chaskiq - A full featured Live Chat, Support & Marketing platform, alternative to Intercom, Drift, Crisp, etc

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To learn more about the philosophy and goals of the project, visit We have designed the dashboard with an extensible & pluggable architecture, you can implement your own dashboard blocks to customize it with external data sources.


@babel/cli : ^7.14.8
@babel/node : ^7.14.9
@babel/parser : 7.15.2
@babel/plugin-transform-react-jsx : ^7.10.4
@babel/plugin-transform-typescript : ^7.9.4
@babel/preset-react : ^7.9.4
@babel/preset-typescript : ^7.15.0
@chaskiq/components : 0.0.0
@chaskiq/store : 0.0.0
@date-io/moment : ^1.3.6
@emotion/babel-plugin-jsx-pragmatic : ^0.1.5
@emotion/cache : ^10.0.14
@emotion/core : ^10.0.10
@emotion/styled : ^10.0.14
@fullhuman/postcss-purgecss : ^4.0.3
@headlessui/react : ^1.2.0
@nivo/calendar : ^0.63.1
@nivo/pie : ^0.63.1
@rails/activestorage : ^6.0.0
@rails/webpacker : 5.4.0
@tailwindcss/aspect-ratio : ^0.2.0
@tailwindcss/forms : ^0.2.1
@tailwindcss/typography : ^0.3.1
@tailwindcss/ui : ^0.6.2
@types/i18n-js : ^3.8.2
@types/mapbox-gl : ^2.4.0
@types/react : ^17.0.18
@types/react-dom : ^17.0.9
@types/simple-peer : ^9.11.1
Dante2 : 0.5.3-alpha.6
actioncable : ^5.2.4-1
activestorage : ^5.2.3
add : ^2.0.6
array-move : ^2.1.0
axios : ^0.21.1
babel-plugin-lodash : ^3.3.4
babel-plugin-macros : ^2.8.0
babel-plugin-prismjs : ^1.1.1
body-scroll-lock : ^3.0.1
draft-convert : ^2.1.8
draft-js : ^0.11.7
emoji-mart : ^2.11.1
emojione : ^2.2.7
emotion-theming : ^10.0.14
form-serialize : ^0.7.2
gravatar : ^1.6.0
i18n-js : ^4.0.0-alpha.4
i18next : ^17.0.15
i18next-browser-languagedetector : ^3.0.3
isomorphic-fetch : ^2.2.1
mapbox-gl : ^1.0.0
moment : ^2.24.0
moment-timezone : ^0.5.25
mr-emoji : ^1.1.4
nivo : ^0.31.0
polished : ^3.6.6
postcss : ^8.2.10
postcss-cssnext : ^3.1.0
postcss-loader : ^4.0.3
prop-types : ^15.6.1
rc-tooltip : ^4.0.3
react : ^17.0.2
react-beautiful-dnd : ^11.0.4
react-bootstrap : ^0.32.1
react-colorful : ^5.2.2
react-datepicker : ^2.14.1
react-dom : ^17.0.2
react-frame-component : ^4.1.1
react-hot-loader : ^4.12.14
react-i18next : ^10.12.4
react-markdown : ^4.3.1
react-moment : ^0.7.0
react-popper : ^1.0.0
react-redux : ^7.2.4
react-router : ^5.2.0
react-router-dom : ^5.2.0
react-select : ^4.3.1
react-sortable-hoc : ^1.9.1
react-timeago : ^4.1.9
reactour-emotion : ^1.15.1
recompose : ^0.27.1
redraft : ^0.10.2
redux : ^4.1.0
redux-devtools-extension : ^2.13.8
redux-localstorage : ^0.4.1
redux-thunk : ^2.3.0
sanitize-html : ^2.4.0
sass : ^1.32.7
simmerjs : ^0.5.6
simple-peer : ^9.7.0
tailwindcss : ^2.2.7
twin.macro : ^2.4.2
ua-parser-js : ^0.7.20
url-pattern : ^1.0.3
webpack-bundle-analyzer : ^3.6.0
webpack-dev-server : ^3.1.4



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Stealth is a Ruby based framework for creating conversational (voice & chat) bots. It's design is inspired by Ruby on Rails's philosophy of convention over configuration. It has an MVC architecture with the slight caveat that views are aptly named replies. Stealth is extensible. All service integrations are split out into separate Ruby Gems. Things like analytics and natural language processing (NLP) can be added in as gems as well.

claudia-bot-builder - Create chat bots for Facebook Messenger, Slack, Amazon Alexa, Skype, Telegram, Viber, Line, GroupMe, Kik and Twilio and deploy to AWS Lambda in minutes

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The FB Messenger chatbot that I trained to talk like me. The associated blog post. For this project, I wanted to train a Sequence To Sequence model on my past conversation logs from various social media sites. You can read more about the motivation behind this approach, the details of the ML model, and the purpose of each Python script in the blog post, but I want to use this README to explain how you can train your own chatbot to talk like you.

Tinode - Instant Messaging Server

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node-red-contrib-chatbot - Visually build a full featured chat bot for Telegram, Facebook Messenger and Slack with Node-RED

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mibew - Mibew Messenger - open-source live support application

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Mibew Messenger is an open-source live support application written in PHP and MySQL. It enables one-on-one chat assistance in real-time directly from your website. This repository contains the core of Mibew Messenger application.

Messenger - This is a native iOS Messenger app, with audio/video calls and realtime chat conversations (full offline support)

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This is a native iOS Messenger app, with audio/video calls and realtime chat conversations (full offline support). .. ..

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fbchat - Facebook Chat (Messenger) for Python

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Facebook Chat (Messenger) for Python. This project was inspired by facebook-chat-api. No XMPP or API key is needed. Just use your email and password.

messenger - Package messenger is used for making bots for use with Facebook messenger

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This is a Go library for making bots to be used on Facebook messenger. It is built on the Messenger Platform. One of the main goals of the project is to implement it in an idiomatic and easy to use fashion. You can find examples for this library here.

fb_messenger_bot - This Drupal module provides a tool to build a chat bot to work on Facebook's Messenger Platform

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messenger-bot-tutorial - Facebook Messenger bot 15 minute tutorial

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Facebook recently opened up their Messenger platform to enable bots to converse with users through Facebook Apps and on Facebook Pages. You can read the documentation the Messenger team prepared but it's not very clear for beginners and intermediate hackers.


  •    C++

Chat Messenger - Open Source Social Network - Online Chess Game

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