tridactyl - A Vim-like interface for Firefox, inspired by Vimperator/Pentadactyl.

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Replace Firefox's default control mechanism with one modelled on the one true editor, Vim. Simply click this link in Firefox to install our latest "beta" build. These betas are updated with each commit to master on this repo. Your browser will automatically update from there once a day. If you want more frequent updates, you can change extensions.update.interval in about:config to whatever time you want, say, 15 minutes (900 seconds). Alternatively, you can get our "stable" builds straight from Mozilla. The changelog for the stable versions can be found here. If you want to use advanced features such as edit-in-Vim, you'll also need to install the native messenger or executable, instructions for which can be found by typing :installnative and hitting enter once you are in Tridactyl.


@types/css : 0.0.31
@types/nearley : ^2.11.0
command-line-args : ^5.0.2
csp-serdes : github:cmcaine/csp-serdes
css : ^2.2.3
fuse.js : ^3.2.0
mark.js : ^8.11.1
semver-compare : ^1.0.0



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Vim Vixen is a Firefox add-on which allows you to navigate with the keyboard on the browser. Firefox started to support WebExtensions API and will stop supporting add-ons using legacy APIs from version 57. For this reason, many legacy add-ons do not work on Firefox 57. Vim Vixen is a new choice for Vim users since Vim Vixen uses the WebExtensions API. Lowercase alphabet mark ([a-z]) stores position on the current tab. Upper alphabet and numeric mark ([A-Z0-9]) stores position and tab.

ext-saladict - 专业网页划词翻译,Chrome/Firefox 扩展

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Chrome/Firefox WebExtension. Feature-rich inline translator with PDF support. Vimium compatible. Saladict 6 is a complete rewrite in React Typescript for both Chrome & Firefox. Built for speed, stability and customization.

susi_firefoxbot - SUSI.AI Firefox Extension

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The central objective of this project is to develop a firefox addon for interacting with SUSI AI chatbot using WebExtension APIs. Susi is an artificial intelligence combining pattern matching, internet data, data flow principles and inference engine principles. It has reflection abilities and it will be able to remember the users input to produce deductions and a personalized feed-back. Its purpose is to explore the abilities of an artificial companion and to answer the remaining unanswered questions.

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It's like xkill, but for annoying web pages instead. Chrome and Firefox plugin for quickly getting rid of elements on a web page.

gmail.js - Gmail JavaScript API

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Gmail.js is meant to be used for creating WebExtension-based browser-extensions, for Chrome, Firefox and other compatible browsers. It cannot be used server-side with Node, or from another web-app to interface with Gmail.

TabCenter - Firefox add-on for arranging tabs vertically

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TabCenter is now end of life and no longer developed. It is not supported on Firefox 56+. You will have to switch to a WebExtension-based addon, such as Tab Center Redux. Tabbed browsing is a concept that has existed for a long time without being seriously re-evaluated. In that time, browsing behaviors have changed. The web is now the central interaction point on desktop and laptop computers. For many users, their browser is the only application they ever open.

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The Bitwarden browser extension is written using the Chrome Web Extension API and AngularJS. By default the extension is targeting the production API. If you are running the Core API locally, you'll need to switch the extension to target your local instance. Open src/services/api.service.ts and set this.baseUrl and this.identityBaseUrl to your local API instance (ex. http://localhost:5000).

news-feed-eradicator - A browser extension that deletes your Facebook news feed and replaces it with a nice quote

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A browser extension that deletes your Facebook news feed and replaces it with a nice quote. This plugin is built as a WebExtension - a standard for browser plugins currently supported in both Chrome and Firefox.

adblockpluschrome - Adblock Plus browser extension

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This repository contains the platform-specific Adblock Plus source code for Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge and Firefox. It can be used to build Adblock Plus for these platforms, generic Adblock Plus code will be extracted from other repositories automatically (see dependencies file). Note that the Firefox extension built from this repository is the new WebExtension. The source code of the legacy Adblock Plus extension can be found here.

