brevis nopCommerce Extensions

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Extensions for nopCommerce open soruce e-commerce solution (several Versions). !Contents nop 1.90 fpr testing the new Lib! This will be removed after 1. release



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ReportViewer for SharePoint Foundation

This ReportViewer webpart allows setting report parameters by SharePoint HTML Forms (IWebPartParameter), SharePoint Lists (IWebPartRow) and by other linked repo


A custom ReportViewer page for SQL Server Reporting Services

nopCommerce. Open source shopping cart (ASP.NET MVC)

nopCommerce is the best open source online shop e-commerce solution. nopCommerce is available for free.

MultiSafepay for nopCommerce

This is MultiSafepay shop plugin voor nopCommerce. The current version supported is nopCommerce 1.60.

nopCommerce Plugin for Precious Metals Pricing

This is a plugin for the nopCommerce 2.x e-commerce platform. It allows product pricing to be based on the changing market values of precious metals. This is useful for companies that sell items such as coins or jewelry where the sale price fluctuates with market trends.

nopCommerce-Linux-Mysql - An experimental port of nopCommerce to Linux adding MySql support.

An experimental port of nopCommerce to Linux adding MySql support.

paymill-nopcommerce - nopCommerce Extension for Paymill Payments

nopCommerce Extension for Paymill Payments

Shopping-Mail plugin for nopCommerce

This nopCommerce plugin integrates Shopping-Mail solution to share customers between merchant.


Free template for nopcommerce - Fundamentum by Charlie Atkinson

SagePay For NopCommerce

A C# implementation of a PaymentProcessor allowing nopCommerce to accept SagePay payments.

OmniKassa for nopCommerce

OmniKassa payment module plugin for nopCommerce

NopCommerce 2.x Multi Store version

NopCommerce 7.x Multi Store / Vendor version

GoogleAdwords plugin for nopCommerce

GoogleAdwords plugin for nopCommerce

SpreadButton plugin for nopCommerce

SpreadButton plugin for nopCommerce

HasCartAmount discount requirement plugin for nopCommerce

This is a plugin for nopCommerce, HasCartAmount is a discount requirement that checks if customer has a minimum amount in his cart

PayPal Express Checkout for nopCommerce

nopCommerce plugin to allow for PayPal Express Checkout. Full integration with shipping options.

nopCommerce Buckaroo payment provider plugin

This is a payment provider plugin for the dutch payment provider BUCKAROO. This plugin is developed and tested for nopCommerce version 2.65

nopCommerce Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer nopCommerce 2 implementation.

Plugin PagSeguro for NopCommerce 2.5

PagSeguro paymento module for nopcommerce 2.5 This is a brazilian payment method.

Dynamics CRM plugin for nopCommerce

This plugins is a bridge between nopCommerce and Dynamics CRM.