Bradaz Utilities

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This is just a collection of some of my Utility classes i use within my Open Source Projects



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This is a MVC3 ASP.NET Project to show how to: a) Handle Images b) Preview Images using JQuery/AJAX c) Upload images to a Database using Entity Framework and SQL Server Express This Project has been created in conjunction with blog posts have written: http://garfbr...

Bootstrap MVC

  •    ASPNET

Bootstrap MVC provides additional methods for the MVC HTML Helper in order to generate HTML Code for the Bootstrap framework.

Extension Toolkit


The Extension Toolkit project provides a collection of useful extension methods for all kind of types (e.g. String class extensions). The Microsoft documentation is describing extension methods as follows: Extension methods enable you to add methods to existing types witho...

MSIL Helper


MSIL Helper provides extension methods to the ILGenerator type. Intellisense friendly Reflection.Emit at last.

UIUserNotificationSettings-Extension - Helper methods that will make you much easier to handle #Interactive #Notifications

  •    Objective-C

UIUserNotificationSettings-Extension provides helper methods that will make you much easier to handle #Interactive #Notifications. To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first.

dotNetExt - .NET Extension Method Library

  •    DotNet

dotNetExt is a Extension Method Library for the .NET Framework that extends the BCL Types with helper methods that make simple tasks simpler. So far there are extensions for the Object, IEnumerable<> and String BCL Types. The library is flexible so you can Import All Extension...

ASP.NET MVC Attribute Based Route Mapper


This is a helper extension which automatically registers all website routes containing inside custom attributes in ASP.NET MVC controller methods.


  •    CSharp

Straight forward generic toolkit for faster development with less code, written in C# on .Net 4.0. It features extension methods and helper classes for specific tasks.


  •    DotNet

Fluentx is a library helps developers to achieve C# control statements by using methods, and more helper methods of daily use.

PagerHelper for ASP.NET MVC3

  •    ASPNET

PagerHelper for ASP.NET MVC3 makes it easier for add pagination to your website.

idlize - Helper classes and methods for implementing the idle-until-urgent pattern

  •    Javascript

Helper classes and methods make it easier for developers to implement the idle-until-urgent pattern and leverage the requestIdleCallback() API. This library is a collection of helper methods and classes (not a single bundle). As such, each helper should be imported separately. All public helpers are released at the level of the project, so they can be imported by directly referencing the helper's .mjs file.

sinatra-activerecord - Extends Sinatra with ActiveRecord helper methods and Rake tasks (now maintained by @holman)

  •    Ruby

This one is now closed.Extends Sinatra with a extension methods and Rake tasks for dealing with a SQL database using the ActiveRecord ORM.


  •    Go

go.rice is a Go package that makes working with resources such as html,js,css,images and templates very easy. During development go.rice will load required files directly from disk. Upon deployment it is easy to add all resource files to a executable using the rice tool, without changing the source code for your package. go.rice provides several methods to add resources to a binary. The first thing go.rice does is finding the correct absolute path for your resource files. Say you are executing go binary in your home directory, but your html-files are located in $GOPATH/src/yourApplication/html-files. go.rice will lookup the correct path for that directory (relative to the location of yourApplication). The only thing you have to do is include the resources using rice.FindBox("html-files").

HtmlAgilityPackContrib - Logical extension to HtmlAgilityPack


HtmlAgilityPackContrib - A logical extension to HtmlAgilityPack to parse HTML using jQuery like methods inspired by jSoup

Generic Extension Methods

  •    DotNet

Generic Extension Methods is a class library of extension methods to help create cleaner code that is easier to maintain and provides better semantic meaning for casual observers. These methods also remove a lot of repetitive code that is utilized across objects of similar types



AroLibraries contains extension methods Advantages of extension methods: (1) Operate on object methods (2) Hiding additional operation (3) Readable code

pwa-helpers - Small helper methods or mixins to help you build web apps.

  •    Javascript

Small helper methods or mixins to help build a PWA, and reduce the boilerplate you might have to write. There are many different ways in which you could write these helpers; use these if you want a simple starting point. These are vanilla JavaScript methods that can be used regardless of which frameworks or libraries your application is written in.


  •    ASPNET

A framework of useful aide (helper) methods targeting web developers including a powerful but easy to use url rewriter, image manipulation (thumbnails, effects, easy to create text based images), sitemap enhancements integrating with seamlessly with the url rewriter, webcontro...

Coding4Fun Kinect Toolkit


The Coding4Fun kinect toolkit is filled with useful helper methods to make your life easier. From converting data into images to getting the actual data in useful formats, this is designed to make your life easier

HashOver 2.0 - PHP based Comment System

  •    PHP

HashOver is a PHP comment system intended as a replacement for services like Disqus. HashOver adds a "comment section" to any website, by placing a few simple lines of JavaScript or PHP to the source code of any webpage. HashOver is a self-hosted system and allows completely anonymous comments to be posted, the only required information is the comment itself.