Awesome-WebExtensions - A curated list of awesome resources for WebExtensions development.

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A curated list of awesome resources for WebExtensions development. WebExtensions are a cross-browser system for developing browser add-ons. To a large extent the system is compatible with the extension API supported by Google Chrome and Opera. Extensions written for these browsers will in most cases run in Firefox or Microsoft Edge with just a few changes.

pterosaur - All firefox text fields are vim.

  •    Javascript

Due to the rules of my new employer, I likely won't be able to continue contributing to or maintaining Pterosaur as a Firefox addon for the foreseeable future. Pterosaur works through Firefox 38, which should be in ESR until mid-2016. Hopefully, I will have made a Chromium version well before then. I apologize to everybody whose workflow will be disrupted. Pterosaur is free software. There is nothing stopping you from forking it. Pterosaur gives you the full power of Vim and your vimrc in each Firefox text field.

emacs_chrome - A Chromium "clone" of It's All Text for spawning an editor to edit text areas in browsers

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Edit with Emacs is an addon for webextension compatible browsers like Google's Chrome(ium), Opera or Firefox that allows you to edit text areas on your browser in a more full featured editor. It does this in conjunction with an "Edit Server" which services requests by the browser. This is because extensions cannot spawn new processes as a security measure. The extension packages native elisp version that can be run inside GNU Emacs itself, just follow the instructions from the options page of the extension. It has been known to work with GNU Emacs and Aquamacs (MacOS); it is presently not compatible with XEmacs.

texttop - A fully interactive X Linux desktop rendered in TTY and streamable over SSH

  •    Go

After the success of hitting the front page of Hacker News last year, I really wanted to sit down and turn this proof of concept into something solid. So not only am I working on real text support (that you can of course copy and paste without even zooming). But I've removed the dependencies on ffmpeg, Xorg (for Firefox at least - Chrome strangely doesn't support webextensions in headless mode), docker AND it will work on all webextension-compatible browsers. It's going to be a single cross-platform, static Go binary, that launches your preferred browser in the background. Generally it's bad luck to talk about something before it's finished, but seeing as it's suddenly getting attention again I wanted to let all those interested know that I'm making this 10 times better.

save-as-ebook - Save a web page/selection as an eBook (

  •    Javascript

Save a web page/selection as an eBook (.epub format) - a Chrome/Firefox/Opera Web Extension

ipfs-companion - Browser extension that simplifies access to IPFS resources

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IPFS is a new hypermedia distribution protocol, addressed by content and identities. IPFS enables the creation of completely distributed applications. It aims to make the web faster, safer, and more open. Companion will detect presence of DNSLink in DNS records of visited websites and redirect HTTP request to a local gateway.

privacybadger - Privacy Badger is a browser extension that automatically learns to block invisible trackers

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Privacy Badger is a browser extension that automatically learns to block invisible trackers. Instead of keeping lists of what to block, Privacy Badger learns by watching which domains appear to be tracking you as you browse the Web. Privacy Badger sends the Do Not Track signal with your browsing. If trackers ignore your wishes, your Badger will learn to block them. Privacy Badger starts blocking once it sees the same tracker on three different websites.

VimFx - Vim keyboard shortcuts for Firefox

  •    CoffeeScript

VimFx is a Firefox extension which adds short, Vim-style keyboard shortcuts for browsing and navigation, for a near mouseless experience. New to VimFx? Check out Questions & Answers! Power user? Make a config file! In either case, have look at the the documentation and the wiki.

vimb - Vimb - the vim like browser is a webkit based web browser that behaves like the vimperator plugin for the firefox and usage paradigms from the great editor vim

  •    C

Vimb is a Vim-like web browser that is inspired by Pentadactyl and Vimprobable. The goal of Vimb is to build a completely keyboard-driven, efficient and pleasurable browsing-experience with low memory and CPU usage that is intuitive to use for Vim users. More information and some screenshots of Vimb browser in action can be found on the project page of Vimb.