Fix soft CloudGround

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Fix soft CloudGround is a Wallpaper manager that supports both online and offline mode.It can find wallpapers by keywords,filter them by keywords,resolution,ratio and download them from different sources.It uses these downloaded wallpapers and local ones to change wallpaper.



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Fix soft HyperAero Form

Fix soft Aero Form (HyperAero Edition) works on both xp and Win7 and supports Customizable Animation Effects (On showing and closing form),Gradient Support (Multicolor Gradient Background,Gradient Editor Control),Power Functions (Shutdown,etc with Timer support) ,Aero Glass ...

Fix soft Aero Form

An complete Aero Glass Form that support Aero Color,Aero Events,Aero Glow,Aero Enabled,Aero Glass Enabled and more.It can show black texts and with ShowLabel method you can convert your old Label to New Labels that they support Aero!

Fix soft File Splitter

Fix soft File Splitter is a free file splitter and merger.It can split a file into specified number of blocks or at specified unit size, so they can be easily attached to an email, or stored in a removable device.It can merge files,too.It developed by VB.Net and WPF.


Pulse is an application that automatically changes your wallpaper by downloading images from the Internet. You choose the search options.

Background-Changer-Gnome - Desktop Background Changer for Linux Gnome - Debian

Desktop Background Changer for Linux Gnome - Debian


Aura is a application that calculates average color of desktop background image or whole screen and sets it as Aero Glass color.

Glass UI

A Windows Forms Control Library built specifically for Aero Glass. This will consist of existing controls, modified to render on glass, as well as some completely custom controls. All controls will also render in non Aero projects, but the main focus will be on glass.

Wallch ( Wallpaper Changer )

Wallch is a general purpose Wallpaper Changer for the GNOME desktop which can change the desktop background image after an adjustable time. The aim of Wallch is to make it easier for you to keep your desktop quot;freshquot; and new!

backgroundswitcha - A gnome3 desktop background switcher based on a flickr search

A gnome3 desktop background switcher based on a flickr search

YAWD - Yet Another Wallpaper Downloader

YAWD, will let you download new wallpaper from different sources. YAWD will also automatically change your desktop background.


Full Featured Vista Aero Glass Window Text Editor.


With the release of Microsoft's latest operating system, Vista, applications interfaces may take a completely new approach leveraging the famed DirectX platform through the use of Windows Presentation Foundation. AeroTrax is a simple MP3 player using the new Aero Glass techn...

Transparency-Controller - Simple transparency and Aero Glass controller.

Simple transparency and Aero Glass controller.

ScreenBlocker - Simple secured screen locker with Aero Glass effect

Simple secured screen locker with Aero Glass effect

jurrencies - currency converter. features an ugly attempt to use AERO glass on swing

currency converter. features an ugly attempt to use AERO glass on swing

Desktop Image Switcher

A Simple application that changes the desktop background periodically. The time period and the folder to look for background pictures are customizable. The application runs on the system tray.

pysta python GUI

A GUI for python, that use my tridi 2D/3D software rendering engine that simulate a complete Windows Vista Desktop, like Aero Glass effect,taskbar, startmenu,tray,widget/sidebar,3D task switcher, etc.

Desktop Background Changer

Change desktop by downloading image from a target page and setting it as the Internet Explorer Wallpaper


CR_RandomBackgroundChanger is a CodeRush plugin for Visual Studio, which randomly changes the background image for the Visual Studio text editor. It works similar to desktop background changer programs. It is developed in C#.


Keep your Mac's desktop background updated with the latest radar mosaic of the US to track the next big storm.