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Jazz is a compact, modular framework that allows new, or existing, applications to easily employ roles, states, ACLs and void safety. Jazz provides security by allowing objects, and their methods and properties, to have their visibility and accessibility controlled, on a per ...




Related Projects

Workflow Foundation 4 State Machine Service

This is a sample project for workflow foundation 4 state machine exposed as a WCF service. Prerequisites .net framework 4 platform update 1 [url:http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=11705]

Windows Workflow (State Machine), Duplex WCF Service, WPF and Silverlight

This Visual Studio solution demonstrates a complex implementation, which is a simple order process system, utilizing Windows Workflow (state machine), duplex WCF services(TCP duplex and Silverlight polling), WPF and Silverlight.

WorkFlow Engine .NET

Workflow Engine component developed in C#.NET. Workflow Engine is State Machine. Workflow process scheme represented as XML (or T4 template generator). Workflow process scheme include: - Verification of the current status - Determine the authority of users - Executing...

Simple State Machine

A simple state machine implementation written to replace WF in one of our projects. The interesting aspect of this library is that it comes with a DSL written in boo for quick and easy configuration and management of state machine definitions.

raft - Golang implementation of the Raft consensus protocol

raft is a Go library that manages a replicated log and can be used with an FSM to manage replicated state machines. It is a library for providing consensus.The use cases for such a library are far-reaching as replicated state machines are a key component of many distributed systems. They enable building Consistent, Partition Tolerant (CP) systems, with limited fault tolerance as well.

FSA-Engine - A Moose Role to convert an object into a Finite State Machine.

A Moose Role to convert an object into a Finite State Machine.

control - Business Workflow State Machine

Business Workflow State Machine

Codebrainr.Cronos - A simple and little State Machine Workflow framework

A simple and little State Machine Workflow framework

flojo - ActiveRecord aware workflow (state machine) module

ActiveRecord aware workflow (state machine) module

django-stated - A state-machine based generic workflow engine for Django.

A state-machine based generic workflow engine for Django.

Spring Statemachine - Framework for application developers to use state machine concepts with Spring

Spring Statemachine is a framework for application developers to use state machine concepts with Spring applications. Hierarchical state machine, Usage of triggers, transitions, guards and actions, Type safe configuration adapter, Distributed state machine based on a Zookeeper, State machine event listeners and lot more.

state-machine - Finite state machine class generator for java, exports graphml, supports immutability!

Generates java classes to handle state transitions based on a state machine defined with type safety in java. Supports immutability (though is not opinionated in the sense that if you want to mutate your objects you can).Consider a microwave. If you were going to write the control system for a microwave you'd find it's a natural candidate for a state machine (actually all programming is working with state machines but we are going to work with one quite explicitly). We are going to work with a very simple microwave design (one you'd be crazy to buy in the shops!) just to demonstrate state diagrams.

Pocket Calculator

This is POC project that implements a simple WinForms Pocket Calculator that uses a Microsoft .NET 4.0.1 State Machine Workflow in the back-end.

StatefulJ - Event Driven Finite State Machine (FSM)

StatefulJ is a lightweight, open source Java Event Driven Finite State Machine(FSM) and a complete Spring Data based framework which lets you easily define and integrate State Machines into your Applications. It is simple, dependency free, in memory implementation of an FSM with support for concurrency and non-deterministic transitions.

SMC - The State Machine Compiler

SMC takes a state machine stored in a .sm file and generates a State pattern in 14 programming languages. Includes: default transitions, transition args, transition guards, push/pop transitions and Entry/Exit actions.


Smach is an open-source Scala library designed to support creation of functional, composable, streamable and recoverable state machines. Smach state machines can be composed together to form larger state machines or connected together to form a processing pipeline plan that can be run to produce a final value. Smach state machines also support a generic error recovery system (by way of the Halted state) that may be used to report errors encountered during processing by any composed or connected

Finite State Machine Editor

A Finite State Machine Editor, written on QT. It allows to draw Finite State Machine with easy GUI and store it in XML file. There are Finite State Machine Compilers to translate this description to source code (technique like QT's UIC uses).

fysom - Finite State Machine for Python (based on Jake Gordon's javascript-state-machine)

Finite State Machine for Python (based on Jake Gordon's javascript-state-machine)

Workflow Task Replicator

A SharePoint 2010 custom workflow task content type which allows you to assign multiple people to a workflow task in a workflow.