OpenAPI - Open API Platform

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The OpenAPI is a platform that you can use to build highly available web application for your Open API System. It's developed in vs 2010(C#, mvc 2.0, LINQ).The OpenAPI solution contains 3 web site, including OpenAPI, SSO, ClientDemo.



Related Projects

connect-api-specification - This repository contains the OpenAPI specification as well as templates for generating SDKs for Square's APIs

The Connect Examples are working sample applications that you can copy from to build your own.This repository contains the specifications for generating client SDKs with Swagger/OpenAPI.

oav - Tools for validating OpenAPI (Swagger) files.

Tools for validating OpenAPI (Swagger) files.Model validation checks whether definitions for request parameters and responses, match an expected input/output payload of the service.

openapi - An OpenAPI specification for the Stripe API.

This repository contains OpenAPI specifications for Stripe's API.The specification ships with a few vendor-specific fields to help represent information in ways that are difficult in OpenAPI by default.

maven-intellij-openapi - Maven repository for Jetbrains Intelij openapi jars

Maven repository for Jetbrains Intelij openapi jars

OpenAPI - Library to acces UOC OpenAPI

Library to acces UOC OpenAPI

connexion - Swagger/OpenAPI First framework for Python on top of Flask with automatic endpoint validation & OAuth2 support

Connexion is a framework on top of Flask that automagically handles HTTP requests based on OpenAPI 2.0 Specification (formerly known as Swagger Spec) of your API described in YAML format. Connexion allows you to write a Swagger specification, then maps the endpoints to your Python functions; this makes it unique, as many tools generate the specification based on your Python code. You can describe your REST API in as much detail as you want; then Connexion guarantees that it will work as you specified.With Connexion, you write the spec first. Connexion then calls your Python code, handling the mapping from the specification to the code. This incentivizes you to write the specification so that all of your developers can understand what your API does, even before you write a single line of code.

bravado - Bravado is a python client library for Swagger 2.0 services

Bravado is a Yelp maintained fork of digium/swagger-py for use with OpenAPI Specification (previously known as Swagger).Client libraries can automatically be generated from the OpenAPI specification, however Bravado aims to be a complete replacement for code generation (swagger-codegen).

autorest - OpenAPI (f

The AutoRest tool generates client libraries for accessing RESTful web services. Input to AutoRest is a spec that describes the REST API using the OpenAPI Specification format.AutoRest will release a stable version on the second Wednesday of the month.

public_api_specs - The API Specs (in OpenAPI/Swagger) for the APIs available from developer

The API Specs (in OpenAPI format, formerly Swagger) for the APIs available from more about OpenAPI at

TaoBaoAutoSdk - ??OpenApi?C++/Qt4 SDK????????C++/Qt Sdk??

??OpenApi?C++/Qt4 SDK????????C++/Qt Sdk??

befin-open-doc - OpenAPI (JSON) documentation

OpenAPI (JSON) documentation

TencentApi.php - A flexible / exception-based SDK for Tencent OpenAPI

A flexible / exception-based SDK for Tencent OpenAPI

QuickSearch - Use OpenAPI to search information

Use OpenAPI to search information

naver - Ruby Gem for Naver OpenAPI

Ruby Gem for Naver OpenAPI

archives - Korea Government Archives Search OpenAPI

Korea Government Archives Search OpenAPI

opendaum - OpenAPI Library for Daum

OpenAPI Library for Daum

opennote - SDK for YoudaoNote OpenAPI

SDK for YoudaoNote OpenAPI