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Codeflows is a free, open source, lightweight .NET class library for programming workflows using your favourite programming language constructs.



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Custom Controls for TFS Work Item Tracking

SP1 for Visual Studio Team System comes with interesting custom control feature. Now we can develop and deploy our own custom controls to provide rich functionality in work item form. See here for how to develop a custom control:

TFS Spotlight - Work item tracking tool

This is a TFS WorkItem tracking software. It allows users to view TFS projects and queries, run queries and act on WorkItems. This application has highly responsive UI that provides enhanced user experience. It has tabbed UI to facilitate managing of multiple queries and WorkItem


Evaluation of State-of-the-Art Multi Object Tracking Methods Aufgaben In dieser Arbeit sollen State-of-the-Art Ansätze zum Thema Multi-Object-Tracking implementiert und evaluiert werden. Im Multi Object Tracking werden mehrere von einer Kameraplattform erfasste Objekte, wie zum Beispiel Menschen gleichzeitig lokalisiert und verfolgt. Dafür gibt es eine Reihe von Ansätzen, wie Bayes’sche Netzwerke, Partikel Filter oder Hidden Markov-Modelle (HMM). Eine Auswahl dieser Ansätze sollen in dieser Arbe

TFS Work Item Tracking Custom Controls

The application will provide a number of custom controls for the Visual Studio Team System Work Item Tracking component.

ChiliProject - A redmine fork

ChiliProject is a web based project management system. It supports your team throughout the complete project life cycle, from setting up and discussing a project plan, over tracking issues and reporting work progress to collaboratively sharing knowledge.

state-machine - Finite state machine class generator for java, exports graphml, supports immutability!

Generates java classes to handle state transitions based on a state machine defined with type safety in java. Supports immutability (though is not opinionated in the sense that if you want to mutate your objects you can).Consider a microwave. If you were going to write the control system for a microwave you'd find it's a natural candidate for a state machine (actually all programming is working with state machines but we are going to work with one quite explicitly). We are going to work with a very simple microwave design (one you'd be crazy to buy in the shops!) just to demonstrate state diagrams.

SingleBugs - A simple single person bug tracker

Singlebugs is a sole developer focused bug tracking tool. It takes its interface interface cues from Outlook's three panel design where the leftmost are the projects, the middle the issues and the right running commentary. It has a fulltext search bar which searches across all three streams making a very fluid development experience. Since it is designed to work locally it is also very fast.

Work Item Change Set Analyzer

A work item analysis tool to explore the state of all work items associated with merge candidate change sets.

ActiveWorker - A framework for defining and tracking long-running jobs across a cluster.

A framework for defining and tracking long-running jobs across a cluster.

ActiveWorker - A framework for defining and tracking long-running jobs across a cluster.

A framework for defining and tracking long-running jobs across a cluster.

Luigi - Python module that helps you build complex pipelines of batch jobs

The purpose of Luigi is to address all the plumbing typically associated with long-running batch processes. You want to chain many tasks, automate them, and failures will happen. These tasks can be anything, but are typically long running things like Hadoop jobs, dumping data to/from databases, running machine learning algorithms, or anything else.

elc-work - Work hours tracking for the East Lake Commons community

Work hours tracking for the East Lake Commons community

Work Item Visualization

Use DGML to visualize and analyze your TFS Work Items. Included is the ability to perform basic risk/impact analysis. It helps answer the question, "if I change this requirement, what is my potential impact to other requirements?"

TFS Work Item Hierarchy using a custom control

This TFS Custom control for Work Items (requires SP1) allows setting a parent work item, displays parent work item as well as a child hierarchy and prevents closing a parent when any child work items are not closed. Known Issues: As with any TFS custom work item control, this...

sheethub - Community Marketplace for Musicians

You'll need the following installed on your machine:- elasticsearch- libpng- libjpeg- imagemagickFor each of the above, do:```brew install <requirement>```You also need the following running:- elasticsearch- postgresAdditionally, you need to populate `development` environment [secrets.yml]( attributes before you can run the project on development. This means you'll have to register a number of external services, such as AWS S3

Workflow Foundation 4 State Machine Service

This is a sample project for workflow foundation 4 state machine exposed as a WCF service. Prerequisites .net framework 4 platform update 1 [url:]


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