logsearch-boshrelease - A BOSH-scalable ELK release

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A scalable stack of Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana for your own BOSH-managed infrastructure. Logsearch < v23.0.0 was based on Elasticsearch 1.x and Kibana 3.




Related Projects

cf-release - Cloud Foundry Release

  •    Shell

Cloud Foundry is an open platform as a service (PaaS) that provides a choice of clouds, developer frameworks, and application services. Cloud Foundry makes it faster and easier to build, test, deploy, and scale applications. This repository contains the Cloud Foundry source code. Cloud Foundry is deployed as a BOSH release. See the BOSH documentation for more information on BOSH.

bosh-cloudfoundry - Create, scale and upgrade your company's own Cloud Foundry

  •    Ruby

This is a simple bosh CLI plugin to boot up Cloud Foundry and then grow and upgrade and maintain it. Initially runs on AWS or OpenStack via bosh.

bosh - Cloud Foundry BOSH is an open source tool chain for release engineering, deployment and lifecycle management of large scale distributed services

  •    Ruby

Cloud Foundry BOSH is an open source tool for release engineering, deployment, lifecycle management, and monitoring of distributed systems.

kubo-deployment - Contains manifests used to deploy Cloud Foundry Container Runtime

  •    Go

This repository contains the documentation and manifests for deploying kubo-release with BOSH. To deploy CFCR go here.

diego-release - BOSH Release for Diego

  •    Go

This repository is a BOSH release for deploying Diego and associated tasks for testing a Diego deployment. Diego is the new container runtime system for Cloud Foundry, replacing the DEAs and Health Manager. This release depends on external services such as a relational database (either MySQL or Postgres) for data storage and Consul or BOSH DNS for inter-component service discovery. It also integrates with NATS to register routes to applications and Loggregator to emit application logs and Diego component metrics. In practice, these dependencies typically come from cf-deployment or cf-release.

bosh-bootstrap - From zero to a running micro BOSH in one command line

  •    Ruby

In order to deploy Cloud Foundry, and a growing number of other complex systems, you will need a bosh. bosh provides a complete lifecycle manager/deployer for complex systems. Cloud Foundry is a very complex system when it comes to deployment/upgrades.

loggregator-release - Cloud Native Logging

  •    Go

Loggregator is a BOSH release deployed as a part of cf-release. Loggregator provides a highly-available (HA) and secure stream of logs and metrics for all applications and components on Cloud Foundry. It does so while not disrupting the behavior of the the applications and components on the platform (i.e. "backpressure"). The Loggregator Design Notes presents an overview of Loggregator components and architecture.

cf-java-client - Java Client Library for Cloud Foundry

  •    Java

The cf-java-client project is a Java language binding for interacting with a Cloud Foundry instance. The project is broken up into a number of components which expose different levels of abstraction depending on need. Both the cloudfoundry-operations and cloudfoundry-client projects follow a "Reactive" design pattern and expose their responses with Project Reactor Monoss and Fluxs.

uaa - CloudFoundry User Account and Authentication (UAA) Server

  •    Java

The UAA is a multi tenant identity management service, used in Cloud Foundry, but also available as a stand alone OAuth2 server. It's primary role is as an OAuth2 provider, issuing tokens for client applications to use when they act on behalf of Cloud Foundry users. It can also authenticate users with their Cloud Foundry credentials, and can act as an SSO service using those credentials (or others). It has endpoints for managing user accounts and for registering OAuth2 clients, as well as various other management functions. The apps all work together with the apps running on the same port (8080) as /uaa, /app and /api.

concourse - BOSH release and development workspace for Concourse

  •    Shell

Concourse is a pipeline-based CI system written in Go. Concourse is built on a few components, all written in Go with cutesy aerospace-themed names. This repository is actually its BOSH release, which ties everything together and also serves as the central hub for GitHub issues.

cli - The official command line client for Cloud Foundry

  •    Go

Cloud Foundry CLI is the official command line client for Cloud Foundry. Latest help of each command is here (or run cf help); Further documentation is at the docs page for the CLI. If you have any questions, ask away on the #cli channel in our Slack community and the cf-dev mailing list, or open a GitHub issue. You can follow our development progress on Pivotal Tracker.

bosh-getting-started - Getting Started with BOSH has never been easier

  •    Shell

Getting Started with BOSH has never been easier

bosh-lite - A lite development env for BOSH

  •    Shell

See https://bosh.io/docs/bosh-lite for details.

cloudfoundry-samples - Samples for Cloud Foundry

  •    Java

Samples for Cloud Foundry

cloud_controller_ng - Cloud Foundry Cloud Controller

  •    Ruby

The Cloud Controller supports Postgres and Mysql. The Cloud Controller uses Diego to stage and run apps and tasks.

gorouter - CF Router

  •    Go

This repository contains the source code for the Cloud Foundry L7 HTTP router. GoRouter is deployed by default with Cloud Foundry (cf-release) which includes routing-release as submodule. Note: This repository should be imported as code.cloudfoundry.org/gorouter.

punjab - BOSH connection manager

  •    Python

BOSH connection manager

ruby_bosh - An XMPP BOSH session pre-initializer for Ruby web applications

  •    Ruby

An XMPP BOSH session pre-initializer for Ruby web applications

node-xmpp-bosh - An XMPP BOSH & WebSocket server (connection manager) written on node

  •    Javascript

Please see whats_changed.md to see the major changes in releases. Note: The = sign is important here. Replacing the equal sign with a space will NOT work.

pcfdev - PCF Dev is the simplest way to get a complete Cloud Foundry on a single workstation

  •    Go

PCF Dev is a new distribution of Cloud Foundry designed to run on a developer’s laptop or workstation. PCF Dev gives application developers the full Cloud Foundry experience in a lightweight, easy to install package. PCF Dev is intended for application developers who wish to develop and debug their application locally on a full-featured Cloud Foundry. PCF Dev is also an excellent getting started environment for developers interested in learning and exploring Cloud Foundry. More information about the project can be found on the FAQ.