Class Builder Wizard

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Class Builder Wizard is a Microsoft Visual Studio wizard that generates data object classes and a full data layer implementation for database objects (MS SQL Server and others). It can also be used to quickly create custom classes (not necessarily based on a database object) b...



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FreeBuilder - Automatic generation of the Builder pattern for Java 1.6+

Implementing the Builder pattern in Java is tedious, error-prone and repetitive. Who hasn't seen a ten-argument constructor, thought cross thoughts about the previous maintainers of the class, then added "just one more"? Even a simple four-field class requires 39 lines of code for the most basic builder API, or 72 lines if you don't use a utility like AutoValue to generate the value boilerplate.See Build tools and IDEs for how to add @FreeBuilder to your project's build and/or IDE.

CreaMotion NHibernate Class Builder

NHibernate Class Builder C# , WPF Supports all type relations Supports MsSql, MySql -- Specially developed for NHibernate Learners

CallBuilder - Make a Java builder by defining one function.

CallBuilder is a Java code generator that finally makes it easy to make a builder class. Builders are great when you have a constructor or method with many parameters. They are even helpful when you have two or more arguments of the same type, since the order is easy to mix up.Builders are usually hard to write. You will probably need around 4 lines for every field, and if it's an inner class, it makes the file long and cumbersome to navigate. This discourages many people from writing builders, and those people give up and learn to live with brittle, and hard-to-read code. If you want to add multiple setters for a field (common for lists that may have add and addAll), your builder will quickly become a chore to write and a burden to maintain.

perl-Class-Gomor - Class::Gomor - another class and object builder

Class::Gomor - another class and object builder

bootstrap-form - Bootstrap 3 form builder for Laravel 4.2+

Simply use the `BootstrapForm` facade in the place of the `Form` facade when you want to generate a Bootstrap 3 form group.BootstrapForm::text('username');And you'll get back the following:<div class="form-group"><label for="username" class="control-label col-md-2">Username</label><div class="col-md-10"><input type="text" name="username" class="form-control"></div></div>Of course, if there are errors for that field it will even populate them.<div class="form-group has-error"><label for="username

pokesprite - Pokémon icon database and sprite sheet generator

When loading an HTML page, the main factor that determines how long it takes is the amount of connections that need to be opened. For each file you include (CSS files, Javascript files, image files—anything), a new connection has to be made to request that file. If the file itself is small, it won't take long to download, but the act of opening the connection and getting the green light to begin transmitting the file's data takes time as well.For that reason, it's recommended to minimize the amo

Xsd2Code .net class generator from XSD schema

Xsd2Code is a CSharp or Visual Basic Business Entity class Generator from XSD schema.

Class-Builder - Release history of Class-Builder

Release history of Class-Builder


Using an abstract base class instead of a pure virtual interface. Base class is compiled in the Visual C++ exe and the C++ Builder dll.

PowerToys for the Class Designer and Distributed System Designer

This set of add-ins augments existing functionality in the Visual Studio Class Designer and the Distributed Systems Designers. It now supports Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and 2010. The Design Tools Enhancements add-in provides a common set of features that can be used by both t


Citadel is a collaboration suite (messaging and groupware). It provides support for Email, Calendaring/Scheduling, Address books, Bulletin boards, Mailing List Server, Instant Messaging, Wiki, Multiple domain support.

Site-Builder - PHP Class Builder + Admin

PHP Class Builder + Admin


Test::Builder::Mock::Class - Simulating other classes for Test::Builder

built_collection.dart - Immutable Dart collections via the builder pattern.

Built Collections are immutable collections using the builder pattern.Each of the core SDK collections is split in two: a mutable builder class and an immutable "built" class. Builders are for computation, "built" classes are for safely sharing with no need to copy defensively.

classy_forms - rails form builder with labels, class attributes for input types and disabled input

rails form builder with labels, class attributes for input types and disabled input

Shaft - Yet another class builder that using inside-out object technique

Yet another class builder that using inside-out object technique

blaze-show - An Alternative of Show class using blaze-builder

An Alternative of Show class using blaze-builder

XML-Spreadsheet - An XML spreadsheet builder class, and example

An XML spreadsheet builder class, and example

formBuilder - A Form builder class

A Form builder class

urlbuilder - Java builder class for creating urls

Java builder class for creating urls