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PowerDoc is a collaborative database documentation tool which can be used to create accurate, professional quality database documentation. It keeps an audit of the documentation, so that it is easy to track the changes.




Related Projects

Mongify - Data translator system for moving your SQL data to MongoDB

Mongify allows you to map your data from a sql database and into a mongodb document database. It supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle, SQLServer, and DB2.

SeasonStar Database Management(SSDM)

SeasonStar Database Management(SSDM) is a database management tool for MS Sql Server Compact Edition3.5 . It support data transfer from various dbs,such as MySql,Access,SqlServer,Excel,SqlCe,SqlLite,Firebird, Now SSDM support Effiproz (a standalone C# database) as well.


This driver is a native C driver that uses the Microsoft ODBC driver under the hood. If you are looking for a pure javascript driver with no dependencies please check out Tedious.The Microsoft Driver for Node.js for SQL Server allows Node.js applications on Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Windows Azure to access Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Windows Azure SQL Database.


SQLToolbox is a Schema Comparator for SQLServer 2005. Supported features: * Compares schema's of 2 databases on a SQL2005 server * SQL 2000 is supposed to work too (untested). * Shows the different and equal objects in both databases, and scripts to create them (in windiff st...

Starfishzone Ant Tools

A collection of tools for Jakarta Ant, principally MirrorDb which copies all or part of a database; source/destination can be a mixture of MySQL, Oracle, SQLServer, etc. Secondly quot;CvsExportDiffquot; a tool to export files changed between CVS tags.

xmlsql - An application to read a database (firebird, sqlserver), or txt and transform in xml.

An application to read a database (firebird, sqlserver), or txt and transform in xml.

gofreetds - Go Sql Server database driver.

Go FreeTDS wrapper. Native Sql Server database driver.FreeTDS libraries must be installed on the system.

ndb - Tiny Migration Tools for SQLServer and .NET project

Tiny Migration Tools for SQLServer and .NET project

Iris Generator

Iris generator is a a code generator engine based on plug-ins. For the alpha version the project is released with a SQLServer 2005 database analyser, a CRUD creator, a Stored Procedure generator for SQLServer 2005 and a DataAccess Layer generator for VB.Net and C#. The modula...


Database mirroring support for Rails activerecord-sqlserver-adapter

Evolutility - CRUD framework for ASP.net

Evolutility is lightweight framework for heavy lifting database CRUD. With a generic Web UI and an integrated micro ORM, Evolutility provides a framework for full CRUD (and more) without any hand-coding. With it, you can build CRUD web applications or professional looking administration pages by defining metadata in XML (or in a database) instead of hand-coding HTML, Javascript, CSS, SQL, and C# or VB.net. For ASP.NET and SQLServer or MySQL.

.Net Multiple DataBase Providers

.Net Multiple DataBase Providers,today support sqlserver,oracle,sybase,access,sqllite,mysql etc.


JSqlTool is a swing based application used to view/edit database tables content and to execute sql scripts, by connecting to a database using JDBC/ODBC. It'a a multilanguage application, tested on Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL, DB2 and many other databases.



Win32-SqlServer-DTS - Release history of Win32-SqlServer-DTS

Release history of Win32-SqlServer-DTS

Win32-SqlServer - Release history of Win32-SqlServer

Release history of Win32-SqlServer