ripego - IP Whois Golang Package

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IP Whois Golang Package



Related Projects

RIR to DNS converter

  •    Perl

Build your own DNS zone for looking up country codes from IP addresses. Uses data directly from RIPE, ARIN, APNIC, LACNIC, and AFRINIC. Update the data on a schedule of your choosing.


  •    Perl

This project provides a Perl extention for the new ARIN Whois server output.

Net::Whois::RIPE - perl module

  •    Perl

This is an object-orienated perl module that provides methods to query, retrieve and update RIPE-157 and RPSL formated objects, from whois servers that support this format.

Whois Master


Whois Master is Domain Whois software for all Domain

whois - An intelligent pure Ruby WHOIS client and parser.

  •    Ruby

An intelligent pure Ruby WHOIS client and parser.

Whois Lite


A small, lightweight library that queries Whois servers via TCP sockets. Features generic methods that use reflection to load results into a class.


  •    CSharp

The project uses the public WhoIs XML API service ( to obtain detailed details. The project is written in C# and serializes the XML into custom objects.

WP.cgi Whois Proxy

  •    Perl

wp-whois-proxy (wp.cgi) is a total rewrite (perl) of the famous GeekTools Whois Proxy with additional functions, a validated html/css interface, and explicit functions which should make it easier to maintain and expand.

JWhoisServer - Java Whois Server

  •    Java

JWhoisServer: java whoisserver / java whois server : a small, fast and highly configurable RFC 3912 compliant whois server written in java (platform independent) and using a RDBMS (mysql, postgreSQL, oracle, SQLite3, HSQLDB, JavaDB / Apache Derby, CUBRID, firebird2, H2 Database Engine, ...) as a storage engine.

python-whois - A python module for retrieving and parsing WHOIS data

  •    Python

A WHOIS retrieval and parsing library for Python. None! All you need is the Python standard library.

php-whois - PHP class to retrieve WHOIS information.

  •    PHP

PHP class to retrieve WHOIS information.


  •    PHP

PHP class for whois queries, can query the correct whois server for domain names, ip addresses and AS handles and returns data in a structured array.


  •    C++

KnetScan is a full featured front end for the following net tools: nmap , ping , traceroute , whois. You can also print and save your results. Think of it as an ALL-IN-ONE net analizer tool. It is a reunion of kpinger , knmapfe , ktroute + whois clien


  •    VB

Whois client in the form of a COM DLL, for all Windows platforms. Can be used in any programming language that supports COM automation, or in custom scripts, ASP pages, etc. Includes a simple whois client, and some sample code (wscript and ASP). Fully

dnn whois module


Simple DNN NS lookup module.

whois app

  •    DotNet

A windows forms application written in C#, that allows to search or lookup domain names. The application also displays the web page of already "taken" domains.

Whois Client .NET


This is .NET Class library of WHOIS client (with sample web site).


A recursive whois module/client for python. It provides your typical whois lookup and the ability to parse records into usable objects. This is a modified version of the module by Scott Hassan. v1.0 and v1.1 by Jonan Santiago and are available

mod_whois - Apache WHOIS module

  •    C

An Apache2 module (filter) which receives standard WHOIS queries and rewrites them into standard HTTP requests. After the quot;translationquot;, the request can be processed by the usual mechanisms (mapping to static content, running CGI amp; PHP scripts, ...)

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