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Introduction Welcome to the CodePlex site for the Managed Extensibility and Add-In Team. This site will be the home to both samples and tools designed to help you make the best use of the new System.AddIn features in the .Net FX v3.5. We'll continue to use our blog http://blo...



Related Projects

MonoDevelop.AddinMaker - Addin to make creating Xamarin Studio / MonoDevelop addins easier

Addin to make creating Xamarin Studio / MonoDevelop addins easier

JVC addins

* * * This project is being moved to a sub module of the project jvc-client * * * This project contains addins for the Java VGA-Planets Client (JVC). These addins utilizes the addin interface of JVC

MAF Interop Services for MEF

This projects provides classes for easier integration of Manaed AddIn and Managed Extensibility Framework.

Document Session Manager - Visual Studio addin

Document Session Manager is a Visual Studio 2008 addin for saving and restoring the list of opened documents (xml files, source files, winforms, etc.) inside the IDE.

SpugDisposeCheck - VS Addin for validating Sharepoint 2007,2010 dispose objects

AddIn that wraps the SPDisposeCheck Tool from Microsoft for SharePoint and fully integrate it with Visual Studio. Vs2008, Vs2010 and SharePoint 2007 and Sharepoint 2010

SolidWorks Addin Development

The SolidWorks Addin Development project is dedicated to helping developers and non-developers with creating fully functional addins.

SSMS Addins

Interesting and useful Addins for SQL Server Management Studio 2005 and 2008.


Linquify is a Visual Studio 2008/2010 Addin and C# .NET business class / DTO generator for LINQ to SQL and the Entity Framework. It supports rapid development of .NET and ASP .NET web application data layers allowing you to query as: Person.Load(5); Person.Name="n"; Person.Save()

TytanNET - Visual Studio Great Add-in

TytanNET is an extension for Visual Studio providing a set of useful toolwindows, refactoring methods, debugging-time visualizers and special data insertion/edition inside current code windows. It will reduce your coding effort in number of places today!

Visual Studio Addin Library

VSAddinLibrary makes it easier to develop addins for Visual Studio. It provides a new interface to develop commands and a better method to create the integration with toolbars and menubars of VS.

Outlook TFS Addin

In a typical software development scenario there are a lot of mail communication taken place among different project stake holders and it is often required to save these mails against a Work Item in TFS. There are no in built addins available with outlook to perform this task.

Xaml Markup Styler Visual Studio 2012 Extension

"XAML Styler" is a VS 2012 extension, which makes XAML beautify, format, reformat much easier by sorting the attributes based on their importance.

SQL Server Compact Toolbox

SQL Server Compact Toolbox is a Visual Studio add-in and standalone app , for managing all aspects of your SQL Server Compact database files


VS Addin Tools is a collection of scripts and utilities that are useful when building Visual Studio Addins

Lingua-MAF - Release history of Lingua-MAF

Release history of Lingua-MAF

boo-md-addins - MonoDevelop addins for Boo-based languages

MonoDevelop addins for Boo-based languages

boo-md-addins-builds - Binary builds for the boo-md-addins project

Binary builds for the boo-md-addins project

QtSOAP - MAF depends from QtSOAP

MAF depends from QtSOAP