Argentum Tela - A design surface and layout tool in Silverlight

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Argentum Tela is a design-time environment written entirely in Silverlight 2. Using this extensible framework, you can build cross platform Visio-esque applications in the browser.



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FXBook: the FXRuby Documentation Project

FXBook's goal is to produce a series of documentation covering lt;a href=quot;;gt;FXRubylt;/agt; which is a lt;a href=quot;;gt;Rubylt;/agt; binding to the lt;a href=quot;;gt;FOX Toolkitlt;/agt;.


The Community lt;a href=quot;http://opticks.ballforge.netquot;gt;Optickslt;/agt; Archive Network hosts community contributions for the lt;a href=quot;http://opticks.ballforge.netquot;gt;Optickslt;/agt; imagery analysis workbench.


AGT is a powerful console frontend to iptables, supporting nearly all of the iptables extensions. All options can be specified in a configuration file with similar syntax to 'ipf' and 'ipfw'.

AGTGame - my AGT game

my AGT game

Windows-AGiliTy - Windows port of Robert Masenten's AGiliTY AGT interpreter

Windows port of Robert Masenten's AGiliTY AGT interpreter

Tcl Gtk Bindings

Tcl_Gtk is a lt;A HREF=quot;http://www.scriptics.comquot;gt;Tcllt;/agt; extension that provides a simple clean interface to lt;A HREF=quot;http://www.gtk.orgquot;gt;Gtklt;/agt;.

StoreFront WebWork

A direct port of the Struts StoreFront web app to WebWorklt;brgt; lt;a href=quot; quot;gt;@see struts booklt;/agt;lt;brgt; lt;a href=quot;;gt;@see struts implementationlt;/agt;lt;brgt;


IslandEv distributes a Genetic Algorithm (like lt;a href=quot;/projects/jagaquot;gt;JaGalt;/agt;) across a network (see lt;a href=quot;/projects/distritquot;gt;DistrITlt;/agt;) using an island based coevolutionary model in which neighbouring islands swap migrating individuals every

News Box

PHP Script to collect news from other sites /just the headline) and store them in a MySQL DB. You can see it running lt;a href=quot;http://news.ohardt.comquot;gt; here lt;/agt; and lt;a href=quot;;gt; here lt;/agt;

research - CP vs IP runtimes when using Google-CP Solver on a time scheduling problem

CP vs IP runtimes when using Google-CP Solver on a time scheduling problem

clar - What tests are made of.

Clar is a minimal C unit testing framework. It's been written to replace theold framework in [libgit2][libgit2], but it's both very versatile andstraightforward to use.Can you count to funk?- **Zero: Initialize test directory** ~~~~ sh $ mkdir tests $ cp -r $CLAR_ROOT/clar* tests $ cp $CLAR_ROOT/test/clar_test.h tests $ cp $CLAR_ROOT/test/main.c.sample tests/main.c ~~~~- **One: Write some tests** File: tests/adding.c: ~~~~ c /* adding.c for the "Adding" suite */

cp - ca for cp site

ca for cp site

cp - cp