Coco3D - Generic 3D Software Renderer

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Coco3D is a real-time 3D software renderer for Windows PCs and mobile devices. This is a research project aiming to create a platform independant 3D graphic library that provides a transparent API accross the Windows desktop and the mobile platform. Coco3D extensively uses C...



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The xGSuite (Created by: X - Game Suite) is a general collection of projects ranging from DirectX Graphics, HLSL, Simple Phisics, Game Console, Scene Management, Collision Detection, UI, device input, Tools/Utilities, and Game Engine Core. As well numerous example apps,...

DirectDraw Overlay Library

An unmanaged C++ library to create, manage and draw to DirectDraw overlays. A C++/CLI wrapper for .NET clients is included. DirectDraw overlays are special DirectDraw surfaces that are shown over everything else, including full-screen games and applications. They can be used ...

Open Game Engine

Open Game Engine is a open-source game engine using SharpDx and C#

2D DirectX Game Engine

This is a 2D DirectX game engine that is being developed for learning purposes. The end product will be a robust 2D engine that can be used for a variety of games.

HoRC-Engine - C++, DirectX 10/11, OpenGL, Game Engine

C++, DirectX 10/11, OpenGL, Game Engine

Tuxis-Engine - Simple DirectX 11 game engine

Simple DirectX 11 game engine

Xploit Game Engine

Xploit is a 3D Game Engine which helps game developers quickly and easily develop polished 3D games. This Engine fills in the gaps present in the XNA Framework by providing libraries for Shadow Mapping, Animation, Shading and Particle Effects. It's developed in XNA, HLSL and C#.

Echo 3D RPG Game Engine / Suite

A 3D RPG game engine written in C# using Managed DirectX 9. Will incorporate a ruby/java scripting engine, game development tools, and compressed game-data format.

QEngine - 3D Game Engine supporting OpenGL / DirectX - 2003

3D Game Engine supporting OpenGL / DirectX - 2003

jge - jim's directx game engine

jim's directx game engine

space - Game Engine in C++ and DirectX

Game Engine in C++ and DirectX

3D Chess

This is a 3D Engine written in C++ using DirectX 9. It can be used as a base for those learning about DirectX or extended to make a game. It is distributed as a 3D chess game but can easily be altered to fit different purposes. NOT A COMPLETE GAME!!!

RealityStrike 3D and Game Engine

Portable game engine intended for game development. Include portable 3D-engine for at least DirectX and OpenGL, physics and sound simulation engines, and scripting engine for AI.

Ox Game Engine for XNA

Ox is a mature 3D XNA game engine ready for use in your free or commercial project. It features a 3D scene system with a visual scene editor, a 2D gui system (also with its own editor), JigLibX physics, fully-integrated XNAnimation animation system, and C# game scripting system.

Windows-appsample-marble-maze - A 3D DirectX game for the Universal Windows Platform.

This is a mini-app that shows how to build a basic 3D game using DirectX on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). It's a simple labyrinth game where the player is challenged to roll a marble through a maze of pitfalls using tilt, mouse, or gamepad controls.This sample is written in C++ and requires some experience with graphics programming and DirectX. Complete content that examines this code can be found at Developing Marble Maze, a UWP game in C++ and DirectX.

KonsolScript and Game Engine

Free and Open Game Programming Language for Windows and GNU/Linux


A DirectX-based game "engine" to use as a base for more complicated game projects.

gengameng - A Generic Game Engine library for 2D double-buffering animation

A Generic Game Engine library for 2D double-buffering animation