Camlex.NET (Client Object Model)

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This project is now obsolete.



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SharePoint CAML Query Helper for 2007, 2010, and 2013

Use SharePoint Object Model or Web Services to build and test CAML Queries. Examine list fields (names, types) and views, export data, build c# code on the fly.

CAML Query Builder Library for Sharepoint Webservice

CAML query builder makes it easier for create CAML query to communicate with sharepoint via SP Web service. It's developed in C#

SharePoint JavaScript Caml Builder

Simplifies creation of SharePoint CAML queries from JavaScript. Intended to be used with SharePoint Client Object Model (SP.CamlQuery) or SPServices.

CAML Generator

CAMLBuilder makes it easier for generating CAML Query from code. It can be extensively used while Sharepoint Customization thru code. You no longer have to use string manipulations. It is very simple, robust and stable library.

Stramit SharePoint 2007 Caml Viewer

I write this tool to help me in writing CAML Query for SharePoint 2007. Perhaps, you're notice that some CAML is autogeneretated each time you're create a vie in a list. My idea is to create some light view in SharePoint, get its CAML code, modify it and paste it into my code.

CAML Builder

Small and simple API which allows you to easily write CAML queries, in a declarative way.


A set of .NET language-based tools for creating dynamic, reusable CAML query components. CAML.NET leverages the power and flexibility of the .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR) to build CAML queries dynamically in code while preserving the syntactic structure of the native CAML...

SharePoint CAML Helper

The SharePoint CAML Helper is a utility class that helps make the process of building CAML queries for SharePoint within .NET code easier, especially for the more complex query. The source code for this tool is written in C#.

Linq to CAML

Linq to CAML supports Language integrated query support for SharePoint data sources from List, Libraries and Content Types using SharePoint web service and object model.


Caml-RTBApi is a library for Objective Caml Language to easily implement robots for the realtimebattle game. It offers a layer of abstraction, allowing the programmer to center in the robot logic.

Strong Caml

Dynamically build CAML queries with strongly-typed C# syntax. Never be caught by run-time errors again! If it compiles, then it's valid CAML!

SharePoint CAML QueryBuilder Helper class

SharePoint CAML QueryBuilder Helper class

caml-shift - Build process improvements for Oleg Kiselyov's caml-shift library

Build process improvements for Oleg Kiselyov's caml-shift library

pacman-caml - Un PacMan codé en CamL et C

Un PacMan codé en CamL et C


caml-rtbapi is a library to easily implement in caml language robots for the realtimebattle game.

caml-pack - emacs-live pack for caml

emacs-live pack for caml

caml-lab - My caml reloaded lab

My caml reloaded lab

Sgart SharePoint 2010 Query Viewer

Windows application, based on the client object model of SharePoint 2010, that allows you to see the CAML query of a list view.

YACAMLQT (Yet Another CAML Query Tool)

Lets you create SharePoint CAML queries using T-SQL syntax.


CAML (Cellular Automata Modelling Language) is an XML application for modelling Cellular Automata.