odoo_base_isolation_level - Set odoo isolation level to READ_COMMITTED, use write_date for Optimistic concurrency control

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Set odoo isolation level to READ_COMMITTED, use write_date for Optimistic concurrency control . Avoid odoo exception "Could not serialize access due to concurrent update"




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InstallScript - Odoo install script

  •    Shell

This script is based on the install script from André Schenkels (https://github.com/aschenkels-ictstudio/openerp-install-scripts) but goes a bit further and has been improved. This script will also give you the ability to define an xmlrpc_port in the .conf file that is generated under /etc/ This script can be safely used in a multi-odoo code base server because the default Odoo port is changed BEFORE the Odoo is started. There are a few things you can configure, this is the most used list: OE_USER will be the username for the system user. INSTALL_WKHTMLTOPDF set to False if you do not want to install Wkhtmltopdf, if you want to install it you should set it to True. OE_PORT is the port where Odoo should run on, for example 8069. OE_VERSION is the Odoo version to install, for example 11.0 for Odoo V11. IS_ENTERPRISE will install the Enterprise version on top of 11.0 if you set it to True, set it to False if you want the community version of Odoo 11. OE_SUPERADMIN is the master password for this Odoo installation.


  •    Dockerfile

This is the Git repo of the official Docker image for Odoo. See the Hub page for the full readme on how to use the Docker image and for information regarding contributing and issues. The full readme is generated over in docker-library/docs, specifically in docker-library/docs/odoo.

partner-contact - Odoo Partner and Contact related addons

  •    Python

This project is meant to gather all community extensions about partner and contact management for Odoo. OCA, or the Odoo Community Association, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the collaborative development of Odoo features and promote its widespread use.

vertical-medical - Open Source Healthcare System for Odoo

  •    Python

Vertical Medical provides a Free and Open Source solution for storing and processing medical records in Odoo. Many of the workflows were built in alignment with existing Odoo processes to allow for seamless operation with other record types.

connector - Odoo generic connector framework (jobs queue, asynchronous tasks, channels)

  •    Python

Odoo Connector is a powerful framework to develop any kind of bi-directional connector between Odoo (Open Source ERP formerly OpenERP) and any other software or service. This Odoo add-on has a modular and generic core, with the ability to be extended with additional modules for new features or customizations.

Odoo - Open Source Apps To Grow Your Business

  •    Python

Odoo (formerly OpenERP) is a suite of web based open source business apps. The main Odoo Apps include an Open Source CRM, Website Builder, eCommerce, Project Management, Billing & Accounting, Point of Sale, Human Resources, Marketing, Manufacturing, Purchase Management

sale-workflow - Odoo Sales, Workflow and Organization

  •    Python

Odoo Sales, Workflow and Organization

server-tools - Tools for Odoo Administrators to improve some technical features on Odoo.

  •    Python

Do you want to contribute? Please read our contributing guidelines.

web - Odoo web client UI related addons

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Odoo web client UI related addons

website - Odoo website builder addons

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Odoo website builder addons

OpenUpgrade - Open source upgrade path for Odoo/OpenERP

  •    Javascript

This OCA project aims to provide an Open Source upgrade path for Odoo. It is hosted at GitHub. For documentation, see here.

maintainer-tools - Odoo Maintainers Tools & conventions for OCA members which evaluate and maintain repositories

  •    Python

These tools are mostly for maintenance purpose only. They are used by OCA maintainers to address common operations across all repos. Get a token from Github.

account-financial-tools - Odoo Accountant Financial Tools and Utils

  •    Python

And much more. Do you want to contribute? Please read our contributing guidelines.


  •    Python

In this project, students will develop an adversarial search agent to play the game "Isolation". Isolation is a deterministic, two-player game of perfect information in which the players alternate turns moving a single piece from one cell to another on a board. Whenever either player occupies a cell, that cell becomes blocked for the remainder of the game. The first player with no remaining legal moves loses, and the opponent is declared the winner. These rules are implemented in the isolation.Board class provided in the repository. This project uses a version of Isolation where each agent is restricted to L-shaped movements (like a knight in chess) on a rectangular grid (like a chess or checkerboard). The agents can move to any open cell on the board that is 2-rows and 1-column or 2-columns and 1-row away from their current position on the board. Movements are blocked at the edges of the board (the board does not wrap around), however, the player can "jump" blocked or occupied spaces (just like a knight in chess).

kube2iam - kube2iam provides different AWS IAM roles for pods running on Kubernetes

  •    Go

Provide IAM credentials to containers running inside a kubernetes cluster based on annotations.Traditionally in AWS, service level isolation is done using IAM roles. IAM roles are attributed through instance profiles and are accessible by services through the transparent usage by the aws-sdk of the ec2 metadata API. When using the aws-sdk, a call is made to the ec2 metadata API which provides temporary credentials that are then used to make calls to the AWS service.

lagom - Reactive Microservices for the JVM

  •    Scala

Lagom is a Swedish word meaning just right, sufficient. Microservices are about creating services that are just the right size, that is, they have just the right level of functionality and isolation to be able to adequately implement a scalable and resilient system. Lagom focuses on ensuring that your application realises the full potential of the Reactive Manifesto, while delivering a high productivity development environment, and seamless production deployment experience.

edn - Extensible Data Notation


edn is an extensible data notation. A superset of edn is used by Clojure to represent programs, and it is used by Datomic and other applications as a data transfer format. This spec describes edn in isolation from those and other specific use cases, to help facilitate implementation of readers and writers in other languages, and for other uses. edn supports a rich set of built-in elements, and the definition of extension elements in terms of the others. Users of data formats without such facilities must rely on either convention or context to convey elements not included in the base set. This greatly complicates application logic, betraying the apparent simplicity of the format. edn is simple, yet powerful enough to meet the demands of applications without convention or complex context-sensitive logic.

nsjail - A light-weight process isolation tool, making use of Linux namespaces and seccomp-bpf syscall filters (with help of the kafel bpf language)

  •    C

This is NOT an official Google product.NsJail is a process isolation tool for Linux. It utilizes Linux namespace subsystem, resource limits, and the seccomp-bpf syscall filters of the Linux kernel.

hermitage - What are the differences between the transaction isolation levels in databases? This is a suite of test cases which differentiate isolation levels


Hermitage is an attempt to nail down precisely what different database systems actually mean with their isolation levels. It's a suite of tests that simulates various concurrency issues — some common, some more obscure — and documents how different databases handle those situations. This project was started by Martin Kleppmann as background research for his book, Designing Data-Intensive Applications. In this repository you'll find a lot of nitty-gritty detail. For a gentle, friendly introduction to the topic, please read the book. There is also a blog post with some background story.

xmlio - C++ high level IO library

  •    C++

XMLIO provides C++ base classes for XML access. Our aim is easy high level access to xml data, in order to construct c++ objects out of it directly. By using C++ inheritance it is possible to produce versatile classes quickly.