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Related Projects

Silverlight Flow Layouts library

Silverlight Flow Layouts library is a control library allowing to create ItemsControls with a Cover-flow, Carousel or other 2D / 3D complex layouts. It targets Silverlight 4, is written in C# and targets average Silverlight Developpers

Using projection to build a 3D carousel in Silverlight 3

In this example I use the new projection properties in Silverlight 3 to build a 3D image carousel. Moving the mouse left to right controls the speed and direction of the carousel. Moving the mouse up and down changes the opacity of the carousel.

JSAnimatedImagesView - UIView subclass to easily add a cool animated photo carrusel to your iOS app

Easy to use UIView subclass to quickly add a cool animated carrousel of pictures to your app. Specifies the time each image is viewed until the next image is faded in.