Bright Banner App for SharePoint

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The Bright Banner App is client app part to add a dynamic featured banner to your SharePoint 2013 pages. This featured banner displays slides image, description



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Corporate News App for SharePoint 2013

This project is an open and free App for SharePoint 2013. This tool helps site owners to add simple corporate news client app parts in SharePoint sites.

SharePoint 2010 App Model

This Project has the purpose of create a set of component that emulate the new functionality of SharePoint 2013 that is the new App Model for SharePoint 2010.

Galleriffic App for SharePoint 2013

Galleriffic App is an app part for SharePoint 2013 to display a picture gallery with cool JQuery animations and effects.

BETA - Content Slider for SharePoint 2010 / Office 365

SharePoint Banner / SharePoint 2010 Sliding Banner / Content Slider tools in Office 365/ Sliding Content in SharePoint is a general tool which could be used for sliding Banners or any other sliding content to be placed on any Office 365 / SharePoint 2010 / SharePoint Foundation.

SharePoint Metro Grid

SharePoint 2010/2013 web part that displays links in Metro Tile Grid format. Just like Windows 8. Includes 215 images in 7 different sizes. Or use your own.

Nivo Slider Web Part SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 implementation of Nivo Slider. Easy way to put Nivo slider on any page!!

Silly Facts SharePoint 2013 App

The Silly Facts SharePoint 2013 App shows at random silly facts in an App Part. This code is used during the TechDays 2013 (NL) as a demo.


Sample project to build an app for SharePoint using PHP. You can reuse the TokenHelper class in your project to get access tokens that work with apps for SharePoint. The project also includes an example page that shows how to use the TokenHelper class to contact a REST endpoint in SharePoint.

Complete-Me-Code-Sample - A SharePoint Hosted App built using AngularJS and Bootstrap UI

A SharePoint Hosted App built using AngularJS and Bootstrap UI. This code sample was demonstrated by Jeremy Thake at SharePoint Conference 2014. The recording for the session can be seen on Channel 9 here: .

SharePoint 2013 Easy Ribbon API

SharePoint 2013 Easy Ribbon provide easy API for Ribbon creation and managing in SharePoint 2013.

SharePoint Rsync

This program will sync files from unc/local/sharepoint to a SharePoint 2007, 2010, or 2013 server. Supports up to 2GB files.

SharePoint Manager 2013

The SharePoint Manager 2013 is a SharePoint object model explorer. It enables you to browse every site on the local farm and view every property.

SharePoint 2010/2013 Tabbed Web Part Zone

This project shows a working example of how to implement a tabbed web part zone in both SharePoint 2010 and 2013 using only a custom page layout and JQuery.

SharePoint 2013 Prayer App

SharePoint 2013 Prayer App

HelloSPG - SharePoint 2013 Hello World App using TypeScript

SharePoint 2013 Hello World App using TypeScript

SP2013Node - Figuring out how to create a SharePoint 2013 app in Office 365 with and all

Figuring out how to create a SharePoint 2013 app in Office 365 with and all


This repository contains three (3) reference implementation applications demonstrating the SharePoint Cloud App Model. All samples are designed to work with Microsoft Azure & Office 365, not an on-premises SharePoint 2013 deployment. The applications all reside outside of SharePoint & Office 365.