gofakeit - Random data generator written in go

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Random data generator written in go




Related Projects

go-randomdata - A tiny generator of random data for golang, also known as a faker

  •    Go

You can find current releases tagged under the releases section. The CHANGELOG.md file contains the changelog of the project.

noisy - Simple random DNS, HTTP/S internet traffic noise generator

  •    Python

A simple python script that generates random HTTP/DNS traffic noise in the background while you go about your regular web browsing, to make your web traffic data less valuable for selling and for extra obscurity. only the config file argument is required.

random-js - A mathematically correct random number generator library for JavaScript.

  •    Javascript

This is designed to be a mathematically correct random number generator library for JavaScript. Inspiration was primarily taken from C++11's <random>.

casual - Fake data generator for javascript

  •    Javascript

NOTE: if getter function has non-empty arguments list then generator should be called as function casual.profile('public'), otherwise it should be accessed as property casual.profile. Default locale is en_US.

generatedata - Open Source random data generator in JS, PHP and MySQL.

  •    PHP

Open Source random data generator in JS, PHP and MySQL.

SwiftRandom - A tiny generator of random data for swift

  •    Swift

A tiny generator of random data for swift

password-generator - Memorable password generator

  •    Javascript

Memorable password generator. For the command line, Node.js and browsers. Since v2.0.0 this library relies on cryptographic random values generated via crypto.getRandomValues. IE11 was the first IE version to include this method. Check caniuse.com for details.

Pseudo Random Number Generator Daemon

  •    C

This is the PRNGD quot;Pseudo Random Number Generator Daemonquot;. It offers an EGD compatible interface to obtain random data and is intended to be used as an entropy source to feed other software, especially software based on OpenSSL.

Random Password Generator


It is an attempt to develop .NET library to generate random password with no duplication od desired Minimum & Maximum length

chancejs - Chance - Random generator helper for JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Many more details on http://chancejs.com but this single library can generate random numbers, characters, strings, names, addresses, dice, and pretty much anything else. It includes the basic building blocks for all these items and is built on top of a Mersenne Twister so it can generate these things with repeatability, if desired.


  •    C++

Generator of cryptographically-strong passwords

fake - Fake data generator for Go (Golang)

  •    Go

Fake is a fake data generator for Go (Golang), heavily inspired by the forgery and ffaker Ruby gems. Most data and methods are ported from forgery/ffaker Ruby gems. For the list of available methods please look at https://godoc.org/github.com/icrowley/fake. Currently english and russian languages are available.

Apache Commons RNG - Random Numbers Generators

  •    Java

Commons RNG provides implementations of pseudo-random numbers generators that are either faster or of higher quality (and sometimes both) than java.util.Random.

hermes - Golang package that generates clean, responsive HTML e-mails for sending transactional mail

  •    Go

Hermes is the Go port of the great mailgen engine for Node.js. Check their work, it's awesome! It's a package that generates clean, responsive HTML e-mails for sending transactional e-mails (welcome e-mails, reset password e-mails, receipt e-mails and so on), and associated plain text fallback.Theme templates will be embedded in your application binary. If you want to use external templates (for configuration), use your own theme by implementing hermes.Theme interface with code searching for your files.

Cell BE SFMT lib

  •    C

Simd oriented Fast Mersenne Twister Random generator for Cell processor This library is an implementation of the SFMT http://www.math.sci.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/~m-mat/MT/SFMT/ The objective is to create a fast pseudo-random generator for the Cell Processor

ratchet - A library for performing data pipeline / ETL tasks in Go.

  •    Go

The Go programming language's simplicity, execution speed, and concurrency support make it a great choice for building data pipeline systems that can perform custom ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tasks. Ratchet is a library that is written 100% in Go, and let's you easily build custom data pipelines by writing your own Go code. Each data processor is receiving, processing, and then sending data to the next stage in the pipeline. All data processors are running in their own goroutine, so all processing is happening concurrently. Go channels are connecting each stage of processing, so the syntax for sending data will be intuitive for anyone familiar with Go. All data being sent and received is JSON, which provides for a nice balance of flexibility and consistency.

.Net SQL Generator


Generation tool for random queries in SQL in the Windows environment. Can produce random queries, tables, deletes, and updates as well as generate random data for a table. Structured to allow easy adaptation for other SQL implementations as well.

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