RedisClient - Java Redis Client GUI Tool

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This is a redis client GUI tool written based on Java SWT and Jedis. It's my objective to build the most convenient redis client GUI tool in the world. In the first place, it will facilitate in editing redis data, such as: add, update, delete, search, cut, copy, paste etc.If you find this software useful and would like to support it, you can do so simply by scanning my Alipay two-dimension code and donating whatever you like.



Related Projects

php-redis-client - RedisClient is a fast, fully-functional and user-friendly client for Redis, optimized for performance

RedisClient is a fast, fully-functional and user-friendly client for Redis, optimized for performance. RedisClient supports the latest versions of Redis starting from 2.6

gnuprolog-redisclient - A simple but effective pure GNU Prolog client connecting with Redis, no libraries required

A simple but effective pure native GNU Prolog client connecting with Redis (min. 2.8), no other libraries required.Provides a 100% pure Prolog implementation for GNU Prolog that allows your code to connect to a Redis server, local or remote, and perform the large majority of commands allowing you to have the power of Redis for use in your application.

redisclient - Boost.asio based Redis-client library.

Current version: 0.5.0.Boost.asio based Redis-client header-only library. Simple but powerfull.

redix - Fast, pipelined, resilient Redis driver for Elixir

Superfast, pipelined, resilient Redis client for Elixir.Redix is a Redis client written in pure Elixir with focus on speed, correctness and resiliency (that is, being able to automatically reconnect to Redis in case of network errors).

redis - Redis client for Go that maps the full redis command list into equivalent Go functions.

Package redis was formerly a wrapper for the official redis C client hiredis. As of October 2014, package redis was splitted into two different packages: a RESP decoder (resp) and the redis client (redis) this page describes.Use go get to install or upgrade (-u) the redis package.

asyncio-redis - Redis client for Python asyncio (PEP 3156)

Redis client for the PEP 3156 Python event loop.This Redis library is a completely asynchronous, non-blocking client for a Redis server. It depends on asyncio (PEP 3156) and therefor it requires Python 3.3 or greater. If you're new to asyncio, it can be helpful to check out the asyncio documentation first.

redis-lua - A Lua client library for the redis key value storage system.

redis-lua is a pure Lua client library for the Redis advanced key-value database.This library is tested and works with Lua 5.1, Lua 5.2 (using a compatible version of LuaSocket) and LuaJit 2.0.

txredisapi - non-blocking redis client for python twisted

txredisapi is a non-blocking client driver for the redis database, written in Python. It uses Twisted for the asynchronous communication with redis.It started as a fork of the original redis protocol for twisted, and evolved into a more robust, reliable, and complete solution for applications like web servers. These types of applications often need a fault-tolerant pool of connections with multiple redis servers, making it possible to easily develop and maintain distributed systems.

em-redis - An eventmachine-based implementation of the Redis protocol

An EventMachine based library for interacting with the very cool Redis data store by Salvatore 'antirez' Sanfilippo. Modeled after eventmachine's implementation of the memcached protocol, and influenced by Ezra Zygmuntowicz's redis-rb library (distributed as part of Redis).This library is only useful when used as part of an application that relies on Event Machine's event loop. It implements an EM-based client protocol, which leverages the non-blocking nature of the EM interface to achieve significant parallelization without threads.

libredis - A C based general low-level PHP extension and client library for Redis, focusing on performance, generality and efficient parallel communication with multiple Redis servers

A C based general low-level PHP extension and client library for Redis, focusing on performance, generality and efficient parallel communication with multiple Redis servers. As a bonus, a Ketama Consistent Hashing implementation is provided as well.

redis-rb - A Ruby client library for Redis

A Ruby client library for Redis.A Ruby client that tries to match Redis' API one-to-one, while still providing an idiomatic interface. It features thread-safety, client-side sharding, pipelining, and an obsession for performance.

redis-dart - fast redis protocol parser and client

Redis protocol parser and client writent in dart language It is fast and simple by design. It requres no external package to run.Redis client is simple serialiser and desierialiser of redis protocol. There are also some addictional helping functon and classes available to make using redis features easier.

predis - Flexible and feature-complete Redis client for PHP and HHVM

Flexible and feature-complete Redis client for PHP >= 5.3 and HHVM >= 2.3.0.Predis does not require any additional C extension by default, but it can be optionally paired with phpiredis to lower the overhead of the serialization and parsing of the Redis RESP Protocol. For an experimental asynchronous implementation of the client you can refer to Predis\Async.

crystal-redis - Full featured Redis client for Crystal

A Redis client for the Crystal programming language.I have benchmarked Crystal-Redis against several other client libraries in various programming languages in this blog article.

desir - python redis client

Attempt to make a minimalist redis python client. Redis commands are meta-generated based on the json commands description file "" from redis repository. Documentation is also dynamically generated based on this file.You can use object Counter from a Redis class instance as a unique counter across as many process, thread, server you could potentially have providing they can access the same redis instance/cluster.

retcl - Tcl client library for Redis

Retcl (read reticle, not ridicule) is an event-driven, object-oriented, Redis client library targetting the Tcl scripting language. The library consists of a single Tcl Module file, which makes it extremely easy to deploy or integrate into existing projects.The r command (or the red variable in the second example) can now be used to issue commands to a Redis server.

redis - Type-safe Redis client for Golang

API docs: Examples: go through examples to get an idea how to use this package.

redis-rs - Redis library for rust

Redis-rs is a high level redis library for Rust. It provides convenient access to all Redis functionality through a very flexible but low-level API. It uses a customizable type conversion trait so that any operation can return results in just the type you are expecting. This makes for a very pleasant development experience.Documentation on the library can be found at