hello-startup-site - The website and mobile app for the book "Hello, Startup" by Yevgeniy Brikman

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This is the website and mobile app for Hello, Startup: A Programmer's Guide to Building Products, Technologies, and Teams, an O'Reilly book by Yevgeniy Brikman. The grunt command runs grunt watch, which will watch for changes in the background and recompile everything as necessary. Jekyll is a bit slow, so it can take ~5 seconds for your changes to be visible.




Related Projects

Hardcoder - Hardcoder is a solution which allows Android APP and Android System to communicate with each other directly, solving the problem that Android APP could only use system standard API rather than the hardware resource of system

  •    C++

Hardcoder is a solution which allows Android APP and Android System to communicate with each other directly, solving the problem that Android APP could only use system standard API rather than the hardware resources of the system. Through Hardcoder, Android APP can make good use of mobile phones hardware resources such as CPU frequency, Large Core, and the GPU to improve APP performance. Hardcoder allows Android system to get more information from APP in order to better provide system resources to Android APP. At the same time, for lack of implementation by the standard interface, the APP and the system can also realize the model adaptation and function expansion through the framework. Hardcoder framework can averagely optimize the performance of Wechat by 10%-30% in terms of Wechat startup, video delivery, mini program startup, and other highly-loaded scenes. Furthermore, it could also averagely optimize the performance of Mobile QQ by 10%-50% in terms of mobile QQ startup, chatting Initialization, picture delivery, and other highly-loaded scenes. The framework now has been applied to mobile brands such as OPPO, vivo, Huawei, XIAOMI, Samsung, Meizu, etc and covers more than 460 millions devices.

startup-demo - Demo Version of Startup Framework

  •    CSS

We have created this demo version in order to show you the structure of Startup Framework. It has some of the components from the full version, 2 great samples and documentation. You can also find 2 images of a Macbook and an iPad, which you can use in your project. We hope you will like your first introduction to Startup Framework.

node-startup - Startup script for Linux-based systems for running node app when rebooting using an /etc/init

  •    Shell

Startup script for Linux-based systems for running a Node.js app when rebooting, using an /etc/init.d script. If you use node-startup and would like to be a maintainer, send me a message.

rails-prelaunch-signup - An example Rails 3.2 app for a web startup prelaunch site.

  •    Ruby

An example Rails 3.2 app for a web startup prelaunch site.

startup-kit-templates - CloudFormation templates to accelerate getting started on AWS.

  •    Python

The VPC template is a requirement for the others. You can either run the templates/vpc.cfn.yml template by itself prior to using the others, or run any one of the vpc-*.cfn.yml wrapper templates at the top level of this repo to create sets of resources. For example, vpc-bastion-fargate-rds.cfn.yml will create a single stack containing a vpc, bastion host, fargate cluster, and database. StartupKit is designed to be modular. Some stacks depend on others, some can be deployed individually or in combination with others. You can use the stacks for each module individually and combine them on your own, or use wrapper stacks we have created from the tables below that provide one-click launch for common combinations. The wrapper stacks in the one-click launch table are broken down by regions in order to simplify deployments. See the Region Table for more information on availability of services by region.

Startup Helper


A program to help, with the windows startup process.

Application Tips At Startup


Application Tips at Startup makes it easy to add "tips at startup" functionaility to your client applications. Tips files are XML based and allow for advanced formatting using the RTF format. A Windows Forms tip editor is also included to make editing tip files easy.

dotfiles - Development configuration files for Startup Engineering MOOC


See also http://github.com/startup-class/setup to install prerequisite programs. If all goes well, in addition to a more useful prompt, now you can do emacs -nw hello.js and hitting C-c! to launch an interactive SSJS REPL, among many other features. See the Startup Engineering Video Lectures 4a/4b for more details.

setup - AWS EC2 setup files for Startup Engineering MOOC.

  •    Shell

See also http://github.com/startup-class/dotfiles and Startup Engineering Video Lectures 4a/4b for more details.

Startup Manager

  •    VBScript

Startup Manager is a program that provides you the possibility to manage the Windows startup procedure. It offers you the possibility to control which programs automatically start up and more.

vic-startup-jobs - Victoria Startup Jobs

  •    Shell

A well-maintained list of available startup jobs in Victoria BC. This list is currently managed by the sendwithus team, and all contributions are welcome (and free!). Click the link for more info about each job posting, including how to apply. Most companies provide application instructions on their websites.



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Westwind.Globalization - Database driven resource localization for .NET applications

  •    CSharp

This library and tooling provides easy to use database resource managers and providers that allow you to use a database for storing localization resources. Unlike static Resx resources, database resources are dynamic, can be changed at runtime and are editable by multiple users at the same time. The custom resource managers, providers and ASP.NET Core StringLocalizers use the standard .NET resource infrastructure, so other than startup configuration there are no code changes when switching from using traditional Resx resources. It's also possible to import resources into a database, edit them dynamically, and then export them back out into Resx and optionally strongly typed classes so your deployed applications can run with Resx resources, while you can use dynamic Database resources during development.

StartupNews - An Android Startup News Client!

  •    Java

An Android Startup News Client!

Commandline Downloader from Azure Storage for Startup Task


Sometime it is needed to download compressed files from Azure Storage in a startup task and then unpackage them. This tool helps everyone in such a need. After upload is done, the same tool upload a text file back to Azure Storage to notify that download completed with progress.



LaunchMeNot is an application launcher and startup manager which can automatically launch your favorite applications on startup and give you the option to cancel. It can juggle applications normally managed using Windows from one location.

Application Loader Service


Allows applications that require elevated privileges to load at startup without forcing the user to type a password on Vista/Win7

Daily-Reddit-Wallpaper - Change your wallpaper to the most upvoted image of the day from /r/wallpapers or any other subreddit on system startup

  •    Python

This script changes your wallpaper to most upvoted image of the day on /r/wallpapers or from any other subreddit.Run it on startup for new wallpaper on every session.

snappy-start - Tool for launching a Linux process from a snapshot

  •    C

snappy-start is a tool which takes a snapshot of a Linux program's process state after it has started up. It allows multiple instances of the program to be quickly launched from the snapshot.Faster startup, if the program does a non-trivial amount of computation during startup.

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