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Logiciel d'Analyse Pour le web Sémantique Software "Laps" enables a graphic visualiation, making an object-oriented approch of the Semantic Web (OWL, RDFS).



Related Projects


Jena is Java toolkit for developing semantic web applications based on W3C recommendations for RDF and OWL. It provides an RDF API; ARP, an RDF parser; SPARQL, the W3C RDF query language; an OWL API; and rule-based inference for RDFS and OWL. Jena is now an Apache project:


A Java interface and implementation for the W3C Web Ontology Language (OWL), used to represent Semantic Web ontologies. The API is focused towards OWL 2 and offers an interface to inference engines and validation functionality.

yaml2owl - Scaffold an RDFS/OWL schema from a YAML file, and then web scaffolds for instance data

Scaffold an RDFS/OWL schema from a YAML file, and then web scaffolds for instance data

Platypus Wiki

Platypus Wiki is an enhanced Wiki Wiki Web with ideas taken from Semantic Web. It offers a simple user interface to create a Wiki Page plus metadata according with W3C standards. It uses RDF/RDFS and OWL to create ontologies and manage metadata.


My modified, extended and more generalized version of Danbri‘s SpecGen version 5. My SpecGen version 6 is able to generate a XHTML+RDFa ontology specification with common concepts and properties based on OWL, RDFS and RDF, and parse these statements into a template of the ontology documentation.


DODDLE-OWL is a domain ontology development tool for the Semantic Web. DODDLE-OWL makes reuse of existing ontologies and supports the semi-automatic construction of taxonomic and other relationships in domain ontologies from documents.


PurposeNet is a semantic knowledgebase of artifacts, developed with purpose as the underlying principle of design. We aim at extracting different semantic relations (descriptive properties) from the Wikipedia for artifacts and then develop ontologies automatically using the web ontology language (OWL). To devise methods to populate the list of artifacts which are the basic unit of this system and to improvise the PurposeNet architecture including various new concepts into it.


Media Technology MSc. Graduation Project. The short story is I’m building something with ontology-based semantic subject identification for (biological) texts. Tags: Python, OWL, RDF, Semantic Web, Cyttron, Ontologies, OBO. *** DISCLAIMER: I'm no coder


Implemented in Flora-2/XSB, F-OWL is an inference engine for the standard Web Ontology Language OWL. A set of Java API is provided for applications to assert and query OWL ontology statements.

Ontology-Parser - Parse Owl ontology using OWL-API

Parse Owl ontology using OWL-API


This project deals with the transfer of neuroinformatic database, which is built on relational DBMS to semantic web resources (RDF graphs, OWL ontology, etc.).

rubric-ontology - Semantic Web ontology for defining educational rubrics

Semantic Web ontology for defining educational rubrics

semanticEdu - Using semantics (rdf, rdfs, owl) to bridge the data standards of education

Using semantics (rdf, rdfs, owl) to bridge the data standards of education


JAVA based ontology/concept-map creation and visualization tool. Features semantic searching, Internet browsing, CiteSeer, ontology styling support, perspective views of concepts. Stores and imports RDF/OWL ontologies.

Visual Ontology (Parsing OWL file And visual it)

Visual Ontology (Parsing OWL file And visual it) Parser of OWL language and visualizer of the ontology

semantic_web - Some examples and project on semantic web . RDF , jena Sparql , ontology

Some examples and project on semantic web . RDF , jena Sparql , ontology

WGFA - Web Gateway for Fact Assessment

WGFA is a web application to create and manage W3C-OWL based ontologies, index websites, extract XML-RDF or Dublin-Core metadata and provide search and query operations on the websites based on the created semantic webs.

Browlser - View RDF/OWL in your browser

Browlser lets you view Semantic Web RDF/OWL straight from your browser. Supports SWRL rules for OWL files that also define rules for displaying the data. You can give someone a URL address which directly runs the OWL application.


The W3C recommended data model of RDF and its extension to the Web Ontology Language (OWL) help capture the semantics or the meaning of the data. Learnt how to use this data model for representation and reasoning by creating a Jena Model for RDF and later using Protege created an ontology by adding classes and properties.

ROO Rabbit to OWL Ontology construction

ROO is an (OWL) ontology construction tool based on Proteacute;geacute; 4. ROO makes the ontology building process easier as it provides guidance about the steps involved and it allows to enter knowledge using an easy to learn controlled natural language.