MkDocsPlus - MkDocs+ provides examples of integrating 3rd party libraries with MkDocs.

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MkDocs+ provides examples of integrating 3rd party libraries with MkDocs.All credit goes to the project. All this project provides is a few usage examples.



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mkdocs-material - A Material Design theme for MkDocs

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A Material Design theme for MkDocs. Responsive design and fluid layout for all kinds of screens and devices, designed to serve your project documentation in a user-friendly way in 27 languages with optimal readability.

mkdocs - Project documentation with Markdown.

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Project documentation with Markdown. Everyone interacting in the MkDocs project's codebases, issue trackers, chat rooms, and mailing lists is expected to follow the PyPA Code of Conduct.

workflow - The open source PaaS for Kubernetes.

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Deis Workflow is an open source Platform as a Service (PaaS) that adds a developer-friendly layer to any Kubernetes cluster, making it easy to deploy and manage applications.Deis Workflow is the second major release (v2) of the Deis PaaS. If you are looking for the CoreOS-based PaaS visit

autocompeter - A really fast AJAX autocomplete service and widget

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If you want to work on the documentation, cd into the directory ./doc and make sure you have mkdocs pip installed. (see ./requirements.txt).

hugo-material-docs - Port of Martin Donath's mkdocs-material theme to Hugo

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A material design theme for Hugo. Next, take a look in the exampleSite folder at. This directory contains an example config file and the content for the demo. It serves as an example setup for your documentation.