offers a simple command-line interface and a basic framework for creating and configuring specific transformations.

License Header Manager for Visual Studio

Automatically insert license headers into your source code files in Visual Studio.


Create attributes that execute code when their target members are called.

egora (e-Government Reference Architecture)

egora is a C# framework which contains software components supporting common used modules for Austrian eGovernment applications.


Fluent Mapping support for Linq to Sql (inspired by Fluent NHibernate) and a Linq to Sql-based ActiveRecord implementation.


Fluent Mapping support for Linq to Sql (inspired by Fluent NHibernate) and a Linq to Sql-based ActiveRecord implementation.

NHibernate - object-relational mapper for .NET

NHibernate is a mature, open source object-relational mapper for the .NET framework. NHibernate is a port of Hibernate Core for Java to the .NET Framework. It handles persisting plain .NET objects to and from an underlying relational database.

FluentDML for NHiberate using Linq - Poc

Run set based commands with NHibernate using a Linq expression and a fluent interface. This is a poc not production code, I thought I would share it in case it helped someone.


Provides relational security on content collections (including deferred LINQ queries for NHibernate or Entity Framework). This lets you define security groups and permissions using LINQ criteria, and then filter collections based on these security rules.

Fluent NHibernate - Fluent mapping for model

Fluent, XML-less, compile safe, automated, convention-based mappings for NHibernate. Fluent NHibernate offers an alternative to NHibernate's standard XML mapping files. Rather than writing XML documents, you write mappings in strongly typed C# code. This allows for easy refactoring, improved readability and more concise code.


The LINQ to XSD technology provides .NET developers with support for typed XML programming. LINQ to XSD contributes to the LINQ project (.NET Language Integrated Query); in particular, LINQ to XSD enhances the existing LINQ to XML technology.

LINQ to SQL Entity Base - Disconnected LINQ

LINQ to SQL Entity Base is a simple base class that is primarily designed to support LINQ to SQL in a disconnected way, which is one of the shortcomings of the LINQ to SQL technology at the present time. This is highly useful in an n-Tier, distributed or ASP.NET environment ...


The e-books local exchange application, based on DDD, ASP.NET MVC with Spark View Engine (on IronPython), Unity IoC-Container, Linq2Sql (may be NHibernate), MbUnit testing

LINQ to SharePoint

LINQ to SharePoint is a custom LINQ query provider implementation for SharePoint that translates LINQ queries to CAML in order to query SharePoint lists. It comes with an entity mapping tool that exports the schema of a list and translates it into an entity type. Support to up...