ASP.NET MVC fluent validation framework

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FluentMvc allow you to create validatable models without using any validation attributes.



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Higgs RIA Framework

Fluent & strongly-typed based framework for smooth development on .NET 4.0 and ASP.NET MVC 3. Currently, this framework supports ASP.NET view engine and partially support Razor view engine (it will be fully supported in Final version).


ASP.NET MVC 3 application that uses StructureMap for DI, NHibernate for data access, Fluent NHibernate for mapping and configuration, Fluent Validation for model validation, MvcContrib.FluentHtml for easier support of CRUD scenarios

Fluent-NHibernate-MVC-3 - An ASP.NET MVC 3 application demoing Fluent NHibernate.

An ASP.NET MVC 3 application demoing Fluent NHibernate.

MVC Foolproof Validation

MVC Foolproof Validation aims to extend the Data Annotation validation provided in ASP.NET MVC. Initial efforts are focused on adding contingent validation.

Fluent NHibernate

This project contains content for study Fluent NHibernate Framework This project using - Fluent NHibernate Framework - - ASP NET MVC 3 - - JQuery UI - Relationships - References - One to Ma...

TNValidate - A Fluent Validation Library for .NET

TNValidate is a fluent validation library for .Net. It enables you to write validation logic in a way that somewhat resembles natural language. TNValidate comes with built in rules for different types of data, can generate errors in a couple of languages, and is extensible.

ASP.NET MVC DB Editor (Entity Framework, AJAX Validation, AJAX Paging)

Simple template for ASP.NET MVC (C#) database table editor with following features: 1. Entity Framework model. 2. Data Annotations validation. 3. AJAX validation with floating-point numbers validation fix. 4. Table paging with AJAX, jQuery and browser history. 5. Authenti...

Fluent Filters for ASP.NET MVC

A small library for ASP.NET MVC, that can be use as a facility for registering global filters of ASP.NET MVC 2 and add support of criteria for global filters for ASP.NET MVC 3.


jFluent is a Fluent style, light-weight validation framework for client-side validation. It is a jQuery plugin which can be used in ASP .NET MVC.

Classic Validation Controls for ASP.NET MVC

This library is complete set of Validation Controls for ASP.NET MVC imported from ASP.NET WebForms in MVC Style, which are used in WebForms. It makes client side validation easier both for Developer and Designer with less code. It's developed in C#.

Fluent Validation for .NET

A small validation library for .NET that uses a fluent interface and lambda expressions for building validation rules for your business objects.


FluentMvc - A library for adding conventions to ASP.NET MVC using a fluent configuration API


An ASP.NET MVC 3 application demoing Fluent NHibernate, Castle Windsor, NUnit and Moq.

Validator Toolkit for ASP.NET MVC

The Validator Toolkit provides a set of validators for the ASP.NET MVC framework to validate HTML forms on the client and server-side using validation sets. By defining a validation set, e.g. a LoginValidationSet class, the toolkit will generate code.

jQuery Data Annotations

This is the jQuery Data Annotations project which mirrors the validation functions from jQuery Validation JavaScript library and makes them available as Data Annotations. This Project also includes HTML Helpers for MVC which will automatically create the required JavaScript.

MVC Controls Toolkit

MVC Controls Toolkit is a complete set of advanced server controls for MVC ranging from a templated edit-on line datagrid to date-picker and custom formatted textboxes, supporting client validation and globalization. Controls are able to bind properly their input to the ViewModel

DateCustomValidationExample - Date Custom Validation Example with Data Annotations and MVC 3

Date Custom Validation Example with Data Annotations and MVC 3

Fluent Validation Framework

Fluent Validation Framework provides a set of predefined validations implemented using a fluent interface to bring meaning to your code.