nodetcl - Node.JS extension to allow Tcl code to be invoked from JavaScript

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NodeTcl is a native Node extension that embeds a Tcl interpreter within the Node.js environment, allowing you to invoke Tcl commands from within JavaScript code. This is especially useful for leveraging existing Tcl code or packages in a new Node.js application.



Related Projects


  •    Java

Tcl/Java consists of two pieces of software. Jacl is an implementation of a Tcl interpreter written entirely in Java. Tcl Blend is a Tcl extension that provides access to Java from inside Tcl. One can prototype Java code using Tcl, and much more.

Tcl extension library


Tcl/SMAPI is a Tcl extension library that makes possible the use of the IBM Speech Manager Applications Programming Interface (SMAPI) in Tcl scripts. SMAPI is the connection between the user interface and the speech recognition engine for the IBM ViaVoice


  •    Perl

Tool Command Language (Tcl) is an interpreted language and very portable interpreter for that language. Tcl is embeddable and extensible, and has been widely used since its creation in 1988 by John Ousterhout. Bug reports to Follow code development at

SQL 3.0 Tcl Extension

  •    Perl

Tcl SQL 8.3 extension that supports stubs. This extension works on all Windows platforms with Tcl versions 8.3 or newer and follows the SQL 3.0 ODBC API reference.

wishgl2 - Tcl/tk + OpenGL

  •    C

Make an extension of Wish from Tcl/tk and include a new widget called glview. Each glview widget can draw one 3D view. Make OpenGL works in Tcl/Tk high level, if Tcl is OS independent system then we can build OpenGL applications in a OS independent.

wishgl - Tcl/tk + OpenGL

  •    Perl

Make an extension of Wish from Tcl/tk and include a new widget called glview. Each glview widget can draw one 3D view. Make OpenGL works in Tcl/Tk high level, if Tcl is OS independent system then we can build OpenGL applications in a OS independent.

Tcl Trf

  •    Perl

TclTrf is an extension library to the script language tcl, as created by John Ousterhout. It extends the language at the C-and Tcl-with ``transformer''-commands to encode and compress data. Based on the stacked channels of the tcl core (ability inter

OTcl and TclCL

  •    Perl

OTcl, short for MIT Object Tcl, is an extension to Tcl/Tk for object-oriented programming. TclCL (Tcl with classes) is a Tcl/C++ interface used by Mash, vic, vat, rtp_play, ns, and nam. It provides a layer of C++ glue over OTcl.

Tcl UDP extension

  •    Perl

The Tcl UDP extension provides a simple library to support UDP socket in Tcl.

TLS: OpenSSL Tcl Extension

  •    Perl

TLS is an OpenSSL / RSA-bsafe Tcl extension that provides secure connections on top of the Tcl socket mechanism. Within a few lines of code, users can query https servers (see the tclhttpd project for an https server using TLS).

Tcl/Fltk dynamic extension for Tcl

  •    Perl

Version of the wish interpreter implementing an interface to the Fast Light Tool Kit (FLTK) portable GUI development environment. FLTK applications can be developed using Tcl scripts


  •    Perl

The TclVfs project aims to provide an extension to the Tcl language which allows Virtual Filesystems to be built using Tcl scripts only. It is also a repository of such Tcl-implemented filesystems (metakit, zip, ftp, tar, http, webdav, namespace, url)

Tcl Relational Algebra Library

  •    Perl

TclRAL is an implementation of the Relational Algebra as an extension of the Tcl Language. TclRAL is coded in quot;Cquot; and provides new data types that are integrated into Tcl's internal object system. Raloo is a Tcl package that combines TclRAL and TclOO.


  •    Perl

A Tcl extension for MCCP, the Mud Client Compression Protocol, which uses Tcl\'s channel stacking facilty for ease of use.


  •    Perl

tBuild is a cross-platform Tcl/Tk extension that extends Tcl/Tk with the ability to compile amp; link shared libraries of Tcl extensions written in C/C++. tBuild currently supports all unix compilers amp; MS VC++ 5.x/6.x/7.0/7.1/.NET under windows. No Mac supp



Qt/KDE-Tcl combines the power of the Tool Command Language (tcl) and the elegance of the Qt based Gui approch. It is a scripting tool for qt or another toolkit for tcl.

Ytk: Combined Yorick/Tcl/Tk

  •    Perl

Ytk is a Tcl/Tk program which adds menus, buttons and features to the basic command line driven Yorick program and language. It also enables usage of all Tcl/Tk widgets and functions including buttons, sliders, checkboxes, and other typical TK widgets to

Visual Tcl

  •    Perl

Visual Tcl is a freely-available, high-quality application development environment for UNIX, Windows, Macintosh and AS400 platforms. Visual Tcl is written entirely in Tcl/Tk and generates pure Tcl/Tk code.

TinyTcl, Tcl for embedded applications

  •    Perl

TinyTcl is a tiny version of Tcl, for small footprint machines and embeddable/rommable applications. It is derived from Tcl 6.7 and compiles to less than 60K, 10X smaller than Tcl 7 and Tcl 8.

Geek - Package wrap/loader for tcl/tk

  •    Perl

Geek is trying to provide a framework to help developer use tcl/tk to write and deploy pragram. It can wrap a tcl/tk program to .EXE in windows platform, compile tcl/tk code to TCL ByteCode and the package management is much like java class/jar.

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