FreeForm Form Builder- Silverlight Dynamic XML Form Designer

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FreeForm is a Silverlight Dynamic Forms Designer. It is enterprise forms for gathering information and making tools, include a lot of Silverlight4 interface control.



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Formsy is an XML driven forms engine built with ASP.Net 3.5. Formsy is super easy to use, is completely extensible and generates clean markup for easy styling.

TellForm - Form Builder, Alternative to TypeForm or Google Forms

TellForm is a free, opensource form builder similar to Google Forms or TypeForm that can create stunning forms for recruiting, market research and more.


Orbeon Forms is an open source web forms solution. It includes an XForms engine, the Form Builder web-based form editor, and the Form Runner runtime.

angular-schema-form - Generate forms from a JSON schema, with AngularJS!

Schema Form is inspired by the nice [JSON Form]( library andaims to be roughly compatible with it, especially its form definition. So what sets Schema Formapart from JSON Form?1. Schema Form integrates deeply with AngularJS and uses AngularJS conventions to handle forms.2. Schema Form uses [tv4]( for validation, making it compatible with version 4 of the JSON schema standard.3. By default, Schema Form generates Bootstrap 3


FreeForm is a business form management system, which affords users to design and fill rich script-enabled forms. Form engine is XML/XSLT-based. The project assumes basic concepts of InfoPath, .NET technology and new ideas. See home page for more details.

bitballoon-ruby - Ruby API client for BitBalloon

end```Redeploy a site from a dir:```rubysite = bitballoon.sites.get(site_id)deploy = site.deploys.create(:dir => "/tmp/my-site")deploy.wait_for_ready```Redeploy a site from a zip file:```rubysite = bitballoon.sites.get(site_id)deploy = site.deploys.create(:zip => "/tmp/")deploy.wait_for_ready```Update the name of the site (its subdomain), the custom domain and the notification email for form submissions:```ruby site.update(:name => "my-site", :custom_domain => "", :n

Dynamic Survey Forms - SharePoint Web Part

Create manage dynamic survey forms as SharePoint web part. Record survey score for logged user or for someone else. This project has been designed to support Doctor/patient survey forms and tract patient visits for specific study.

dyna-form-engine - create a form engine to generate dynamic forms

create a form engine to generate dynamic forms

silverstripe-freeform - A SilverStripe module for generating custom forms from "free-form" input.

A SilverStripe module for generating custom forms from "free-form" input.

yet_another_form_builder - Form builder that simplifies the process of building forms in rails

Form builder that simplifies the process of building forms in rails

bootstrap_form_builder - Rails form builder for generating forms using Twitter Bootstrap styling

Rails form builder for generating forms using Twitter Bootstrap styling

Mautic - Open Source Marketing Automation Software

Mautic is marketing automation software (email, social & more). It provides support for Social Media Marketing, Contact Management, Email Marketing, Campaigns, Forms, Reports.

ng-fab-form - Convenient forms for Angular with no extra markup? Fabulous!

AngularJS forms are pretty nice. But if you have worked with angular for a while, you'll find that the out of the box mechanics like the instant validation are far from perfect from the common users perspective. Furthermore you probably catch yourself declaring (and sometimes forgetting) the same stuff on and on again like giving a novalidate attribute, preventing submission for invalid forms or declaring a proper name attribute and worst of all: setting up validation messages again and again.It is understandable why the angular-developers want to give us the freedom, of doing all this stuff in the most flexible manner, but most of the time you want to keep things consistent and not handle every form tries to help you with this with a reasonable default but highly configurable behavior for your forms.

sfDoctrineDynamicFormRelationsPlugin - Common sense embedded forms for your symfony 1.4 project.

<!-- ... --> <ul> <?php foreach ($form['books'] as $bookFields): ?> <li> <table><?php echo $bookFields ?></table> <a href="javascript:remove_book(this)">remove this book</a> </li> <?php endforeach ?> </ul> <a href="javascript:add_book()">add another book</a> <!-- ... --> </form>Once your JavaScript is setup (which is up to you), your user can remove someof the listed books and add a few more. When you submit the f


PatientOS - an Open Source (GPL) Healthcare Information System. PatientOS (pronounced Patient-oh-es where O and S stand for Open Source) has been designed from the outset to be a Healthcare Information System (HIS). Healthcare Information System (EHR EMR PMS) for small hospitals and clinics. Scheduling, Orders, Meds, Pharmacy, Clinical Doc, HL7, Billing & more. Broad commercial support. Distributed clinical system written in pure Java with toolset to customize.


This extension adds the possibility to create a contact form. Use the drag & drop form builder to create any contact form you'll ever want or need.


Collection of classes used to create form elements as well as form itself. purpose is creating reusable forms.


Xenotix xBOT is a proof of concept cross platform (Linux, Windows, Mac) bot written in Python that abuse certain Google Services to implement Command & Control Center for the botnet. The Google Apps Data API, Google Forms and Google Spreadsheet is abused to implement C2 for a bot network. The Google Forms can act as the C2 for a bot network. All the entries to the Google Form are send to an attached Spreadsheet. Here we can implement a bot that will listen to the Google Data API URL and extract