Mobile Entree Tools & Samples

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A collection of open source mobile applications built upon Mobile Entree, the mobile application framework for SharePoint.



Related Projects

Codenameone - Framework & Toolchain for cross platform mobile device development

Codename One allows developers to write code once and have it work on all mobile devices. Code is developed in Java with full access to the underlying native OS. Codename One includes: an API, GUI Builder, Theme designer, Simulator, porting layers and an optional build cloud with cloud service offerings.

Bango BlackBerry Application Analytics SDK

Bango application analytics is an analytics solution for mobile applications. This SDK provides a framework you can use in your application to add analytics capabilities to your mobile applications. It's developed in Java and targets the RIM BlackBerry operating system.


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Cordova - Build Native Mobile Apps

Apache Cordova is a platform for building native mobile applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It provides a set of device APIs that allow a mobile app developer to access native device function such as the camera or accelerometer from JavaScript. Combined with a UI framework such as jQuery Mobile or Dojo Mobile or Sencha Touch, this allows a smartphone app to be developed with just HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Web-Cascades - HTML5 Mobile UI Framework inspired by BlackBerry 10 Cascades

HTML5 Mobile UI Framework inspired by BlackBerry 10 Cascades

PhoneGap - Build amazing mobile apps powered by open web tech

Adobe PhoneGap framework is an open source distribution of Cordova. Reuse existing web development skills to quickly make hybrid applications built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Building applications for each platform–iPhone, Android, Windows and more–requires different frameworks and languages. PhoneGap solves this by using standards-based web technologies to bridge web applications and mobile devices.

mobile-context-iphone-lib - Mobile Context Framework - Static Library for iPhone Apps

Mobile Context Framework - Static Library for iPhone Apps

MIT-Mobile-for-iPhone - The iPhone native portion of the MIT Mobile Framework

The iPhone native portion of the MIT Mobile Framework

PrimeFaces - JSF component suite

PrimeFaces is a lightweight component suite for Java Server Faces 2.0 featuring 100+ rich set of JSF components (HtmlEditor, Dialog, AutoComplete, Charts and many more). It has built-in ajax support. It supports mobile UI kit to create mobile web applications for handheld devices like IPhone, Palm, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and more.

SharePoint Mobile OA Platform

Via mobile device, by using the SharePoint Mobile Support, Web Service, Client OM, WCF Data Service bring about mobile office.


My attempt to get the Rhodes framework (RhoMobile) to work. Made by Motorola, it's supposed to let you use Ruby to write NATIVE mobile apps for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows phones/tablets. Write once, use everywhere. You write Ruby, JavaScript, HTML, and ERB files, and it follows an MVC framework, like Ruby on Rails.

Todoist-mobile-client - Todoist mobile API client for Android and iPhone using appcelerator

Todoist mobile API client for Android and iPhone using appcelerator

Weex - A framework for building Mobile cross-platform UI

Weex provides the ability to publish cross platform, so web, Android, and IOS apps can use the same API development functions. At the same time, it provides a rich extension of the native interfaces. In this way, it will be very convenient when you need to extend native components or modules.

SharePoint Mobile Browser

Windows Mobile application providing browsing capabilities on SharePoint sites. It provides a faster way to browse the content of a SharePoint site.

MIT Mobile Web

The MIT Mobile Web source code is now hosted at Many of the original members of the MIT Mobile Web team have gone on to create the open-source Kurogo Framework to power content-rich mobile websites and native iPhone and Android apps. For more information, visit


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The classical puzzle game Minesweeper adapted to mobile devices.

Linphone - Video SIP phone for Desktop and Mobile

Linphone is an internet phone or Voice Over IP phone (VoIP), it helps to communicate freely with people over the internet, with voice, video, and text instant messaging. Linphone is available for Linux, Windows, MacOSX, and for mobile phones: Android, iPhone, Blackberry. It is using SIP protocol and it is compatible with any voip operator using SIP for its network.