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The KineSis project allows controlling presentations using Microsoft Kinect. The user have the possibility of opening documents (Microsoft Office documents, images and plain text), and based on gestures, to control the presentation (move to next slide/page, scroll, zoom). Anot...



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node-sprintf - sprintf for node.js based on Alexandru Marasteanu's browser version

sprintf for node.js based on Alexandru Marasteanu's browser version

OpenWPFChart library

OpenWPFChart library goal is to provide the component model along with base components to assemble Chart controls. Parts set is extensible so the developer can add its own new components. Chart controls composed from the these parts could have different look and feel.

Intro-to-CP-1600 - LaTeX version of Joe Zbiciak's "Intro to CP-1600" document.

LaTeX version of Joe Zbiciak's "Intro to CP-1600" document.

Sparrow Toolkit

Sparrow Toolkit a set of Data Visualization controls with lot of flexibility, performance, customization & efficient.

Word document generator using Open Xml 2.0 SDK

WordDocumentGenerator is an utility to generate Word documents from templates using Visual Studio 2010 and Open XML 2.0 SDK. WordDocumentGenerator helps generate Word documents both non-refresh-able as well as refresh-able based on predefined templates using minimum code chang...

Free Silverlight Chart Control

Created by: venkata.guddanti The FreeSilverlightChart Control provides charting solution in a silverlight environment. It uses XAML and C# to display charts on the silverlight platform. The FreeSilverlightChart Control supports the following chart types: verticalBar cylinderB...

kinesis-s3 - Mirrors a Kinesis stream to Amazon S3 using the KCL

Consumes records from an [Amazon Kinesis][kinesis] stream, compresses them using [splittable LZO][hadoop-lzo], and writes them to S3.The records are treated as raw byte arrays. [Elephant Bird's][elephant-bird] `BinaryBlockWriter` class is used to serialize them as a [Protocol Buffers][protobufs] array (so it is clear where one record ends and the next begins) before compressing them.The compression process generates both compressed .lzo files and small .lzo.index files. Each index file contain t

fluent-plugin-kinesis-firehose - Fluentd output plugin for Amazon Kinesis Firehose.

Fluentd output plugin for Amazon Kinesis Firehose.Please use fluent-plugin-kinesis.

Flight-Info - VS2010 solution utilizing chart controls

VS2010 solution utilizing chart controls

ChartControls - Chart Controls using TagHelpers & morris.js

Chart Controls using TagHelpers & morris.js

RamGec XNA Controls - Window Elements Library for XNA Games

Lightweight, ultra-high performance and flexible library for displaying and managing Window Controls for XNA system. Features its own Window Designer for creating custom windows and controls.

kinesis-dvorak - SVG keycap generator for a DVORAK Kinesis Advantage

SVG keycap generator for a DVORAK Kinesis Advantage

fluent-plugin-kinesis-aggregation - fluent kinesis plugin shipping KPL aggregation format records, based on https://github

This is a rewrite of aws-fluent-plugin-kinesis to implement a different shipment method using the KPL aggregation format.However, it still uses msgpack for internal buffering and only uses protobuf when it ships the records, whereas this plugin processes each record as it comes in and ships the result by simple concatenation of the encoded records. This may not be faster, of course - could depend on the overhead of calling the protobuf methods - but most probably is. The discussion below is also still mostly valid, in that the awslabs plugin does not have PutRecord == chunk equivalency, but instead has its own internal retry method.

sumologic-kinesis-connector - Kinesis to Sumo Logic Connector

Connector for feeding Amazon Kinesis data into Sumologic

serverless-analytics - Track website visitors with Serverless Analytics using Kinesis, Lambda, and TypeScript

Example project for a personal serverless Google Analytics clone to track website visitors.After deploying the service you will have an HTTP endpoint using Amazon API Gateway that accepts requests and puts them into a Kinesis Stream. A Lambda function processes the stream and writes basic metrics about how many visitors you have per absolute URL to DynamoDB.