Managed, Native, and COM Interop Team

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Welcome to the CodePlex site for CLR Interop Team, where tools and samples designed by the team are released. We hope the things we deliver here will help you make best use of Interop and boost development in your work. You are welcome to share your concerns, comments or feedb...



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This Old Api Platform Invoke (TOAPI) is a library of interop wrappers for common Win32 APIs. The various libraries are meant to be used in part or in whole. This includes OpenGL support.

Python for .NET - Python integration with the .NET

Python for .NET is a package that gives Python programmers nearly seamless integration with the .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR) and provides a powerful application scripting tool for .NET developers. Using this package you can script .NET applications or build entire applications in Python, using .NET services and components written in any language that targets the CLR (Managed C++, C#, VB, JScript).

rdx-utils-stub - Stubbed implementation of the Open webOS Remote Diagnostics Utilities

Stubbed implementation of the Open webOS Remote Diagnostics Utilities

librdx-stub - Stubbed implementation of the webOS Remote Diagnostics Library

Stubbed implementation of the webOS Remote Diagnostics Library


Light weight remoting framework for both Mono.NET and Microsoft .NET. RemotingLite is a light framework for writing distributed service oriented applications via remoting. It utilizes Reflection to create clientside proxies, and communication between clients and host is done...


It is a Software Protection tool, designed to help .NET developers efficiently protect their software. It will obfuscate and protect your .NET code, optimize your .NET assembly for better deployment, minimize distribution size, increase performance & add powerful post-deplo...


GPGPUs offer significant horsepower in our computers that are unfortunately not easily available to .NET programs. <project name> is a system capable to map .NET bytecode into GPU IL (e.g. nVidia PTX) so that you can run .NET algorithms on state of the art hardware.


NetWebScript is an IL to JavaScript compiler. It allows to write complex web application in C# or any other .Net language. It provides Visual Studio integration to debug into orginial sources. It allows to share code with server.

interop - Data and documentation maintained by the Interop Working Group

This repository contains files managed by the Interop Working Group that provide guidance for the OpenStack community.NOTE: Changes to file requires approval of the Interop Working Group chair(s).

interop-workloads - Assets relating to the Interop Challenge

With the success of the Interop Challenge in Barcelona, the Interop Challenge mission continues to gain momentum. We will use this project and repository where we can focus on creating and iterating on new OpenStack workloads that will be used to demonstrate that OpenStack clouds are interoperable across a variety of application domains including enterprise workloads, NFV workloads, K8s, and many others under evaluation. We will also use this repo to store our best practices documents and other collateral that facilitates improving the state of OpenStack Clouds' ability to interoperate.

WindowsSDK.NET - Code to do low-level things via PINVOKE with C#

Code to do low-level things via PINVOKE with C#

Mono.Samples - Various Mono samples (PInvoke...)

Various Mono samples (PInvoke...)

FileSystemHelper SQL Server CLR

FileSystemHelper SQL Server CLR provides a collection of CLR stored procedures and functions for interacting with the file system. Using these stored procedures and functions will allow you to avoid enabling xp_cmdshell on your SQL Server instances.

CLR Security

The CLR security team codeplex site provides sample code and libraries of APIs to extend and debug the security APIs that ship with the .NET Framework. This codeplex site includes Security.Cryptography.dll which adds new cryptography algorithms to the .NET framework, as well ...

Earth.Runtime - A common language runtime implemented in C# (i.e. a CLR on a CLR).

A common language runtime implemented in C# (i.e. a CLR on a CLR).


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