load.js - Dynamically loading external JavaScript and CSS files

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Dynamically loading external JavaScript and CSS files



@cloudcmd/create-element : ^1.0.0
emitify : ^3.1.0



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asset_hat - Load CSS and JS faster in Rails. Your assets are covered.

  •    Ruby

Load CSS and JS faster in Rails. Your assets are covered.


  •    C++

JS runs executables, scripts and database procedures (e.g. MySQL,SQL Server,Oracle ...). JS provides sequential/parallel tasks, job chains, distributed processing, events, sync-points, load balancing, failover, SAP R/3-Adapter and a real API. Release notes at www.sos-berlin.com/jobscheduler_release_notes. FAQs at http://www.sos-berlin.com/mediawiki/index.php/JobScheduler_FAQ

basket.js - A script and resource loader for caching & loading files with localStorage

  •    Javascript

Modern web applications will typically make use of more than one JavaScript or CSS framework. As the number of scripts add up, so does the number of HTTP requests. This leads to increased page load times and reduced performance. Basket.js is a project dedicated to aleviating this problem. Basket.js loads your site's scripts into a page and saves them in localStorage so they can be reused after the session until they are expired. It also checks to see if the scripts are already in localStorage, and if not, loads them. This prevents unneccessary reloading of scripts and can improve load time and website performance.

js-mythbusters - :ghost: STHAP js, where is my perfomance?

  •    CSS

A list of JavaScript tips to avoid load performance from a high level point of view.

proposal-binary-ast - Binary AST proposal for ECMAScript


This is the explainer document for a proposed new binary AST format for JS. Performance of applications on the web platform is becoming increasingly bottlenecked by startup (load) time. Larger amounts of JS code are transferred over the wire by more sophisticated web properties. While caching helps, these properties regularly release new code, and cold load times are very important.

http-vue-loader - load .vue files from your html/js

  •    Javascript

Load .vue files directly from your html/js. No node.js environment, no build step. Since some browsers do not allow XMLHttpRequest to access local files (Cross origin requests are only supported for protocol schemes: http, data, chrome, chrome-extension, https), you can start a small express server to run this example.

eCSSential - An experiment in optimized loading of mobile-first responsive CSS.

  •    Javascript

Thanks for checking out this project. We're keeping it here for historical purposes but otherwise, it's no longer maintained and we do not recommend using it now that standards for CSS loading have evolved.Loading CSS in an optimized or prioritized fashion is very difficult. In order for a website to load cleanly, all CSS needed for rendering that page layout must be referenced in the head of a document. This is because stylesheets loaded in this way will block page rendering until they are loaded and ready to apply. If a stylesheet is referenced later in a document, or loaded dynamically via JS, users will often see a FOUC while that stylesheet loads concurrently with page rendering.

SnappySnippet - Chrome extension that allows easy extraction of CSS and HTML from selected element.

  •    CSS

Chrome/Chromium extension that allows easy CSS+HTML extraction of specific DOM element. Created snippet can be then exported to CodePen, jsFiddle or JS Bin with one click. or download it and manually load as an 'Unpacked extension' via chrome extensions page.

lazyload - :skull: An ancient tiny JS and CSS loader from the days before everyone had written one

  •    Javascript

Note: LazyLoad is no longer being maintained. I'm not responding to issues or pull requests, since I don't use this project anymore and don't have time to work on it. Please feel free to fork it if you want to continue development on it. LazyLoad is a tiny (only 966 bytes minified and gzipped), dependency-free JavaScript utility that makes it super easy to load external JavaScript and CSS files on demand.

core-js - Standard Library

  •    Javascript

It's documentation for the unstable core-js@3, if you looking documentation for core-js@2, please, check this branch. Modular standard library for JavaScript. Includes polyfills for ECMAScript 5, 2015, 2016, 2017: promises, symbols, collections, iterators, typed arrays, many other features, ECMAScript proposals, some cross-platform WHATWG / W3C ECMAScript-related features and proposals like setImmediate. You can load only required features or use it without global namespace pollution.

concurrently - Run commands concurrently. Like `npm run watch-js & npm run watch-less` but better.

  •    Javascript

Run multiple commands concurrently. Like npm run watch-js & npm run watch-less but better. I like task automation with npm but the usual way to run multiple commands concurrently is npm run watch-js & npm run watch-css. That's fine but it's hard to keep on track of different outputs. Also if one process fails, others still keep running and you won't even notice the difference.

elasticsearch-gmail - Index your Gmail Inbox with Elasticsearch

  •    Python

Goal of this tutorial is to load an entire Gmail inbox into Elasticsearch using bulk indexing and then start querying the cluster to get a better picture of what's going on. I use Python and Tornado for the scripts to import and query the data. Also beautifulsoup4 for the stripping HTML/JS/CSS (if you want to use the body indexing flag).

bootstrap-linkpreview - A facebook-like link preview js library using Twitter Bootstrap styling components

  •    CSS

bootstrap-linkpreview.js is a JavaScript library offering a facebook-like preview for URLs. It is very simple to use and weighs just a few kilobytes. XMLHttpRequest cannot load *…* Origin : * is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin.

bundle-buddy - A tool to identify bundle duplication across splits.

  •    Javascript

Bundle Buddy is a tool to help you find source code duplication across your javascript chunks/splits. This enables you to fine tune code splitting parameters to reduce bundle invalidation rates as well as improve repeat page load performance \o/. Bundle Buddy operates on any source maps, but you must include the source content. It will work for any CSS/JS/TEMPLATES etc. that is mapped.


  •    Go

go.rice is a Go package that makes working with resources such as html,js,css,images and templates very easy. During development go.rice will load required files directly from disk. Upon deployment it is easy to add all resource files to a executable using the rice tool, without changing the source code for your package. go.rice provides several methods to add resources to a binary. The first thing go.rice does is finding the correct absolute path for your resource files. Say you are executing go binary in your home directory, but your html-files are located in $GOPATH/src/yourApplication/html-files. go.rice will lookup the correct path for that directory (relative to the location of yourApplication). The only thing you have to do is include the resources using rice.FindBox("html-files").

puppeteer-examples - Use case-driven examples for using Puppeteer and headless chrome

  •    Javascript

Examples for using Puppeteer to do big, bold things. Test lazy loading strategy by seeing CSS/JS code coverage usage across page load.

pegasus - Load JSON while still loading other scripts

  •    Javascript

Pegasus is a tiny lib that lets you load JSON data while loading other scripts.If you have a static website, using this technique, you can reduce the time to display data. Works with any JS lib (React, Vue, jQuery, ...).

micron - a [μ] microInteraction library built with CSS Animations and controlled by JavaScript Power

  •    CSS

Micron.JS is a micro interaction library which can be used to add Interactions to different DOM Elements. Micron.JS animates an element using CSS power and the interactive behaviours are controlled by JavaScript. Micron.JS is easy to adapt and can bring interactions to life using html5 data attributes or a chain of JavaScript methods.

atomic - A tiny, Promise-based vanilla JS Ajax/HTTP plugin with great browser support.

  •    Javascript

A tiny, Promise-based vanilla JS Ajax/HTTP plugin with great browser support. Compiled and production-ready code can be found in the dist directory. The src directory contains development code.