CHESS: Systematic Concurrency Testing

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CHESS is a tool for systematic and disciplined concurrency testing. Given a concurrent test, CHESS systematically enumerates the possible thread schedules to find hard-to-find concurrency errors, including assertion violations, deadlocks, data-races, and atomicity violations.



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Parallel execution with concurrency support that maintains result ordering.Execute thunks in parallel, with the given concurrency defaulting to 5.

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scala fork join, concurrency utils, parallel collections

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True parallel processing using native threading and multiprocessing for parallelizing code, without blocking.This library is a component for Amp that provides native threading, multiprocessing, process synchronization, shared memory, and task workers. Like other Amp components, this library uses Coroutines built from Promises and Generators to make writing asynchronous code more like writing synchronous code.

Practical Parallel and Concurrent Programming

Eight two-week units of courseware (slides, lecture notes, samples, tools) for teaching how to program parallel/concurrent applications at a high-level using Microsoft’s Parallel Extensions to the .NET Framework.


Repository for the assignments for the Concurrency and Parallel Programming course - by David van Erkelens (David1209) and Jelte Fennema (jelte12345)

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IPC::Concurrency::DBI - Control how many instances of an application run in parallel, using DBI as the IPC method.


A concurrency library optimised for the Xbox360 (Compact Framework), designed to ease the development of applications with scale across n processor cores.

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Gpars - Groovy parallel systems

Gpars is a framework which provides straightforward Java or Groovy-based APIs to declare, which parts of the code should be performed in parallel. Collections can have their elements processed concurrently, closures can be turned into composable asynchronous functions and run in the background on your behalf, mutable data can be protected by agents or software transactional memory.

bild - A collection of parallel image processing algorithms in pure Go

A collection of parallel image processing algorithms in pure Go.The aim of this project is simplicity in use and development over high performance, but most algorithms are designed to be efficient and make use of parallelism when available. It is based on standard Go packages to reduce dependency use and development abstractions.

Dambach Multi-Core Library

The Dambach Multi-Core Library makes it easy to create .Net programs that run faster on multi-core machines than their traditionally programmed counterparts.

coz - Coz: Causal Profiling

Coz is a new kind of profiler that unlocks optimization opportunities missed by traditional profilers. Coz employs a novel technique we call causal profiling that measures optimization potential. This measurement matches developers' assumptions about profilers: that optimizing highly-ranked code will have the greatest impact on performance. Causal profiling measures optimization potential for serial, parallel, and asynchronous programs without instrumentation of special handling for library call


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