EasyShowView - 一款非常简单的展示工具。提示框,加载框,空白页提示,alert弹出框。一行代码搞定所有操作。

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Related Projects

JHUD - A full screen of the HUD when loading the data (Objective-C).

  •    Objective-C

JHUD works on "Xcode 7.3 , iOS 6+ and requires ARC to build. You will need the latest developer tools in order to build JHUD. Old Xcode versions might work, but compatibility will not be explicitly maintained. CocoaPods is the recommended way to add JHUD to your project.

FTIndicator - A light wight UI package contains local notification, progress HUD, toast, with blur effect, elegant API and themes support

  •    Objective-C

A light wight UI package contains local notification, progress HUD, toast, with blur effect, elegant API and themes Support for iOS. Inspired by Apple's process HUD, notifications and Android's toast. Syntax error fix in 1.2.2: Syntax error fixed. May cause error to your projects, update it carefully.

LEEAlert - 优雅的可自定义 Alert ActionSheet

  •    Objective-C

无论是Alert还是ActionSheet 这里我把它们内部的控件分为两类 一: 功能项类型 (Item) 二: 动作类型 (Action). 按照apple的风格设计 弹框分为上下两个部分 其中功能项的位置为 Header 既 头部, 而Action则在下部分.

Toast-PhoneGap-Plugin - :beers: A Toast popup plugin for your fancy Cordova app

  •    C++

This plugin allows you to show a native Toast (a little text popup) on iOS, Android and WP8. It's great for showing a non intrusive native notification which is guaranteed always in the viewport of the browser.

jquery-toast-plugin - Highly customizable jquery plugin to show toast messages

  •    Javascript

A plugin to show highly customizable notifications to the user. Or directly download the repository and place the content of dist wherever you can access them.

SimpleAlert - Customizable simple Alert and simple ActionSheet for Swift

  •    Swift

It is simple and easily customizable alert. Can be used as UIAlertController. backgroundColor of AlertContentView will be reflected in the overall backgroundColor.

LGAlertView - Customizable implementation of UIAlertViewController, UIAlertView and UIActionSheet

  •    Objective-C

Customizable implementation of UIAlertViewController, UIAlertView and UIActionSheet. All in one. You can customize every detail. Make AlertView of your dream! :)

react-native-actionsheet - An elegant ActionSheet component for React Native.

  •    Javascript

Cross platform ActionSheet. This component implements a custom ActionSheet and provides the same way to drawing it on the defferent platforms(iOS and Android). Actually, In order to keep the best effect, it still uses the ActionSheetIOS on iOS. The style of ActionSheet is defined in lib/styles.js. We can pass the styles prop to cover default style. See Example .

weui - A UI library by WeChat official design team, includes the most useful widgets/modules in mobile web applications

  •    CSS

WeUI is an WeChat-like UI framework officially designed by the WeChat Design Team, tailor-made for WeChat Web development, in order to improve and standardize the experience for WeChat users. Including components such as button、cell、dialog、 progress、 toast、article、actionsheet、icon. Please feel free to use and contribute to the development.

loadtoast - Pretty material design toasts with feedback animations

  •    Java

The default toasts are ugly and don't really provide much more than a short message. This small library provides a better toast which will give the user feedback by morphing into a checkmark or cross (success and fail). The lifetime of the toast is completely controlled by you. If you don't have a message to display, the toast will shrink to only show the circular loader.

MBProgressHUD - MBProgressHUD + Customizations

  •    Objective-C

MBProgressHUD + Customizations

TYAlertController - Powerful, Easy to use alert view or popup view on controller and window, support blur effects,custom view and animation,for objective-c,support iphone, ipad

  •    Objective-C

Powerful, Easy to use alertView or popupView on controller and window, support blur effect, custom view and custom animation, use aotolayout.support iphone, ipad . 1.copy TYAlertController Folder to your project, if you want to have blur effect ,you need copy Blur Effects Folder to your project. 2. #import "UIView+TYAlertView.h", when you use it, if you want use blur effect, #import "TYAlertController+BlurEffects.h". 3. you can use TYAlertController show in controller, or use TYShowAlertView show in window, or use Category UIView+TYAlertView convenient show alertview. 4. check Demo,it have more usefull usage and example.

zhPopupController - Popup your custom view is easy, support custom mask style, transition effects and gesture to drag

  •    Objective-C

Popup your custom view is easy, support custom mask style, transition effects and gesture to drag. To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first.

MTDActionSheet - A customizable popover-based UIActionSheet replacement for the iPhone & iPad

  •    Objective-C

A customizable UIActionSheet replacement for the iPad using blocks as callbacks. In addition to the standard UIActionSheet functionality, fonts and colors of instances of MTDActionSheet can be easily customized and cells can show an additional accessory title. Moreover it is possible to disable certain buttons which can be useful if you use the actionSheet to let the user choose from a list of values and you want to show but disable the current selected value.

SVStatusHUD - a copycat of the HUD shown on orientation and volume change in iOS.

  •    Objective-C

SVStatusHUD mimics the HUD shown on orientation lock, mute and volume change on iOS. It should only be used in response to hardware or other important notifications (for instance when an accessory is detected by your app). If you’re just looking to show the progress or success of an operation, you should have a look at SVProgressHUD. Glyph icons kindly provided by @jpmartineau for the sake of showing appropriate use cases.

TastyToast - :bread: Make your native android Toasts Tasty

  •    Java

Make your native android toast look beautiful. Last parameter here is the type of toast you want to show.